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Solder Roundtable - North

Tuesday, November 6, 2018 | 8:00 AM
Location: Corporate College East Warrensville Heights, OH

Technical and product presentations from:

  • Shea Engineering Chrys Shea presents: Evaluating the Next Generation of Stencil Stepping Technologies along with Video Analysis of Evaluating Snap Off Speed and Impact of Dry vs. Vacuum Wipe
  • Henkel Dr. Mark Currie presents: Development of a solder paste test vehicle for miniaturized surface mount technology
  • Indium Corporation Brook Sandy-Smith presents: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Voiding in PCB Assemblies
  • FCT Assembly/Blue Ring Stencils Tony Lentz presents: How does PCB surface finish affect printing
  • AIM Tim O’Neill presents: Evolution of lead free solder alloys
  • Alpha Assembly Solutions Jason Fullerton presents: Cleanliness testing and its relationship to flux reliability
  • KOKI Solder America Inc. Shantanu Joshi Presents: Solder paste for super fine pitch components

Payment Instructions:
Members $35, Students & Retirees $5 & Nonmembers $55

Questions? Contact:
Greg Vance

Ohio Expo and Tech Forum

Thursday, July 12, 2018 | 9:00 AM
Location: Embassy Suites Cleveland Rockside

Table Top Expo:   9:00 AM - 2:30 PM

Tech Sessions:

        9:00 AM - Materials Management 4.0
                           by Bill Cardoso, Ph.D., Creative Electron, Inc.

        2:30 PM - Printing in the Third Dimension
                           by Charles Bauer, Ph.D., TechLead Corporation

Complimentary Lunch:   11:30 AM

Thank you to our event sponsors:
        - Kimco - Breakfast
        - Aligned Solutions - Coffee
       - SMART Microsystems - Tech Sessions
       - Kimco - Lunch

Link to RSVP, exhibitor list and event information: https://www.smta.org/expos/#ohio

Questions? Contact:
Courtney Kalb

3rd Annual Member Appreciation Golf Outing

Tuesday, June 12, 2018 | 9:00 AM
Location: Raintree Golf Country Club, Uniontown, OH

The SMTA Ohio Valley Chapter is pleased to invite you to participate in our “3rd Annual Member Appreciation Golf Outing”.  Golf format is a four person scramble with team prizes and skill awards.  Skins challenge $5.00 per player ($20.00 team).

Participation is absolutely “FREE” for SMTA Members and Sponsors.  Included are green fees, golf cart, practice range, sleeve of golf balls, Continental Breakfast, lunch at the turn and a Prime Rib dinner.

Winning team prizes, Skill Challenge prizes and Team Skins awards will follow dinner.
Enjoy networking with fellow SMTA members and vendors in a relaxing, fun atmosphere.
“Bring a guest.”  Guest golfer - not a SMTA Member: $50.00
You may organize your own four-some or we will pair you up.  When registering please use the company field (after listing your company) to enter the names of players you wish to play with.

Payment Instructions:
Participation is absolutely “FREE” for SMTA Members and Sponsors. Included are green fees, golf cart, practice range, sleeve of golf balls, Continental Breakfast, lunch at the turn and a Prime Rib dinner.

Questions? Contact:
Ernie Woyma

Introduction to Statistics, DOE and SPC for Lean Six Sigma Meeting with Dr. Lasky

Thursday, April 19, 2018 | 8:30 AM
Location: Corporate College East, Warrensville Heights, Ohio

Meeting Outline:

  1. How the Math fits into LSS DMAIC
  2. Statistics:
    - Statistically Thinking
    - The Normal Distribution
    - Confidence Intervals
    - Hypothesis Testing
  3. Design Of Experiments (DOE):
    - The Importance of Experiments
    - Setting Up the DOE Team
    - ANOVA: The Heart of DOE
    - A Simple DOE by Hand
    - Solving DOEs with Minitab
  4. Statistical Process Control (SPC):
    - The Cost of Variation
    - Common Cause vs Special Cause Variation
    - Precision and Accuracy
    - Gage R & R
    - Control Charts
    - The Shewart Rules
    - Capability Six Pack

Minitab with be used with examples throughout. A free 30 day version can be downloaded from www.Minitab.com & bring your PC to work through examples.

Following the meeting a facility tour of Bird Technologies in Solon, OH will be available.


Speaker: Dr. Ron Lasky, Instructional Professor at Dartmouth College and a Senior Technologist at Indium Corporation.
Prior to these assignments, he had over thirty years experience in electronic and optoelectronic packaging and assembly at IBM, Universal Instruments and Cookson Electronics. 
He has authored or edited 6 books on science, electronics, and optoelectronics and numerous technical papers and authored articles for Scientific American.  Dr. Lasky holds numerous patent disclosures and is the developer of the several new concepts in SMT processing software relating to cost estimating, line balancing and process optimization.  He is the co-creator of engineering certification exams in electronic assembly and the Director of Dartmouth’s Six Sigma Program.  Ron was awarded the Surface Mount Technology Association’s Founder’s Award in 2003.
He owns four earned degrees, including a Ph.D. from Cornell University in Materials Science.  Ron is also a New York State licensed professional engineer.

