SMTA Grant Committee


Review grant submissions from 10-30 students on a yearly basis. Rate and rank each submission numerically to determine the winner.

Meeting Information: No face-to-face meetings. E-mail. One conference call if results are close.

Volunteer time required: 10-25 hours annually depending on the number of submissions.

Committee Members:

Andrew Daya
Committee Chair
Process Engineer
Garmin AT, Inc.
Tom Borkes
The Jefferson Project
Marie Cole
Distinguished Engineer
IBM Corporation
Glen Herzog
Quality Manager (retired)
Jason Keeping
Project Manager
Celestica, Inc.
Steven Lustig
Vice President of Global Supply Chain
East West Manufacturing
Luu Nguyen
Director Quality & Reliability
Psi Quantum

Join the Committee:

To join this committee, please contact the current committee chair listed here.

SMTA Headquarters
6600 City West Parkway, Suite 300
Eden Prairie, MN 55344 USA

Phone +1 952.920.7682
Fax +1 952.926.1819