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New England Expo & Tech Forum

Tuesday, October 8, 2019
Location: Boxboro Regency Hotel & Conference Center

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Understanding the requirements of IPC-J-STD-001

Tuesday, May 21, 2019 | 5:00 PM
Location: Radisson Hotel Nashua - 11 Tara Boulevard, Nashua, NH 03062

Understanding the requirements of IPC-J-STD 001 Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies click here to download slides 
Abstract:  The presentation will cover many elements of the J-STD-001 document which are problematic in the understanding of the criteria. 
For example here are a few of the most misunderstood elements of the document:
  • Understanding the definition of the requirements, especially for the differentiation of the various criteria of acceptable, process indicators, no requirements, and defective conditions.
  • Conflict resolution. As is written it is very difficult to interpret the results of an inspection if the contract states, that the product will be built and inspected to the requirements of J-STD-001. This document is a soldering document.
  • Interpretation of the differences between, conductor and wire diameter as this was a difficult concept to understand my many in the industry.
  • Review the meaning of Objective Evidence and this is a problematic area to substantiate a point and criteria.
  • In the materials section, the need to qualify the materials being used or face rejection of the product as it was not build with qualified materials.
  • The conversion to lead-free solders and other alloys and the due diligence to qualify those materials.
  • Thermal profiles and the need of such.
  • The solder connection.
  • The definition of soldering a wire to a terminal and the new explanation of the visuals.
  • Lead Trimming and the impact of cutting leads after soldering.
  • The physical soldering requirements.
  • The term discernible and what it means.
  • Component with no class 3 requirements
  • Section 8 cleaning section being re-written

Speaker:  Leo Lambert Vice President, Technical Director, Consultant EPTAC Corporation
•    B.S.M.E. Lowell Technological Institute, now University of Massachusetts, Lowell
•    Vice President/Technical Director for EPTAC Corp. Manchester, New Hampshire
        *    Text “Soldering for Electronic Assemblies”, published by Marcel Dekker 1987
        *    Published and presented numerous papers relative to the subject of Soldering and Cleaning at various Technical Seminars and Exhibitions worldwide.
        *    Edited books on soldering for Van Nonstrand Publishers, and Society of Metals,
        *    Former member of the Editorial Review board for Circuit Assembly Magazine 
        *    Develop, published and conducted seminars Deadline to Lead Free Seminars and Thriving in a RoHS/WEEE Environment.
        *    IPC President Award 1989, for work conducted on solderable coatings for printed wiring boards. 
        *    TAEC chair 2008-2010
        *    IPC Hall of Fame 2019
        *    Charter member of the J-STD-001 and 610 committees
        *    Active participant in following IPC committees. 
        *    J-STD-001 and Handbook
        *    IPC-A-610 and 820 Handbook
        *    IPC-A-600
        *    IPC-6012
        *    IPC/WHMA –A-620
        *    Develop and wrote first IPC-A-600 training program
        *    Recipients of many Distinguished Committee Service Awards and Leadership Awards and Special Recognition Awards for the development of training programs
Other Activities:
        *    Charter Member on UNEP (United Nation Environmental Program) Technical Solvent Options Committee, overseeing worldwide activities in reducing CFC from use as cleaning material in Electronic Manufacturing. Part of Montreal Protocol
        *    Member of ICOLP (Industry Cooperative for Ozone Layer Protection)
        *    Past IPC Chairman of many committees relating to soldering and cleaning.
        *    Conducted many soldering seminars worldwide.
        *    Member of Mechanical Engineering advisory board, University of Massachusetts, Lowell MA.
        *    Member of Advisory Board for Greater Lowell Vocational School


“Rework and Assembly Processes for IPC-A-610 & J-STD-001” 
Abstract:  Hand soldering in the electronics industry is increasingly considered a reliability risk in electronics manufacturing.  Control over pc assembly with new software systems in placement, reflow and automated inspections has given engineering better control and traceability, improving yields and reliability.  These improvements have made the difference between automated assembly and hand soldering more apparent.   Some OEM manufactures have eliminated hand soldering by disposal of nonconforming product.  This is not practical when the pc assemblies have a high value.  
In companies with expensive assemblies there is a need to extend the control to the bench assembly.  JBC Tools has developed new software systems that work in conjunction with the soldering equipment for improving controls and providing traceability. IPC J-STD 610 sets standards for soldering that can be used as a basis for setting processes for rework and assembly. This standard can be used in the JBC QST software system; we will explain how this software can be used in the J-STD.