Meeting Agenda:

Payment Instructions:
In advance via PayPal or at the door via cash, check or credit card. Members: $35 Nonmembers: $55 Students/Retirees: $20

Questions? Contact:
Greg Vance

2018 Chapter Plan

Happy New Year!  Here's a preview of what we are planning for 2018.

Solder alloys and fluxes are a critical input to our processes so this year we are hosting a Solder Roundtable meeting in both the southern and northern part of the state to make it more convenient to attend.

Solder Roundtable Meeting - South:

  • Date: 2/1/2018
  • Location: Rhinegeist Brewery Cincinnati, OH (Tours will be available)
  • Speakers: Technical and product presentations from AIM, Alpha, FCT, Henkel, Indium, KOKI and Chrys Shea.
Introduction to Statistics, Design of Experiments & SPC Meeting:

  • Date: Targeting 4/17 or 4/18/18
  • Location: TDB (If you would like to host this event, contact us at OhioValleySMTA@gmail.com)
  • Speaker: Dr. Lasky, Instructional Professor at Dartmouth College and a Senior Technologist at Indium Corporation
Member Appreciation Golf Outing:

  • Date: 6/12/2018
  • Location: Raintree Golf Country Club in Uniontown, OH
Ohio Valley EXPO:

  • Date: 7/12/2018
  • Location: Embassy Suites, Independence, OH
Solder Roundtable – North

  • Date: November, actual date TBD
  • Location: Northern Ohio Brewery, location TBD
  • Speakers: Technical and product presentations from AIM, Alpha, FCT, Henkel, Indium, KOKI and Chrys Shea.

February Chapter Meeting: Solder Roundtable South

When: February 1, 2018
Where: Rhinegeist Brewery in Cincinnati, OH (Tours available)

RSVP Today - Deadline to register is Jan. 26, 2018 (https://www.smta.org/chapters/rsvp.cfm?BEE_ID=4366)

Technical and product presentations from:

  • Shea Engineering Chrys Shea presents: Stencil and solder paste inspection for miniaturized SMT components
  • Henkel Dr. Mark Currie and Dr. Neil Poole presents: Development of a solder paste test vehicle for miniaturized surface mount technology
  • Indium Corporation Brook Sandy-Smith presents: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Voiding in PCB Assemblies
  • FCT Assembly/Blue Ring Stencils Tony Lentz presents: Advantages, benefits and durability of stencil nano-coatings
  • AIM Tim O’Neill presents: Evolution of lead free solder alloys
  • Alpha Assembly Solutions Jason Fullerton presents: Cleanliness testing and its relationship to flux reliability
  • KOKI Solder America Inc. Shantanu Joshi Presents: Ultra fine-pitch printing and reflow of 03015 and 0201 metric chip components

Meeting Agenda:
8:00 AM - Registration
8:30 AM - Chrys Shea, Shea Engineering
9:15 AM - Dr. Mark Currie & Dr. Neil Poole, Henkel
10:00 AM - Break
10:15 AM - Brook Sandy-Smith, Indium Corporation
11:00 AM - Tony Lentz, FCT Assebmy/Blue Ring Stencils
11:45 AM - Lunch & Tour
1:00 PM - Tim O'Neill, AIM
1:45 PM - Jason Fullerton, Alpha Assembly Solutions
2:30 PM - Break
2:45 PM - Shantanu Joshi, Koki Solder America Inc.
3:30 PM - End

Meeting Fee:

  • Members = $35
  • Nonmembers = $55
  • Join SMTA for $95/yr and your first meeting is free.
Get Directions Here

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Voiding in PCB Assemblies
Brook Sandy-Smith, Indium Corporation

Bottom termination component use has increased very quickly throughout the last decade. Typical assemblies now have many of these components, often varying types of BTCs on one assembly. What is there to do when one or more starts to show increased variation within the same process? Many investigations have been conducted to find materials that offer the lowest voiding in large ground plane solder joints. In addition, there are many process modifications that have been proposed over the last decade to alleviate voiding in BTC components. These include but are not limited to: pad design, pad patterning, stencil design, via positioning, solid solder addition, and reflow profile optimization.
Furthermore, improved pad design strategies have been proven in the industry. IPC committees are updating the recommendations for design and implementation of BTCs including big changes to the IPC-7093. This presentation will discuss these changes and how these strategies can be used to minimize voiding and ensure robust BTC assemblies.
Tony Lentz,  FCT Assembly, BlueRing Stencils

