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2018 SMTA Carolinas Golf Tournament

Tuesday, October 2, 2018 | 8:30 AM
Location: Mill Creek Golf Club

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SMTA Carolinas Chapter Expo

Tuesday, May 15, 2018 | 08:00 AM
Location: Doubletree Brownstone, Raleigh, NC

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

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Paste Qualifications for EMS Production

Speaker: Chrys Shea, Shea Engineering Services

Many SMT operations struggle with “process issues” that are actually solder paste-related, and have been resolved in newer generations of the materials.  Nagging defects like tombstones, solder balls, excessive voids and Head-In-Pillow can often be mitigated with a change of solder paste.  Newer formulations print better, wet better, endure hot reflow cycles better, and void less than older ones.



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AI-Powered 3D Inspection Benefits

Speaker: Mr. David Suh, Koh Young America

Not long ago, 2D inspection was the industry norm, then 3D inspection quickly proved itself. Today, True 3D measurement is even more powerful than 3D inspection, especially when AI power analyzes the real data. But what is the difference between 3D inspection and 3D measurement, and how can AI improve your process?




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The Smart Reflow Oven For the Industry 4.0 Factory

Speaker: MB Allen, KIC

The reflow oven is often considered the black box in the electronic assembly factory. As the industry is trending towards the smart factory to reduce cost of manufacturing while providing consistent quality and new capabilities such as full process traceability, the reflow oven is undergoing a dramatic transformation.



AXI and MXI; How They Complement Each Other

Speaker: John Travis, Nordson DAGE

This presentation will introduce you to some of the cutting edge technologies in Digital XRAY tubes, Detectors, 3D X ray and micro CT.  We will also introduce the latest technology in 3D AOI and how those technologies translate into better more efficient defect detection.



Semiconductor Power Electronics Applications and Associated Supply Chain

Speaker: Nick Mescia, PowerAmerica

This presentation will identify the various 14 Manufacturing Institutes, and identifying the various manufacturing institutes with electronic interests. Also identifying the everyday uses of semiconductors. What are WBG semiconductors and their properties, and their benefits over silicon semiconductor technology in power applications. Identifying the possible uses of WBG technology and the establishing an associated overview supply chain (from wafer fab, component packaging, other power required components (magnetics, power connectors, printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication with heavy copper and possible embedded heat pipes for heat dissipation) for the possible power product build of material (BOM) for the OEM to design a power product, and including both the PCBA and associated box / product build for the power users). Finally an in depth detailed supply line flow identifying both current and possible supply chain members, which is still being established.



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Questions? Contact:
Bob Doetzer
919 427 2611

Welcome 2018

Thank you for electing me as the President of your Carolinas SMTA Chapter. I look forward to a great 2018.  I would like to thank Eddie Kobeda for his previous leadership and hope to continue the growth and enthusiasm he has fostered in our chapter.
I am also very excited to have such a great executive team, which includes:
  • Brent Fischthal – Vice-President (Koh Young Americas)
  • Luis Sastoque – Treasurer (TTI, Inc.)
  • Nick Mescia – Student Chapter Chairman-NC State (Power America)
  • Jennifer Mace – Membership Chairman (Plexus)
  • Robbie Smith – Technical Programs Chairman (Circuit Technology)
  • Ryan Stellhorn – Golf Outing Chairman (CREE)
Together this team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our board.  Most importantly, they are all willing to help our membership and make the Carolinas SMTA Chapter a valuable resource for its membership.
The chapter finished 2017 with an info session in December at Juki in Morrisville, NC. The focus was on Industry 4.0 with four presenters including Dave Dalton from General Microcircuits and Ryan Stellhorn from Cree, as well as Greg Brown and Geron Ryden from Juki.  Each presenter provided an overview of the tools available or implemented for the “Smart Factory”. As a panel, these presenters discussed how the tools enable a more efficient manufacturing process. Specific attention was placed on the ROI analysis associated with the tools and the ability to achieve the holy grail of “lights out manufacturing”.  This is the hottest topic not only in electronics assembly, but in all types of manufacturing. The event was well attended with vigorous discussion. As such, we have posted the presentation highlights on our SMTA website for your review. Given the relevance of the topic, the SMTA Chapter would be willing to visit with you and discuss the full content. Please contact us at for more information on this topic and how it might make your manufacturing process better. 
Looking forward into 2018, we are planning four info sessions throughout the Carolinas.  Given our chapter demographics, we are targeting Raleigh, Charlotte, Asheville, and Greenville, SC. These locations will help us as we strive to broaden our membership across the Carolinas. We will also have our annual golf outing and technical expo again as both were very well attended. Stay tuned for further emails detailing all these events. Stay tuned for our upcoming info session in March!
Bob Doetzer
SMTA Carolinas Chapter, President

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T E C H N I C A L    P R E S E N T A T I O N S

The Alphabet Soup of IPC Specifications
Bob Doetzer, Circuit Technology

New and Emerging Technologies in Electronics
Daniel Baldwin, Engent

Three Dimensional Integration
Paul D. Franzon, NC State University

The Future of HDI Via Structures, Power Delivery, and Thermal Management in Next Generation Printed Circuits
Tom Buck, Viasystems
Process Considerations for Microchip Mounting
Shawn Robinson, Panasonic

IoT Device Teardowns
Bill Cardoso, Creative Electron

Wireless Research Center of North Carolina Developments
Larry Steffann, Wireless Research Center of North Carolina
Investigation into the Use of Nano-Coated Stencils to Improve Solder Paste Printing

Chapter Calendar of Events

Date / Time Event Location Contact/Email
October 2, 2018
8:30 AM
2018 SMTA Carolinas Golf Tournament Mill Creek Golf Club  

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Our Chapter Leaders

President : Bob Doetzer  (Circuit Technology, Inc.)
Phone : 919-552-3434

Treasurer : Luis M. Sastoque  (TTI, Inc.)
Phone : 919-876-8922

VP Technical Programs (Appointed) : Robert Smith  (OBM, Inc)
Phone : 704-458-0025

Technical Committee (Appointed) : John Gosnell  (Tektone)
Phone : 828-371-7387

Acting Vice President : Brent A. Fischthal  (Koh Young)
Phone : 704-651-2860

VP Special Events & Student Chapter (Appointed) : Nicholas Mescia  
Phone : 919-741-9264

Golf Outing Chairman (Appointed) : Ryan Stellhorn  (Cree)
Phone : 919-407-5116

Board Liaison : Eileen Hibbler (EAP Florida)
Phone Contact : 813-335-7455

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