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ASEP (Application Specific Electronics Package) A Next Generation Electronics Manufacturing Technology

Authors: Victor Zaderej, Richard Fitzpatrick and Babak Arfaei, Ph.D.
Company: Molex LLC and Ford Motor Company
Date Published: 7/30/2019   Volume: 32-3

Abstract: While significant effort and progress has gone into optimizing the transistor density of silicon devices through the use of Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) that are used in automobiles to watches, limited progress has been made in how electronic subassemblies are manufactured. The functioning silicon within devices is still packaged into a Surface Mount Technology (SMT) package, which is placed onto a Printed Circuit Board (PCB), much like the approach used 40 years ago. The demand for smaller, lighter, higher performance, lower cost, and more reliable electronics requires better ways to design and manufacture electronic assemblies. This paper introduces a novel electronics packaging method known as Application Specific Electronics Package (ASEP). The technology enables the integration of PCBs, connectors, high-current conductors, as well as active and passive components into a single device. ASEP assemblies can have multi-layer circuitry and threedimensional features. They can be inherently hermetically sealed, manufactured with thermally conductive resins that are effective in dissipating heat, and designed in such a way to benefit from the high conductivity of metal to carry high currents and heat, making the process an ideal solution for assemblies that must withstand high temperatures, high currents, and harsh environments. In this work, the advantages of ASEP technology, the manufacturing methods, and an example of an application will be discussed. Electrical, thermal and mechanical tests were performed to evaluate the reliability of the package according to automotive requirements. The results have shown that ASEP packages can be successfully used for automotive under the hood electronics. The designed ASEP package is 58% smaller, 22% lighter with 25% improvement in current capacity at 110°C.


PCBs, ASICs, Power Electronics, Heat Dissipation, High Current Electronics, Inkjet Printing

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