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Chapter News

TR53 Auditors Certification Course

The Sparks Technology Center is pleased to be hosting the upcoming TR53 Auditors Certification Course on April 7, 8 & 9th, 2020. Please pass this along to anyone who would benefit by attending.
Facility ESD Auditor TR53 Certification Course Plus
Auditor Certification for Charged Device Model (CDM)
Charged Board Event (CBE) & Cable Discharge Event (CDE)
This is a three-day course with two days allocated to training and one day for the practical exam. The training includes 4 hours of hands on class exercises for each student. The exam will be taken by students one at a time and will consist of making measurements previously done during the class exercises.
The training will cover TR53 test methods (primarily HBM related) as well as additional methods and measurements beyond TR53 that include charged-device model (CDM), charged-board event (CBE), cable discharge event (CDE) and discharges from isolated conductors in tools and production equipment. CDM and related metal-metal discharge events have been recognized to be, by far, the most common cause of ESD damage in electronics assembly.  For additional information please use the following link:      

SMTA Philadelphia Chapter Newsletter

Good Morning:

About two months ago we conducted a training event and one of the ‘students’ attending was a former member of the SMTA Philadelphia Chapter.
Long story short we discussed how over the years the meetings were of value to many of the members across multiple business disciplines and it was a shame the membership declined in the last year or so.
A quick investigation using the ‘net’ confirmed what was, is no longer.
Being curious we called the MN HQ and in short order confirmed the Philly Chapter was dormant.  Continuing to sniff the ‘net’ we found some names we recognized, contacted them and ask, with a bit of work and their input, could we rebuild the chapter.
So, this letter is being sent (electronically) to a big list of people and respective firms we found in an old mason jar under the back porch.
The intent is to determine:
  • If the e-mail data is correct and for the those found in error, to obtain appropriate corrections to solicit their interest to join.
  • If former members would be interested in joining the Philadelphia Chapter Version 2.0
  • If you would share with us your thoughts to offer new ideas for future meetings.
  • If you would review your 2020 calendar and convey to us which time of the workday might be acceptable for you to attend an off-site SMTA meeting, which day of the week is acceptable and ideas for meeting locations.
  • Obtain any and all ideas to not only start the chapter but to support it going forward.
Anyone interested in becoming a member can contact:
Ryan Braemer
Cell:  267-490-9627
Office:  215-538-9353
EPM –Electronic Production Materials, Inc.
 We look forward to receipt of your response and recommendations.
SMTA Philadelphia Chapter

Our Chapter Leaders

Formation Committee : Anna Lifton  (Macdermid Alpha)

Formation Committee : Charmaine Johnson  (Nokia Bell Labs)

Formation Committee : Linda Gotzon  (Electro Tech Systems)

Formation Committee : Ryan Braemer  (Argo/Zeta Company)

Formation Committee : Fred Cox  (BlueRing Stencils)

Formation Committee : Gregory K. Arslanian  (Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.)

Board Liaison : Debbie Carboni (KYZEN Corporation)

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Global Members of our Chapter

Nokia Bell Labs

Global Participating Members of our Chapter


KYZEN Corporation


MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions

MacDermid Enthone Electronic Solutions


Corporate Members of our Chapter

A. I. Technology Inc.

ACI Technologies, Inc.

Aegis Software

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

Applicad Inc.

AVID Associates Inc.

BlueRing Stencils

Cumberland Electronics


Flexible Circuits, Inc.

FlexLink Systems, Inc.

Glenbrook Technologies Inc.

L-3 Harris


Nokia Bell Labs

Systems Innovation Engineering

Zymet, Inc.

Professional Members of our Chapter

Electro Tech Systems

WORLD Electronics

SMTA Global Members

Amazon Celestica, Inc. Collins Aerospace Creation Technologies Inc. Henkel Electronic Materials LLC HISCO, Inc. IDENTCO INVENTEC Performance Chemicals ITW EAE Juniper Networks Keysight Technologies KYZEN Corporation L3HARRIS Lenovo System Technology Company Limited, Shenzhen, PRC MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions Metallic Resources, Inc. Micro Systems Technologies Management AG Nokia Bell Labs Plexus Corp. Samtec Specialty Coating Systems, Inc. VEXOS ZESTRON Americas

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