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Author: Dr. Ken Gilleo
Company: Cookson Electronics
Date Published: 7/1/2001   Volume: 14-3

Abstract: We are already into the second decade of the packaging revolution that has made strides in conquering space and time by transitioning to efficient area array and minimal, often chip-size packaging. While some CSPs and all flip chips have achieved the smallest device-dimensioned foot print possible, some ask for more in their quest to compress the world into a microcosm. Other packaging innovators have invoked the 3rd dimension to stack chips in high-rise fashion. Some may even contemplate a 4th dimension. While this may seem amazing, keep in mind that submicroscopic DNA contains one million pages of code.

The flex-based packaging arena has also gained stature by losing height and shedding weight with 25-micron materials that produce lines and spaces approaching but a few microns with vacuum-deposited metal. Flex-BGAs are gaining share as they reach for the high-density and lightweight titles.

And just when the industry could almost take a rest, there came a new assault from an unexpected camp. MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) was thrust onto center stage as Internet giants embraced lightwaves and sought photonic switching solutions. The MEMS devices that “move, breathe, see, hear and think”, require totally new packaging. Then came the second volley from the same camp when optics was added to bring MOEMS (micro-opto-electro-mechanical systems) into focus. The Internet seeks to catch the wave with magical micro mirrors that would snatch a light beam and route it into cyberspace. The opto devices now demand windows in their package along with other new and challenging amenities.

This paper will review and update the exciting Package Revolution describing packages that were, those that are and some that are only dreams.

Key Words: Bluetooth, MEMS, MOEMS, photonics, wireless.

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