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Expo 2017

Puget Sound Expo 2017

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SMTA Certification

 SMT Processes- August 15-17, 2017 (Portland, OR)

                Now available in Oregon!


·        August 15- Course (8:30-5pm)

·        August 16- ½ day of course + exam

·        August 17- All day exam (8:30-5pm)

Instruction: English 
Test: English 
Instructor: Jim Hall, ITM Consulting

               For more information, http://www.smta.org/certification/

1Q2017 Newsletter

4Q 2016 Newsletter

SMTA International award!

Congratulations to everyone in the chapter!

COTY stats 2016

Congratulations! We've made significant progress!

3Q 2016 Newsletter

Summer Social

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2Q 2016 Newsletter

2016 SMTA Puget Sound (Bellevue) Symposium & Supplier Day

Thursday, May 12 

Show hours10 AM until 4 PM

At The Red Lion Hotel in Bellevue

11211 Main St.

Bellevue, Washington

(425) 455-5240

Technical Program begins at 1:30-3:00 PM

Topic: Cleaning & Conformal Coatings; Exploring Complexities, Compatibilities & Consequences!

With representatives from all facets of surface mount assembly including materials, equipment, processing, assembly, applications and failure analysis this panel enlightens both users and suppliers on the challenges and solutions to cost effective reliability and performance for high end electronic products. As in the past, we anticipate extensive interaction between the panel and audience to elucidate the subtleties of the results from various experiences ranging from no clean to both water soluble and solvent cleaned assemblies and their performance both electrically and from a reliability perspective. Join us for a scintillating discussion!!

Panel Featuring:

1. Eric Camden, Foresite (failure analysis)

2. Jigar Patel, Zestron (cleaning)

3. Tony Lentz, FCT Assembly (cleaning & conformal coating compatibility)

4. Paul Handler, REHM (conformal coating equipment/processes)

5. Dock Brown, DfR Solutions (broad based user experiences)

6. Hans Bok, SCS (conformal coating materials)

We have over 30 local suppliers exhibiting, a great discussion panel, door prizes, and an opportunity to meet some old friends and add a few new ones to your network!

Register to Attend!
We hope to see you there!

Visit These Suppliers at the show
A.C.E. Tech
Alpha Recycle Division
Amitron Corporation
Apex Tool Group
Assembly Solutions
Cascade Engineering Services
Conductive Containers
EPTAC Corporation
FCT Assembly
Foresite, Inc
Harmon Company NW
Hi-Rel Labs
JBC Tools
JH Tecchnologies
Kirby & Demarest
Marc Technologies
NCAB Group
Nikon Metrology
NW Test Solutions
Panasonic Factory Solutions
Pentagon Technology
Seica Inc.
Seika Machinery
Specialty Coatings
Speed Print
Technica, USA
Test Equity
Trans-Tec America
University of Washington Nanofab
VI Technology
Zero Defects

1Q 2016 Newsletter


The Feb 16th meeting will be held at:

12590 Willows Rd NE
Kirkland, WA 98034


Spokane Meeting Was A Success!

Courtyard by Marriott Downtown - Spokane, WA
Friday, March 4th, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
In an attempt to re-generate enthusiasm for SMTA Inland Northwest Chapter, three other SMTA Chapters in the region collaborated to bring you an outstanding technical meeting. If you missed the meeting, you can still view the presentations below by clicking on the title:
Dock Brown, DfR Solutions, Puget Sound Chapter VP of Technical Programs
In the 2000s, red phosphorous flame retardants were at the root of widespread and costly failures in electronics products. The most prominent of these failures were in plastic encapsulated microcircuits. These failures were widely reported and painfully experienced. As a result, users of electronic components and finished products came to expect that technical diligence, marketplace forces, and the threat of lawsuits were sufficient to prevent a recurrence.

It is therefore surprising that in what appears to be only a few short years after IDMs and OSATs discontinued using red phosphorus flame retardants in semiconductor manufacturing, manufacturers of other types of components began using them. Two or three years after line cord and connector manufacturers went into production with red phosphorus flame retardants, they too started to get field returns.

Pat Ryan, Indium Corporation, Inter-Mountain Chapter VP of Technical Programs
One of the biggest challenges facing the electronics industry today is voiding in the solder joints that connect bottom terminated components to PCBs. This solder voiding, especially on thermal pads, can lead to hot spots and a reduction in the life of the component and the overall assembly.  Without careful design considerations, it is also difficult to obtain precision in the level of voiding from one component to another. This paper looks at the cause and effect of voiding and a new approach using readily available solder preforms. It has been determined that this approach can both decrease the level of voiding found in the solder joints beneath bottom terminated components and also decrease the amount of variation in this value. While this paper focuses on this technique when used with SAC305, it is versatile enough to be used with other alloys commonly available in paste and solder fortification preform forms. This method also has the added benefit of being fully compatible with current manufacturing processes, adding only extra placement steps without the need to change reflow profile, equipment, etc. This easy and inexpensive modification to current processes can have a big impact on the reliability of the final product.

David Nixon, Key Tronic Corporation, SMTA Active Member
Production shops of all sizes are met with the challenge to be in front of production capacity with the technological capability to meet the designer’s whim at a moment’s notice.  Whether you run a single surface mount line from the next room, or oversee 100 lines around the world, a good equipment plan will help ensure that you won’t be caught behind the production eight ball. In this session we will look at:
  • Past capacity and how we projected future growth with component sales market data.
  • Determining operational equipment efficiencies for line load capacities.
  • Driving factors for equipment technical capabilities with component trends.
  • Identifying equipment at end of life, and some thoughts on choosing a long term equipment supplier.
Are you tired of being behind in production capacity only to be told to “Show Justification” for future equipment purchases?  Do you then struggle with trying to predict the increase in production before that increase is needed? In today’s vast production world, what makes better sense; placement speed or number of lines? During this session we will explore the creation of a manufacturing equipment plan. 

Chuck Bauer, TechLead Corporation, Oregon Chapter VP of Technical Programs
While often exaggerated and over-promised, nanotechnology continues to provide vital performance enhancements to electronic systems after over a decade of development. Advanced conductive adhesives and thermal interface materials pioneered nanotech adoption by electronics manufacturers. Hype gives way to breakthrough as new nanotech solutions address multiple aspect of packaging, interconnect, and assembly. Leading research areas include coatings, adhesives, die attach, solder replacements, via structures, 3D printing, and novel conductors. This survey and analysis examines a broad range of revolutionary as well as disruptive nano-based technologies for electronics manufacturing, identifying practical applications, characterizing the challenges and opportunities, and peering into the future commercial exploitation of these exciting solutions. The authors detail multiple examples of practical and cost effective applications demonstrating that nanotechnology today represents reality instead of hype.

Puget Sound EXPO 2015

Thank you to all of the speakers and suppliers for making this show a success!  We look forward to seeing you all next year.

SMTA Puget Sound Expo 2015 SMTA Puget Sound Expo 2015 SMTA Puget Sound Expo 2015


Our Chapter Leaders

President : Christina Paz  (Crane Aerospace & Electronics)
Phone : 425-882-3100

Vice President : Christoph Wimmer  (Microscan)
Phone : 425-301-6153

Secretary : Dock Brown CRE  (DfR Solutions Inc.)
Phone : 206-892-8597

Treasurer : Jerome Larez  (MicroConnex)
Phone : 425-443-8131

VP of Membership (Appointed) : Allison Budvarson  (Out of the Box Manufacturing)
Phone : 253-214-7448

Board Liaison : William Capen (Honeywell FM & T)
Phone Contact : 920-312-1313

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