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Chapter News

SMTA Intermountain Chapter - Idaho group

Friday, December 6, 2019 | 07:00 PM
Location: Cottonwood Grille, 913 W River St, Boise, ID 83702

SMTA Intermountain Chapter - Idaho Group - End of Year. 
 Friday, December 6th, 2019, at 7:00 pm
at the Cottonwood Grille in Boise, ID
Restaurant details:

The end of the year dinners are a big deal for everyone.  The fully paid member of the SMTA and their spouse (or significant other) is invited to a great dinner at a nice  restaurant in the Boise area - free of charge  -  paid entirely by the SMTA Intermountain Chapter. 
 There has been a special menu created for this event.  
Please RSVP to let us know how many people are coming so the resturant knows how much to prepare. 

There is an Idaho group dinner, and a Utah group dinner. 

The Utah Group has their dinner event scheduled for Jan 18th at the Rodizio's restruant in Trolley Square in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

 - Restruant details:


Questions? Contact:
Steve Greathouse
208) 898-1274

SMTA Intermountain Chapter Utah Expo - Weber State University-Oct 29, 2019

Tuesday, October 29, 2019 | 9:00 AM
Location: Weber State University, Ogden, Utah,- Shepherd Student Union Building

Presentations from the Oct 29th, 2019 Utah EXPO at  
Weber State University Shepherd Union Building,  Ogden Utah.

For Copies of the Presentations - Click the below presentation links:
*  Kyzen - Cleaning Process Do's and Don't - Carboni-Cain
*  Data IO X-ray Reflow SMTA Weber State 
     -  Data IO White paper on the X-ray issue: 
*  Foresite - Munson-
Using Ion Chromatography and Ion
*  Consumer Electronics CES 2019 - Hotvelt

8:30am - Registration
9:00am - 1st Technical Presenation

Dave Rohona, Senior Product Marketing Manager, brings over 36 years of expertise in customer applications, system service, product marketing and semiconductor relations in the device programming industry. During his tenure, Dave has developed a deep understanding and technical knowledge of device programming technologies and customer’s manufacturing applications and processes. Dave has a degree in Business finance and has attended the Stanford AeA Executive Institute’s, Technology Management program.

Speaker: Dave Rohona, Data I/O Corporation
Oven Reflow and X-Ray Best Practices, for Preprogrammed Flash Memories
Abstract: Today’s modern luxury cars are governed by around one hundred million lines of code, and that number is likely to soar for connected and autonomous cars.  According to Neil Shah, partner and  research director, Counterpoint Research, “Storage is one of the fastest growing semiconductor applications in a connected autonomous car. The advanced in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), AI, and sensor driven autonomous driving systems generate large amounts of data that need to be processed and stored locally at the edge. The average capacity of storage required per vehicle is expected to balloon beyond 2TB by 2022.” 

To support this explosive growth in software and data, automotive manufacturers are transitioning their storage architecture from the eMMC interface to Universal Flash Storage (UFS) and PCI express (PCIe/NVMe) to take advantage of the higher capacity, power efficiency, and higher performance that these memory technologies have to offer.  Preprogramming is the preferred method used in automotive today, delivering the lowest total cost of programming. Preprogrammed flash memories processed through oven reflow and X-ray inspection require production line managers follow recommended best practices. This presentation will discuss the impact of thermal heat and dose radiation on preprogrammed Flash Memories along with Data I/O’s recommended best practices to ensure data retention post oven reflow and X-ray.

10:00am - Vendor tables and displays open to all attendees and visitors
Please plan to visit every table sometime during the day. 

SPEA America
Conductive Containers / Chemtronics
Data I/O
West Tech Automation / Mychronic
Kimball Inc
EMS Solutions
Acculogic, Inc.
Nikon Metrology
ASM Assembly Systems
Green Circuits
Technica USA

11:00am - 2nd Technical Presentation

Terry Monson, Foresite
Title: Failure Analysis – Using Ion Chromatography and Ion Chromatography Mass Spec (IC/MS)

Terry Munson – Owner and founder of Foresite Inc. a forensics laboratory for electronic assemblies and systems. Terry has 27 years of experience developing new techniques to better understand fabrication and assembly cleanliness issues and their impact on field performance. Prior to founding Foresite, Terry was employed with Delco Electronics where he applied ion chromatography analysis techniques to wafers, plating samples, and PCB / PCBAs, an industry first. He presented the new analysis techniques to the industry at IPC Expo 1990 in San Diego. As Senior Consultant, Terry directs a team of 20 staff members with four lead investigators supporting client 
Abstract: Since the 1980s the electronics industry has utilized ion chromatography (IC) analysis to understand the relationship of ions, and some organics, to product reliability.  From component and board fabrication, to electronic assemblies and their end-use environment, IC analysis has been the de facto method for evaluating ionic cleanliness of electronic hardware.  Typical ions accounted for have included chloride, bromide, nitrate, sulfate, weak-organic acid (WOA), sodium and ammonium. Environmental and other concerns have driven the industry to adopt myriad flux formulations, which has created a need to further differentiate weak-organic acids beyond what a typical IC system can provide.

