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Author: Jon Dupree
Company: FeinFocus USA, Inc.
Date Published: 9/22/2002   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: As consumers have demanded electronic products with high performance, compact size, and low prices, the number of solder connections being implemented into PCBs has grown exponentially. These demands have lead manufacturers to utilize devices with smaller packages and more solder joints, causing an explosive growth of packages with hidden solder joints. The solder connection quality of these devices, such as BGA, µBGA, CGA, or Flip Chip, may only be reliably assessed with high-resolution microfocus X-ray inspection.

While for years the main concerns on these packages were shorts, void percentages, and presence or absence of solder, the quality of the solder interconnection has since become the primary concern. For that, a conventional twodimensional (2D) (x/y) top-down view is no longer sufficient for a thorough assessment. The third dimension (z) of the solder joint must be examined; otherwise, some failures could be overlooked.

The production environment in the PCB assembly industry necessitates quick and reliable information about solder quality in order to achieve higher process reliability without time delay. Earlier equipment used to inspect the third dimension of a solder joint relied on X-ray slices or timeconsuming reconstructive models, and could only offer a snapshot of the solder joint.

2D systems with oblique view capability could offer some height-relevant images, but resulted in a loss of magnification, required considerable operator experience to maintain the region of interest in the field of view, or only had certain angles and degrees of rotations to view. Utilizing AIM (Auto Isocentric Motion) Technology, a 2D X-ray system is able to keep the region of interest in perspective and generate oblique and high magnification images without distortion at any angle or degree of rotation.

Additionally, a dynamic, processed, real-time image in motion can be generated that allows full 360° views at various angles, while allowing the operator to quickly and easily stop movement anywhere in the dome of inspection. In consideration of this technology, we have introduced a new X-ray inspection system into our portfolio - The FeinFocus FXS-160.40 (T.I.G.E.R.) that enables direct insights into the 3rd dimension of solder joints without time-consuming reconstruction procedures.

Key words: BGA, X-ray inspection, three-dimensional (3D) inspection.

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