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  1. How Stencil Design and Reflow Profiles Affect Variation in QFN Voiding Data: A Case Study
    Brook Sandy-Smith, Indium Corporation

  2. On the Corrosion Mechanisms of Common Printed Circuit Board Surface Finishes in Three Different Sulfur-Rich Environments
    Matthew D. Weeks, Ph.D., David J. Zueck, Western Digital Technologies, Inc.

  3. Reactivity of No-Clean Flux Residues Trapped Under Bottom Terminated Components
    Bruno Tolla, Ph.D., Jennifer Allen, Kyle Loomis, and Mike Bixenman, DBA, Kester and KYZEN Corporation

  4. Via-In-Pad Plated Over (VIPPO) Design Considerations for the Mitigation of Unique Solder Separation Failure Mode
    S.Y. Teng, P. Peretta, P. Ton, V. Kome-ong and W. Kamanee, Cisco Systems, Inc. and Celestica Thailand

  5. 3D Wafer Level Packaging by Using Cu-Through Silicon Vias for Thin MEMS Accelerometer Packages
    L. Hofmann, I. Schubert, D. Wünsch, R. Ecke, K. Vogel, K. Gottfried, D. Reuter, M. Rennau, S.E. Schulz, T. Geßner, Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems and Technische Universität Chemnitz

  6. Fundamentals of The Non-Wet Open BGA Solder Joint Defect Formation
    Lilia Kondrachova, Srini Aravamudhan, Rajen Sidhu, Dudi Amir and Raiyo Aspandiar , Intel Corporation

  7. Effect of Fine and Ultra-Fine Lead-Free Solder Powder Characteristics on the Reflow Property of Pastes
    Amir H. Nobari, Ph.D. and Sylvain St-Laurent, Ph.D. , 5N Plus Micro Powders Inc.

  8. The Impact of Via and Pad Design on QFN Assembly
    Jennifer Nguyen, David Geiger and Anwar Mohammed, Flex

  9. Why Clean A No-Clean Flux
    Mike Bixenman, DBA, Mark McMeen, Bruno Tolla, Ph.D. , Kyzen Corporation, STI Corporation, and Kester Corporation

  10. Long Term Aging Effects on the Reliability of Lead Free Solder Joints in Ball Grid Array Packages with Various Pitch Sizes and Ball Arrangements
    Cong Zhao, Chaobo Shen, Zhou Hai, Munshi M. Basit, Jiawei Zhang, Michael. J. Bozack, John. L. Evans, and Jeffrey C. Suhling, Center for Advanced Vehicle and Extreme Environment Electronics (CAVE3) Auburn University

  11. FEA and Analysis for BGA/CGA Assemblies Under Thermal Cycling
    Anupam Choubey and Reza Ghaffarian, Ph.D. , Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

  12. Via-In-Pad Design Considerations for Bottom Terminated Components on Printed Circuit Board Assemblies
    Matt Kelly, Mark Jeanson, Mitch Ferrill , IBM Corporation

  13. Microstructural Improvements of SAC Alloys with Bi Additions During Accelerated Thermal Cycling
    Eva Kosiba, Polina Snugovsky, John McMahon, Doug Perovic , Zebra Technologies, Celestica, University of Toronto

  14. Reflow Soldering of Through-Hole Components
    Phil Zarrow, ITM Consulting

  15. BTC/QFN Test Board Design Considerations and Method for Qualifying Soldering Materials and Cleaning Processes
    Mike Bixenman, DBA¹, Mark McMeen² and Jason Tynes² , KYZEN Corporation¹ and STI Electronics²

  16. Evaluation of the Use of ENEPIG in Small Solder Joints
    Ben Gumpert, William Fox, C. Don Dupriest , Lockheed Martin

  17. Selective Removal of Conformal Coatings by Pulsed Ultraviolet Lasers
    Cristian Porneala, Joshua Schoenly, Xiangyang Song, Rouzbeh Sarrafi, Dana Sercel, Sean Dennigan, and Marco Mendes , IPG Photonics Corporation

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