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Service Notice: the SMTA-e-link email service and archive listing will experience downtime during the month of January 2019 as we migrate it to a new server. We will work to get the service up and running as soon as possible and apologize for the inconvenience. In the meantime, you may want to review the SMTA Q&A Forum for answers to your technical questions. Please contact Ryan Flaherty, Director of Communications, with any questions.

About SMTA-e-link

SMTA-e-link, formerly Smart-e-link, is an e-mail mailing list and discussion board with hundreds of contributors. The messages on this mailing list are sent out only to a set group of people, and are distributed solely by e-mail. This resource was set up by Peter Swanson in the early days for use by the SMART Group and has been hugely useful for engineeers with problems to solve. SMTA Europe continues to manage the mailing list for the industry.

Every email discussion is archived so if you have a problem you don't have to wait for an answer just search the archive, the question has probably been asked and answered before.

Discussion Guidelines and Acceptability

Any questions, opinions, answers to questions or any information which will benefit the SMTA membership are encouraged. SMTA is a technical association so much of the content should be technical, but practical information including assembly tips, tricks and good advice are all welcome. "Help" and "want ads" are also welcome, as are sits vac, equipment needed or for sale, etc, although only from end users, not professional service providers.

News about past and future SMTA or other relevant industry events is acceptable.

We ask that suppliers do not use the list as a straightforward advertising medium. Of course, suppliers are encouraged to respond to technical queries with pertinent and beneficial information.

The more you put in to smart-e-link, the more you get out. Please use and contribute. Your input is valued.

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