By utilizing an Ion Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy (IC/MS) system optimized for organic separation, we can use the same column technology for the typical suite of anion/organic species, then run the sample through a quad-pole mass spectrometer which provides the molecular weight assessment of residues for over two dozen channels. This capability is critical to our failure analysis work at Foresite, as it allows for identification of specific organic acids and flux activators. This information can aid in identifying specific residue sources (e.g. board fabrication, SMT paste flux, waver solder liquid flux, hand solder flux or a completely different flux pen, or bottle or paste flux.)

12:00pm - Free Hot Lunch for Registered Attendees

1:00pm - 3rd Technical Tutorial/Presentation:
Scot F. Cain with slides prepared by Debbie Carboni

KYZEN Corporation
Title: Board Cleaning Process Do's and Don'ts.. Avoiding Common Pitfalls.

Debbie Carboni’s involvement in the electronics industry started more than 20 years ago and has encompassed a diverse set of experiences that give her a deep knowledge of cleaning chemistry, equipment and processes.  Having been with KYZEN for over 10 years, Debbie is dedicated to provide customers and partners with the highest quality customer support and service as well as ensuring that they receive the best technical solutions.  Her extensive real-world experience helps guide engineers during qualification to ensure success in production conditions.  
Debbie’s dedication to the electronics industry has included a number of roles and voluntary positions in many of the industry’s leading associations and is currently serving her second term on the SMTA Board of Directors as the Vice President of Expo.  .
You are welcome to call or email Debbie for answers to your questions at or +1 (215) 498 8856.
The cleaning approach and technology has significantly evolved over the last 10 years. What used to work may not be enough to meet the new standards, or new assemblies. Understanding the capabilities of your cleaning process is critical to establish process stability.  
Cleaning Highlights:

  • Modern Cleaning advancements.
  • Modern equipment Advancements
  • Design considerations
  • Environmental Myths
  • Common Machine Set Up Blunders
  • Common Process Control Blunders.
  • Common Board Fixturing Blunders
  • Rinsing is not just DI Water
  • How to effectively clean modern assemblies to meet the new standards, and more importantly, be reliable and prove it.
 All attendees will see:

  • Videos illustrating different nozzle and pressure impact on the cleaning rate
  • New test coupons for qualifying, optimizing and monitoring cleanliness
  • Passed and Failed test coupons


Claire Hotvedt, Indium Corporation 
Title: Consumer Electronics Industry Trends 

Biography: Claire Hotvedt is a Product Development Specialist for the PCB Assembly business unit based at Indium Corporation Headquarters.. Claire also oversees product characterization and creation of marketing material to assist the sales team.  Prior to joining Indium Corporation in 2018, Claire held two engineering positions one at Orthogonal, Inc. and one at Bristol-Myers Squibb. Claire earned her bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, with a minor in Mandarin Chinese, from the University of Rochester.
Abstract: You are invited to take a walk through the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show as seen through the eyes of Indium Corporation’s PCB Assembly Product Development Specialist, Claire Hotvedt.  You will be introduced to the latest consumer electronics including medical wearables, 5G, autonomous vehicles, displays, and smart home appliances.

4:00 - Drawings for door prizes  (Must be present to win!!)

A larger map of the campus can be found at this link:

Questions? Contact:
Don Saunders
208 866-5608

SMTA Intermountain Chapter, Boise EXPO

Tuesday, March 10, 2020 | 9:00 AM
Location: Boise State University, Boise Idaho, Student Union Building

Full agenda will be published soon. 

2019 SMTA Chapter planned activites

Planned SMTA Chapter Activities for 2019:
January:  SMTA Intermountain Chapter Dinner and social for the Utah group, Salt Lake City, Utah – Mid January 2019

March: SMTA Intermountain Chapter at Boise State University, Boise, Idaho,– March 26th, 2019
June: SMTA Intermountain Chapter Utah Golf Tournament, Logan Utah–  June 18, 2019
August: SMTA Intermountain Chapter Idaho Golf Tournament, Boise, Idaho – Mid August, 2019
October: SMTA Intermountain Chapter Utah Expo – Salt Lake City, Utah, Mid October, 2019
December: SMTA Intermountain Chapter “End of Year Social” Idaho group – Boise, Idaho, December, 2019. 

Other activities may be scheduled as the company factory tours and speakers become available. 