Nano-coatings have been introduced by various stencil manufacturers, with the promise of addressing some of the challenges of solder paste printing.  Stated benefits of nano-coatings include:  reduced underside cleaning, reduced bridging, improved solder paste release and improvements in yield.  With several Nano technologies already on the market and more likely to be introduced, how can the performance be quantified?  How robust are these coatings? How long do they last?  How can an assembler approach the ROI of these coatings? What hidden benefits or negative impacts should be considered?
This presentation gives a rigorous method for evaluating the performance and economic benefits of solder paste stencil nano-coatings. Criterion such as underside cleaning, bridging, solder paste deposit geometry, post-print cleaning, and abrasion resistance, durability of the coatings were all considered.  Transfer efficiencies were studied across aperture sizes ranging from 0.30 to 0.80 area ratios.  Also investigated were the effects of nano-coatings on transfer efficiencies of a variety of solder pastes.  This presentation also addresses durability of nano-coatings in relation to the number of print cycles and underside wipe cycles applied as well as materials used for the underside wipe process.  Guidelines for maximizing the life of the nano-coatings are given.
Cleanliness Testing and Its Relationship to Flux Reliability
Jason Fullerton, Customer Technical Support Engineer, Alpha Assembly Solutions     
Cleanliness testing of printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) is a practice that was originally developed in the 1970s to assess the effectiveness of post-soldering cleaning processes. As no-clean soldering technology was developed in the late 1980s and into the 1990s, the practice of testing the “cleanliness” of a PCBA has been performed in an attempt to determine the acceptability of assemblies that have not been exposed to a cleaning process. This practice continue to this day.
This presentation outlines the basic theory of Surface Insulation Resistance (SIR) testing as a means of quantifying the performance of fluxes used as no-clean soldering materials. Testing of solder pastes using Resistance of Solvent Extract (ROSE) methods is compared to SIR testing of those materials, and localized extraction cleanliness testing of liquid wave soldering fluxes is compared to SIR testing of those materials.
The divergence in the pass/fail results between the cleanliness tests and SIR results for the flux materials tested is explored. Information on the proposed changes to IPC/J-STD-001 as a result of this new understanding of the relationship between cleanliness testing and flux reliability is provided.
Lead-free Solder Paste Development for Ultra Fine-Pitch Printing and Reflow of 03015 and 0201 Metric Chip Components
Shantanu Joshi, Koki Solder America Inc.

Due to the widespread popularity in mobile devices such as wearable devices and smartphones, demand for miniaturized or micro surface mount components, such as 0201 metric chip, flip chip packages, and fine-pitch surface mount land patterns to accommodate them are increasing. Consequently, solder paste is required to be compatible with this high-density surface mount technology.
When printing paste for 0402 metric chip components, stencil apertures of approximately 0.2mm diameter are used whereas for 0201 metric chip components, stencil apertures of the dimension 0.1mm diameter are needed. This presents challenges for both good printability and solderability. Conventional solder paste technology seems to be lacking in coping up with these stringent requirements.
Precise printability and optimum solder reflow parameters were evaluated on ultra-fine pitch surface mount board pads using conventional solder paste and a newly developed solder paste to understand compatibility with 0201 and 03015 metric chip components.
A test vehicle was used with 0402, 03015 and 0201 metric chip components. Type 5 (10-25um) and Type 6 (5-20um) no-clean lead-free Sn3Ag0.5Cu solder pastes were evaluated with two different stencil thicknesses,50um and 80um. The area apertures ratios varied from 0.28 to 0.94. The measurements of paste volume after printing were recorded using production solder paste inspection equipment.
After printing reflow studies were conducted on assembled 03015R and 0201C metric chip components to understand reflow behavior. The solder paste development included flux improvement to increase stencil release rate of the solder paste through the stencil apertures for the challenging stencil area aperture ratios used. The newly engineered heat resistant flux chemistry in the solder paste helped to reduce solder graping during reflow even with the small paste deposits on the board. Continual solder paste print studies as well as print to pause studies were conducted with the developed solder paste on 0201 metric and 0.3mm pitch QFP board land pads to understand the use of the solder paste in production. The results of the work will be discussed in detail.


Chrys Shea, Shea Engineering

In the world of solder pastes, one size does not fit all, which is why so many different formulations exist. The myriad of options can be overwhelming, and matching the right product to the operation can be confusing, time consuming and costly.
When a small EMS provider determined it was time to update the SMT process chemistry, they needed to develop a test program that they could execute efficiently while keeping production running and costs under control. The result is a consolidated test plan that gauges key solder paste properties and requires less than one shift of line time per product evaluated.
This presentation reviews the test plan, data collection and analysis processes, and presents the results. It discusses some of the issues encountered during test development and their resolutions or workarounds. Finally, it interprets the findings as they apply to the operation, the product types and customer needs.   

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