SMTA International Conference Proceedings


Authors: Andrew Butterfield
Company: Motorola
Date Published: 9/22/2002   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: The use of 0201 components in consumer products offers a major competitive advantage over other products since they allow significant design miniaturization. This leads to either smaller products or allows more features integrated into the same package size. One of the critical aspects of having the capability of placing 0201 components in any product is the ability of the manufacturing equipment to handle such small components.

Many process studies have been completed by manufacturers and equipment suppliers and have shown that tight process windows are required. The current process control for 0402 components is CpK > 1.5 with a 150µm specification window. For 0201 components, the minimum requirement is CpK > 2.0 with a 100µm specification window.

The spec window may need to be reduced down to 75µm if the controls for high volume manufacturing are insufficient. Also directly impacting the placement quality is the ability to apply sufficient solder consistently to the board. The goal is to maintain current printing practices, but the effect of powder size will be examined. This paper will evaluate the impact of placement accuracy and solder powder size on 0201 manufacturing quality.

Another critical aspect of manufacturing with 0201 components is the total cost impact. This not only includes the cost of the components but costs associated with defects, such as rework and scrap, higher density PC board costs, and factory modifications, such as new equipment purchases, equipment modifications/upgrades, inline inspection strategies, factory consumables, preventative maintenance, factory utilization effects, and on-going process changes through gained technology experience.

Key words: 0201 components, chip shooters, electronic manufacturing, CpK.

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