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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

AM Course: Failure Analysis of Electronic Devices
M. Simard-Normandin, Ph.D., MuAnalysis Inc.

Course Objectives:
The supply chain of electronic devices is large and complex. It comprises designers, component suppliers, board manufacturers and assembly providers. When something goes wrong, the failure mechanism is not always obvious. It is the role of the Failure Analysis team to establish the link between the failure mode and the failure mechanism. Once that link is understood, the path to the solution and the responsible party for it becomes clear. In this workshop, we will review the tools of failure analysis, explaining each technique and what information it provides. Concrete examples will be used.

Who should attend?

This workshop presents an overview of failure analysis techniques for design engineers, component engineers, and quality engineers who may not be familiar with the physics behind FA tools available to them, internally or externally, to resolve their customer returns or supplier quality issues.

Topics Covered:

  Why is FA important

Supply chain


Failure modes vs failure mechanisms

Information you need to gather yourself

The tools of FA and what they tell you with case studies
  Visual Inspection
  XRAY imaging
  Acoustic microscopy
     Plan view


Liquid crystal

Emission microscopy
  Front side
  Back side
  SEM imaging
     Plan view
     EDX analysis
  Less common but useful
     FTIR spectroscopy
     Raman spectroscopy

Counterfeit components
  What to look for

Martine Simard-Normandin

About the Instructor:
Dr. Simard-Normandin has over 30 years experience in microelectronics, specializing in semiconductor device physics, reverse engineering and electrical and material characterization. She has authored or co-authored more than 50 scientific journal and conference papers on microanalysis. Dr. Simard-Normandin holds a B.Sc. in physics from the Université de Montréal, a M.Sc. and Ph.D. in astronomy from the University of Toronto. She was awarded an Industrial Postdoctoral Fellowship from the American Physical Society, focusing on microelectronics, and recently the prestigious Medal of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of the Université de Montréal. Dr. Simard-Normandin has held the positions of Manager - Materials and Device Analysis at STMicroelectronics’ Centre for Microanalysis and Manager of Materials and Structures Analysis at Nortel Networks. In 2002 she founded MuAnalysis Inc., a privately-owned Canadian company offering expertise in failure analysis, materials analysis and reliability testing. MuAnalysis was acquired by Grafoid in 2015.

Course Overview:
Electronic assemblies today are smaller, lighter with increased functionality per unit area and/or volume. The rate of new technology adoption is increasing through develop ever smaller packages with finer lead spacing and substrates with finer lines and spaces. However, design methods, industry standards, materials and manufacturing processes utilized during the product development and production process have not progressed to meet these new demands and thus many of the tolerance margins that were considered insignificant and acceptable in the past are now critical to high yield, reliable products. This presentation will highlight issues with today's electronic designs and impacts when material limitations, industry standards and assembly tolerances are not adequately address during design, PCB fabrication, assembly and test.

Dale Lee

About the Instructor:
Dale is a Senior Staff DFX Strategy Engineer with Plexus Corporation primarily involved with DFX analysis, root cause failure analysis and definition/correlation of design, process, legislative and tooling impacts on assembly processes and manufacturing yields. Dale has been involved in surface mount design, package & process development and production for over twenty years in various technical and managerial positions. These activities have included research, development and implementation of advanced manufacturing technologies and interconnect techniques, design and development of CSP & BGA packages, PCB & PCBA support, DFM/DFX analysis of flex, rigid-flex & rigid PCB/PCBA's including supply chain, process qualification and new process introduction for domestic and foreign low, medium and high volume production applications. Dale has authored, instructed and presented frequently on topics including advanced SMT packaging, PCB and SMT design, assembly, cleaning, DFM/DFX and rework. He is a past recipient of the Surface Mount Technology Association's "Excellence in Leadership" award. He has been very involved with multiple industry associations and activities including SMTA, IPC, PERM, SMCBA and INEMI.

Cancellation Policy: Registration fees will be refunded (less a $75 processing fee) if written notice is postmarked two weeks prior to the event date. Cancellations received within two weeks prior to event date will not be refunded to cover costs incurred.