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  1. SMT Wars Lesson Learned from an Electronic Contract Manufacturer and the Customer Who Sued Them
    Michael Konrad, Aqueous Technologies

  2. Solder Paste Qualification Testing for EMS Production
    Chrys Shea and Raymond Lawrence, Shea Engineering Services and 4FRONT Solutions

  3. Dendritic Growth from Chemical Contamination and Partial Cleaning: Fundamental Tests and Application Study
    Bruno Tolla, Ph.D., Kyle Loomis, Denis Jean, Jennifer Allen, Mike Bixenman, DBA, Dave Lober, Kester Corporation, KYZEN Corporation

  4. 1000 Days of Testing Tin Whiskering PCB Assemblies to Determine the Suitability of Conformal Coatings to Mitigate Against Shorting
    Martin Wickham, Adam Lewis, Kate Clayton, National Physical Laboratory

  5. BGA with Controllable Warpage Used to Confirm the Need For a Lower Warpage Specification
    Alex Chan, Paul Brown, Rich Wensel, Kim Hartnett, Nancy Renfro, David Geiger, David Mendez, Ron Kulterman, Brent Selin, Nokia, Micron Technology, Flex

  6. Modeling an SMT Line to Improve Throughput
    Gregory Vance and Todd Vick, Rockwell Automation and Universal Instruments Corporation

  7. Thermal Cycle Reliability of a Low Silver Ball Grid Array Assembled with Tin Bismuth Solder Paste
    Richard Coyle, Raiyo Aspandiar, Michael Osterman, Charmaine Johnson, Richard Popowich, Richard Parker, Dave Hillman, Nokia Bell-Labs, Intel, CALCE, iNEMI, Rockwell Collins

  8. X-ray Inspection for PCBA – Challenges and New Developments
    David Geiger, Elbert Suen, Zhen (Jane) Feng, Ph.D., Weifeng Liu, Ph.D., Anwar Mohammed, Ph.D., Mike Doiron, Evstatin Krastev, Ph.D., Peter Chipman, Flex, Nordson Dag, Optimum Design

  9. Void Reduction Strategy for Bottom Termination Components (BTC) Using Flux Coated Preforms
    Anna Lifton, Jerry Sidone, Paul Salerno, Oscar Khaselev Mike Marczi, Klaus Weigl, Gerhard Martl, Alpha Assembly Solution

  10. The Mechanism of Nickel Corrosion in ENEPIG Deposits And How to Mitigate it
    George Milad, Jon Bengston, Don Gudeczauskas, Uyemura International Corporation

  11. SMT Electrolytic Capacitor Solder Joint Criteria & Integrity Investigation
    David Hillman, Rockwell Collins

  12. The Effect of Die Size on the Thermal Fatigue Reliability and Failure Mode of a Chip Array BGA
    Richard Coyle, Jim Wilcox, Peter McClure, Michael Meilunas, Richard Popowich, Charmaine Johnson, Nokia Bell Labs, Universal Instruments

  13. The Impact of Conformal Coating on WLCSP Thermal Cycle Performance: Degradation Mechanism and Mitigation Method
    Andy Hsiao, Tae-Kyu Lee, Kola Akinade, Cherif Guirgis, Edward Ibe, Karl Loh, Portland State University, Cisco Systems Inc., Zymet

  14. Cleanliness Process Control an Innovative Approach to a Complex Problem
    Mark McMeen, Collin Langley, Jonnie Johnson, Mike Bixenman, DBA, David Lober, STI Electronics, Inc., KYZEN Corporation

  15. Thermal Cycling – It Doesn’t Have to be a Waste of Time and Money
    P. Borgesen, J. Jiang, R. Sivasubramony, L. E. Alvarez, T. Alghoul, and C. Greene, L. Wentlent, M. Meilunas, Binghamton University, Universal Instruments Corporation

  16. The Combined Effect of Assembly Pitch and Distance to Neutral Point on Solder Joint Thermal Cycling Life
    Jean-Paul Clech, EPSI Inc.

  17. Localized Ion Chromatography Method Development and Validation
    David Lober, Mike Bixenman, DBA, James Peregrin, Mark McMeen, Jason Tynes, Anna Ailworth, KYZEN Corp., STI Electronics, Inc., Middle Tennessee State University

  18. The Impact of Final Plated Finishes on Insertion Loss for High Frequency PCBs
    John Coonrod, Rogers Corporation

  19. Enablng an Intelligent Supply Chain for Electronics Manufacturing
    Thilo Sack, Alex Chen, James Huang, Sam Khoo, Celestica Inc.

  20. The Next Generation of 3D Packaging Using a Glass Interposer
    C. G. Woychik, F. D. Egitto, D. Bajkowski, M. Gaige, W. Wilson, A. Shorey, i3 Electronics, Inc., Precision Glass Solutions, Corning Incorporated

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