The presentation will provide the audience with a demonstration on how the system works and give examples of how it was implemented.

Speaker:   Sean Torrens, US Sales Manager, Business and Engineering in LaSalle School in Barcelona & Manhattan College in New York. Sean has successfully implemented the QST system in class 3 companies all over the US; upgrading their control and traceability process for hand soldering.

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Contact Info:
President : Michael G. Jansen  (Raytheon Company)
Phone: 978-470-7598
Vice President : Peter Bigelow (IMI Inc.)
Phone: 978-373-9190

Future Events:
iMAPS NE – Tuesday May 7, 2019 – 46th Symposium & Expo at the Boxboro Regency Hotel & Conference Center, Boxborough, MA Click here for more information
IEEE Boston REL - Wednesday May 8, 2019 - An Introduction to Use Case 7 at MIT Lincoln Laboratory 3 Forbes Road, Lexington, MA Click here for more information
SMTA - Tuesday Oct. 8, 2019 - 4th New England Expo at the Boxboro Regency Hotel & Conference Center, Boxborough, MA

Questions? Contact:
Mike Jansen

Selecting High Tech Adhesives

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 | 5:00 PM
Location: Honle UV America, Inc. 261 Cedar Hill Street, Bldg C, Marlboro, MA 01752

SMTA Boston Chapter evening meeting on Tuesday, April 16, 2019 at Honle UV America, Inc. in Marlboro, MA.

What You Need To Consider Before Selecting High Tech Adhesives
Abstract:  Choosing the best adhesive for a specific application can be complex. There are many variables to be considered and numerous types of chemistries, all with different capabilities. An understanding of the most important parameters will help to narrow the choices.  The discussion will cover some of the more important issues and chemistries needed for choosing the best adhesive.  These parameters are applicable to macro and micro applications for all industries.
Speaker:   Barry Siroka – Business Development Manager – EpoxySet Inc.
Bio:  Barry Siroka started in the chemical industry as a urethane production chemist and moved into technical service of specialty materials in 1980.  Over the course of his 40+ year career, he has worked for several polymer manufacturers and distributors in various technical service/sales/marketing roles.  He has been responsible for training in the use of adhesives to sales personnel, distributors and engineers in most high tech industries. His emphasis is in customer service and solving material problems.  Barry has continued his marketing/sales/customer relationship efforts as the Business Development Manager since joining EpoxySet in 2015.

"UV vs. LED "

Abstract:  For many years UV Technology has been a reliable method for the curing of photo reactive chemicals and adhesives.  In response to increasing production speeds and new applications, lamp technology has also developed.  With increased innovative ideas comes the need for more options in the curing devices.  Thus, within recent years, a completely new branch of UV technology has developed:  UV LED’s.  The discussions will include the main differences between UV and LED and how the solutions can impact your ideas and applications.  Examples of UV and LED equipment will also be available to view and ask questions.
Speaker:   Deivis Parejo - Sales Engineer - Honle UV America.
Bio:  Deivis Parejo: Worked as a sales engineer for manufactures since graduation from High School
Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from UMASS
Associate Degree in Engineering Design from MASS Bay
Married with 4 children
Graduated in 2010 and sales engineer role since.

Event Photos: 
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Contact Info:
President : Michael G. Jansen  (Raytheon Company)
Phone: 978-470-7598
Vice President : Peter Bigelow (IMI Inc.)
Phone: 978-373-9190

Future Events:
iMAPS NE – Tuesday May 7, 2019 – 46th Symposium & Expo at the Boxboro Regency Hotel & Conference Center, Boxborough, MA
SMTA – May 21, 2019 – IPC Standard Update & JBC Rework Station, Radisson Hotel Nashua, Nashua, NH
SMTA - Sept. 11, 2019 - Various Topics, Raythein, Andover, MA 

SMTA - Tuesday Oct. 8, 2019 - 4th New England Expo at the Boxboro Regency Hotel & Conference Center, Boxborough, MA

Questions? Contact:
Mike Jansen

Photo Etch Technology Meeting

Tuesday, March 19, 2019 | 5:00 PM
Location: Photo Etch Technology, 71 Willie Street, Lowell, MA 01854

