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Authors: Marie S. Cole, J. Jozwiak, E. Kastberg, G. Martin
Company: IBM Microelectronics Division
Date Published: 9/22/2002   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: The ceramic column grid array (CCGA) package is used today for an increasing number of microelectronic products due to its many advantages: interconnection density; number of interconnections; compatibility with standard surface mount technology (SMT) assembly techniques; and excellent thermal and electrical performance.

CCGA packages are commonly used for logic and microprocessor applications and can be found in a variety of systems, including work station, server and network applications. As the complexity and performance requirements of CCGA applications have increased, so have the challenges in cooling.

In many cases, a heatsink is needed to meet the thermal targets for chip and package applications. An option for heatsink attachment that is increasing in popularity is to use a compressive force to maintain the required pressure on the heatsink to the interface material and package surface to achieve the desired thermal performance. This compressive force is applied with spring clips or torque screws secured into the printed circuit board (PCB).

This paper will discuss the studies performed to evaluate the capability of CLASP CCGA packages to withstand the compressive forces which can be associated with these heatsink attachment and support configurations. Limits for preventing structural damage at constant temperatures and effects on solder joint thermal fatigue life are explored. Thermal cycle testing at multiple conditions was performed to provide understanding of cycle frequency and temperature excursion impacts.

Key words: CCGA, ball grid array, high I/O, compressive heatsink.

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