Past Event: SMTA Intermountain Chapter Boise Expo at BSU

Tuesday, March 26, 2019 | 9:00 AM
Location: Boise State University

The SMTA Intermountain chapter Boise Expo Technical presentations and vendor show will be held on March 26, 2019. 

Location: Boise State University 
Student Union Building - Jordan D Ballroom
1910 University Drive
Boise, ID 83725
  Presentations start at 9:00 am with the vendors show opening after the first talk is finished.  Wrap up will be about 3:15 pm.
Parking will be free in the parking terrace directly south of the union building, but attendees must register to get their  free parking password. 
 This is a totally free event for attendees, but please register below.  

9:00  Presentation 1:   PCA DFM - Path to Higher Quality & Lower Costs,   
by Don Saunders, PCA NPI / CPE Engineer, HP Inc, Boise, Idaho.

Abstract:  With today’s tariffs, world consortiums, reduced schedules and changing partners … how can PCA designs stay in sync with component, assembly and distribution changes?  PCA Design for Manufacturing demonstrates the value of trusted relationships and tools to meet customer’s demands and stay competitive. Understanding and projecting true cost of cost reductions avoids costly product delays, recalls or bad customer experiences. What is total cost?  How does a cost reduction to one partner impact other partners & customers costs?
Affinity – “an attraction or force that encourages a group to combine” applies to all of our partners.
DFM helps designers succeed by aligning suppliers and manufacturing/assembly  partners strengths with theirs in delivering quality solutions to their customers on time.
Real contributions are achieved at each product proto, during development builds using production processes by NPI DFM team. New technology and components validated on state of the art assembly processes prior to releasing to production, results in strengthened partner relationships and successful product ramps.

10:00 Vendor Show opens.  Everyone welcome.  No Entrance Fee - 
Vendor show continues while talks are ongoing 

11:00 Presentation 2:  Low Temperature Solder Overview, Opportunities and Risk,
 Given by 
Kris Troxel, HP Inc. Boise Idaho

Kris Troxel is a Senior Reliability Engineer for the Strategic Quality and Reliability Engineering (SQRE) organization at HP Inc. Kris has been with HP since 1989, and has worked closely with external organizations such as iNEMI and IPC, in both participatory and leadership roles.  Kris led the HP Pb-free PCA assembly transition and has been involved with PCA materials, processes and industry & HP standards and has led several pan-HP initiatives. She supports all HP businesses. 

12:00 Free Lunch for all attendees in Vendor show area. 
Vendor show continues while talks continue

1:00  Presentation 3: “PCB Technology, Assembly and IC packaging”
Rich Brooks, Senior Manager Design Engineering - Jabil Corp, St. Petersburg,
Miniaturization is one of the main trends going on today that are driving the electronics industry to push the limits of capabilities and driving the implementation of new technologies.  Some of the products that are driving miniaturization include: Wearables, Health Sensing, 3D Printing, IIoT, AI and AR/VR.  At Jabil, our goal is to understand the technology trends and to implement new solutions for our customers that will also drive the market.  For Miniaturization, Jabil does not only focus on the Manufacturing assembly process but also the advances in the PCB technology and IC packaging.  This presentation will review these various technology processes and how they impact the industry, as well as the Contract Manufacturers and how it will effect the way they do business.

Rich Brooks has degrees in both Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and he has been in the Electronics industry for 30 years.  His first role was with the Advanced Manufacturing Technology group at Motorola where he spent 14 years.  After Motorola, he joined the Indium Corporation of America as the Global Technical Manager for 9 years.  His most recent positions have been with the GE Oil&Gas Design team for 4 years and now for the past 2 years, he has been with the Jabil Design Organization.  At Jabil, he manages a team of SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) with various areas of technical knowledge. Rich Brooks’ area of expertise is in the PCB and soldering materials technology.

      Vendor show continues during and between talks - till the door prizes are given away.

3:15 Door prizes to be given away at end of day - must be present to win.

Questions? Contact:
Tony Whitt - Intermountain Chapter Vice President
Phone: 303-881-1623
West Tech Automation 
2011 Bannock St.
Denver CO. 80223

Questions? Contact:
Tony Whitt - Intermountain Chapter Vice President
Tony Whitt

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December 6, 2019
07:00 PM
SMTA Intermountain Chapter - Idaho group Cottonwood Grille, 913 W River St, Boise, ID 83702 Steve Greathouse 
208) 898-1274
March 10, 2020
9:00 AM
SMTA Intermountain Chapter, Boise EXPO Boise State University, Boise Idaho, Student Union Building  
October 20, 2020
Intermountain Utah Expo & Tech Forum Weber State University - in Shepard Union Hannah Terhark 

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