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Chapter News

2019 Chapter Events

Dear Chapter Members

Don't miss these upcoming SMTA Capital Chapter Meetings.  This is DC's largest gathering of tech-minded folks.  Get in on the ground floor to launch your career, learn new technologies, collaborate with like-minds and network with the best.

January – Location Zestron, Fred Dimock BTU International Operation of a Vacuum Reflow Oven with Preliminary Void Reduction Data be Thursday January 10th. 

February -  Location PACE, Aaron Caplan PACE Non-Destructive BGA/Area Array Component Rework.  Tuesday February 19th

March – All Data Tutorial Jim Barry PCB Technologies – DFM, DFR, Stacked Via Issues, Lesson Learned Examples  (More info to come) – Location BWI Airport Hotel

SMTA Capital Chapter Meeting - Nondestructive BGA/Area Array component rework BGA live demonstration at PACE

Tuesday, February 19, 2019 | 5:30 pm
Location: PACE - Elkridge Engineering & Training Center

This is a Surface Mount Technology Event for Government Specification Industry Organizations, Engineers, Sales, Production Control, Marketing, and Manufacturing.

Its our pleasure to invite you to our Surface Mount Technology Event on February 19th 2019 at PACE.  You will get to see a live demonstration as well as an excellent presentation.  There will also be great food!  Do not miss this event.  Do not hesitate to get in touch with us should you have any questions.  We hope to see you there.

SMTA Capital Chapter Team!!!

Non-Destructive BGA/Area Array Component Rework


Abstract: In the past 20 years, such mundane operations as soldering, desoldering and component replacement have become complicated by extreme micro-miniaturization, the use of lead-free solders, new thermally challenging pc boards, heat-sinking bottom terminated components and intricate component packages that are difficult to rework or install. One area that presents unique challenges is BGA/Area Array rework. Modern boards that use these components are more technically demanding than ever, requiring skilled operators who are highly competent at accomplishing delicate, intricate soldering and rework tasks. Unfortunately, many operators will cause more damage to the assembly or components due to his/her rework actions. As a result, many manufacturers struggle to repair or rework boards, opting to throw away lower value boards or hire outside contractors to perform the more difficult repairs. This presentation will review current techniques and procedures for performing highly reliable, high-quality rework and repair on some of the more difficult BGA packages, and will include live demonstrations of BGA rework using available convective and infrared heating techniques. The presentation will address typical BGA/area array components, heating technologies (convection and infrared), the importance of bottom side preheating, flux application, solder paste stenciling, device alignment methods and thermal profiling techniques, followed by a live demonstration of BGA rework.


Aaron Caplan Biography: Aaron Caplan is the Director of Marketing & Training for PACE Worldwide, a company solely focused on providing innovative, cost-effective solutions in hands-on soldering, rework and repair of advanced electronics to companies and government around the globe for well over 50 years. Mr. Caplan has been involved in electronics manufacturing technology since the 80's and is an acknowledged expert in Miniature/Microminiature Electronics Repair. A CIT in IPC-7711/IPC 7721, he provides technical expertise in teaching of non-destructive PCB rework/repair techniques, educating industry on how to properly utilize these techniques. In addition to his marketing duties, Mr. Caplan also coordinates the Training Department and Video Production Team, providing direction for a wide variety of video production projects.

Questions? Contact:
Brian Costanzo

Download Presentations from Capital Chapter Presentations

Additive Manufacturing Corporate Development
KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Geoffrey Doyle, Jabil Circuits, Inc.

Industry 4.0 the Next Industrial Revolution - The Smart Factory
Speaker: MB Allen, KIC

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Voiding in PCB Assemblies
Speaker: Kim Flanagan, Indium Corporation


SMTA Capital Chapter Tutorial -

Tuesday, March 19, 2019 | 9:00 am
Location: BWI Airport - More to come

Think Big...Think Small,,,Think Beyond!!!  Everything you want to know about PCB Manufacturing to help you design and assemble a better circuit card assembly!!!
  • Solderability Issues from the PCB Fabrication Perspective
    • Speaker – Yaad Eliya
      • Synopsis:
        • The speaker will discuss the PCB Manufacturing process and how it has a direct effect on the solderability process.
        • Items such as plating technique (DC plating vs. Reverse plating), Final finished and other processes that effect the assembly.  
  • Design for Reliability
    • Speaker – Yaad Eliya
      • Synopsis:
        • The speaker will discuss how design aspects can directly affect the reliability of the raw card at the assembly level
        • Items such as Non-functional pads, via-fill, cross hatched grounds, conductor routing, PTH preparations etc.… and their effects on reliability  
  • RF/Microwave Design Considerations and Options
    • Speaker – Yaad Eliya
      • Synopsis:
        • The speaker will discuss the Do’s and Don’ts for RF & Microwave success -
        • Items such as materials, lamination cycles, Single vs. double cavities and “Air Cavity” for varying frequencies will be discussed. 
  • Thermal Mitigation Options at the Raw Card Level
    • Speaker – Jim Barry
      • Synopsis:
        • The speaker will discuss the options available for Thermal mitigations at the raw card level.
        • As designs get smaller and faster, high temperature is becoming a big issue – we will look at Materials, Heatsinks and Coins to help mitigate heat. 
  • DFM at the PWB Stage
    • Speaker – Shlomi Danino
      • Synopsis:
        • The speaker will discuss what happens with the PCB Design once it reaches the PWB Manufacturer – the “upfront process”
        • We will review how design decisions can affect reliability, IPC Classifications, cost and lead-time. 

Other possible topic discussions:

  • Enhanced Flex Materials
  • Cavity Applications
  • Improved PCB Processing tools
  • Stacked Via process and reliability

Questions? Contact:
Brian Costanzo

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Chapter Calendar of Events

Date / Time Event Location Contact/Email
January 10, 2019
5:00 pm
Fred Dimock, BTU International, to Present at SMTA Capital Chapter Meeting on January 10th Zestron Jessica Molloy 
February 19, 2019
5:30 pm
SMTA Capital Chapter Meeting - Nondestructive BGA/Area Array component rework BGA live demonstration at PACE PACE - Elkridge Engineering & Training Center Brian Costanzo 
March 19, 2019
9:00 am
SMTA Capital Chapter Tutorial - BWI Airport - More to come Brian Costanzo 
August 22, 2019
Capital Expo & Tech Forum Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Lab Hannah Terhark
(952) 920-7682 

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VP of Communications (Appointed) : Jessica Molloy  (ZESTRON Americas)
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Board Liaison : Sal Sparacino (ZESTRON Americas)
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