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Authors: Alessandro Gandelli et al.
Company: Politecnico di Milano
Date Published: 10/1/2005   Volume: 18-4

Abstract: 3D microelectronic sensors are a typical example of a recently developed device that greatly suffer from internal and external driven EM interferences. In fact, the interference inside complex structures developed by integrating analog, digital electronics and RF stages for wireless communications represents one of the most significant problem the modern design in microelectronics has to approach and solve.

Such design techniques devoted to reduce EMI effects allow to improve criteria for the optimal noise and interference reduction and improve cross-coupling rejection. In particular, inductive and capacitive coupling between adjacent planes and components are not so efficiently reduced by current design technologies, but they find their benefits in novel developmental approach.

On the other hand, the well mentioned cluster approach [1] allows to completely re-define the placement of functions on multi-stacked devices and, by adopting new simulation tools, to find suitable solutions for developing efficient and cost effective products. Local models of coupling for specific internal design and dedicated package are examined and compared in this paper from the general EMC point of view in order to guarantee maximum level of noise rejection.

A detailed analysis of operative frequencies and their reciprocal effects inside the circuitry are examined in the complexity of the theoretical study of these devices and open the way for improving new classes of numerical simulator devoted to the development of such devices.

Key words: 3D microelectronics, packaging, EMI.

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