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Author: Vern Solberg
Company: Tessera, Inc.
Date Published: 4/30/2008   Volume: 21-2

Abstract: The ongoing challenge medical and health care product developers face when competing in this very specialized field is to offer a product that is considerably smaller in size than their previous product offerings. They are often challenged to provide improved performance and functionality, as well, while maintaining uncompromised service to the users throughout the products intended life cycle. Because of the advances in silicon integration technology a majority of the products developed for medical and health care applications are able to capitalize on a growing number of new offerings that can improve both functionality and performance. However, excessive IC package size often limits the designer’s ability to reach their end-products miniaturization criteria.

In this paper the author focuses on a number of die-size, near die-size and 3D array package methodologies currently available to the product developer. In addition, a truly innovative µPILR™ substrate platform developed within Tessera’s Package Engineering Service Laboratories will be introduced. This unique substrate platform was developed to further enhance IC package miniaturization by providing smaller contact features. Rather than relying on solder ball contacts for package-to-board interface, the µPILR substrate is furnished with smaller diameter solid copper contact features that enable a finer contact pitch array configuration. The smaller contact pitch provides greater potential for increasing I/O density and improving circuit routing efficiency. Although suitable for single, high I/O die applications, the substrate has proved ideal for package-onpackage configurations as well. By vertically configuring individually packaged IC elements with the µPILR process, a very high degree of functionality is achievable within a single, low profile IC package outline.

Key words: BGA, µBGA, CSP, 3D Packaging, Ball Stack Packaging, µZ BGA, µPILR, PoP

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