SMTA Boston Chapter cordially invites you to an evening meeting on Tuesday, March 19, 2019 at Photo Etch Technology in Lowell, MA.
The evolution of solder paste stencil coatings
Abstract:  The evolution of solder paste stencil coatings will be discussed in depth.  Presentation to include types, applications, longevity and performance.
Topics:  1) Stencil Design; 2) Nano Coatings; 3) Evolution of Stencils; 4) 
Where the industry is headed 

Speaker:  Arthur Guidi Founder of Photo Etch Technology (PET) and Chairman of the Board of PET.
Bio:  Arthur Guidi brings over 50 years of collective experience to tonight's event. Art Guidi Early Days can be rooted to a starting Draftsman at the Raytheon Corporation,(shortly after leaving the USMC), further leading him to the advanced industry of Electronic Manufacturing. With a solid education in Electronic MFG, Art's  Career soon took him to Heading up the Manufacturing floors of several Electronics groups through the New England area, This Savvy Engineering Mind soon saw the Landscape of Electronics growing and changing in the early 1970's, many believe this period to be the Renaissance of manufacturing in New England.  Arts Career would eventually lead him to become engineering manager for Digital Equipment Corporation based then in Maynard Massachusetts. In the Early 80's Art Decided To start His own Manufacturing company. Taking the business from a garage think tank to a thriving player in the EMS Industry, with 5 USA locations.

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Questions? Contact:
Michael (Mike) Jansen

Printing and Cleaning

Tuesday, February 19, 2019 | 05:00
Location: ITW EAE (Electrohic Assembly Equipment; 35 Parkwood Drive, Suite 10; Hopkinton, MA 01748

SMTA Boston Chapter and iMAPS New England cordially invites you to an evening meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019 at ITW EAE in Hopkinton, MA.
“Conquering Your Latest Challenge in Miniaturization”

Printing experts Edward Nauss and Michael Butler will present the key elements of repeatable solder paste deposition needed to successfully meet the miniaturization trend:  (Click here to download this presentation)

  • High quality stencils with nanocoatings
  • Board support and snugging
  • Proper alignment between PCB and stencil
  • Underwiping solvents and textiles
  • High quality solder paste
  • The importance of separation parameters on paste release
Attendees will see:

  • Live demonstrations of printing on the SMTA Miniaturization Test Vehicle
  • Automated Solder Paste Inspection
  • Visual inspection under a digital microscope
  • Videos of solder paste release from the stencil
Michael will describe the process development path and the statistical methods he used to define a robust 008004/0201M printing process.
Chrys Shea, of Shea Engineering Services will be available to answer questions about the new SMTA test board, the DOES embedded in it for smaller components, and update the commercial launch schedule of the board through Practical Components. 

“Don’t Panic: What YOUR ROSE Number Really Means

The review and revision to J-STD-001 on ionic cleanliness has a new protocol.  The new standard changes how we qualify the cleanliness of our assemblies.

Cleaning expert Debbie Carboni will present:  (Click here to download this presentation)

·         An overview of the new protocol

·         What the changes mean for assemblers

·         The impact on process qualification and process control

·         Generating “Objective Evidence” for level 1 and level 2 qualification


All attendees will see:

·         New test coupons for qualifying, optimizing and monitoring cleanliness

·         Passed and Failed test coupons

An open Question and Answer session will enable attendees to discuss their specific process needs and changes to gain compliance with the new standard.

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Questions? Contact:
Mike Jansen
Michael Jansen

2018 New England Technical Forum Slides

Attached below are the techincal session slides from our 2018 New England Technical Forum and Expo.

Keynote by Jay Gorajia, Global Services Director, PCB Design and Electronics Manufacturering atMentor Graphics; A Siemens Company
"Smart Manufacturing in the Electronics Industry – An Overview"

Tech Sessions by Charles E. Bauer, Ph.D., TechLead Corporation
"Nanotechnology for Advanced Electronics Packaging"
"Printing in the Third Dimension; Design, Materials, Equipment & Applications in Electronics"

Tech Sessions by Denis Barbini, Ph.D., Crucial Machines ( currently not available, check back at a later date)
"Failure Analysis: Case Studies and Implementing Practical Solutions"
"Reflow Process Optimization Utilizing a Novel Defocused Laser for Fine Pitch Applications"

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October 8, 2019
New England Expo & Tech Forum Boxboro Regency Hotel & Conference Center  

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