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Chapter News

Design for Test and Spectrum Analysis

Thursday, April 26, 2018 | 9:00 AM
Location: Mentor Graphics Training Center

The SMTA Rocky Mountain Chapter
is pleased to announce the next Technical Session:
“Design for Test and Spectrum Analysis”
April 26, 2018
Design for Test and Spectrum Analysis will be an informative technical session focusing inspection techniques and DFX. This session will explore different methodologies for testing today’s assembly packages for implementing a test strategy which best meets production process requirements.
Who should attend: Quality engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Design Engineers, Engineering Managers, Buyers, and Engineering Students.
Meeting Details
Where:                                              Mentor Graphics, Longmont, CO
When:                                                April 26, 2018
Time:                                                  9:00  AM - 2:00 PM
RSVP:                                                 RSVP Link - Design for Test & Spectrum Analysis
Event Registration Fee:                 $35.00 - members
                                                            $45.00 - nonmembers
Payment:                                          Payment for the event can be made via PayPal in advance or at the door
Google Map:                          Google Maps Link to Mentor Graphics, 1811 Pike Road, Longmont

Presentation Agenda:
9:00 – 9:45                  Registration check-in and networking opportunity
                                               Coffee and pastries sponsored by Palpilot
Pal Pilot
10:00 – 10:45              3D AOI     Presented by: Koh Young
Not long ago, 2D inspection was the industry norm, then 3D inspection quickly proved itself. Today, true 3D measurement is even more powerful, especially when AI power analyzes the real data. But what is the difference between 3D inspection and 3D measurement, and how can AI improve your process?

Koh Young Technology
11:00 – 11:45              Flying Probe     Presented by: Takaya
Flying Probe Test (FPT) was introduced in the mid 1980’s out of necessity to develop a test process that would be cost effective for low volume situations.  As FPT technology progressed it has evolved to provide test capabilities similar to those of In-circuit Test (ICT) Bed-of-Nails (BON).  Today’s test strategies can be developed on FPT to test for all process faults as well as providing Power-On functional test, BSCAN, ISP to simple quick turn MDAs. With the continued minimization of today’s PCB designs, and further reduction of traditional test access, FPT continues to be the preferred test platform to provide the best achievable test coverage of these assemblies. This presentation will cover the defect spectrum that flying probe test is well suited to detect, based on its in-circuit test capability and the mechanical accuracy that flying probe systems can provide.
Texmac Takaya
12:00 – 1:00 PM         Lunch Sponsored by Takaya

 2:00 – 2:45 PM           Design for Test DFX     Presented by: Mentor Graphics
Electrical test and structural inspection have evolved significantly over the past 5 years. Flying probe testers are now double sided, inspection systems are combined optical and X-ray inspection but to extract the maximum performance from these technologies requires the existing reactive test flow to become proactive. Test and inspection feedback must be considered during the design flow, and not implemented as an afterthought. Understanding the historical challenges in PCB manufacturing allows future designs to benefit from the experience to deliver the optimized test coverage for each product. This presentation will discuss these challenges and ways that they can be implemented in today’s PCB design flow.
Thank you to our sponsors. Without you, these events would not be possible.

Pal Pilot    Texmac            Mentor
Breakfast pastries with coffee and lunch included. To ensure adequate number of meals for the event, RSVPs MUST be received no later than 4/24/2018. For special dietary needs, please also contact Patty Chonis at 970-443-9233 or email at to ensure proper food selection.
Please note, space is limited to 50 attendees so register early!

Payment Instructions:
All major credit cards and company checks accepted for the event. We will also accept payments on the day of the event during registration.

Registration Fee

Questions? Contact:
Patty Chonis

Rocky Mountain Expo & Tech Forum

Thursday, January 25, 2018 
Location: West Club at Mile High Stadium 
1701 Bryant Street
Denver, CO 80204
Mark your calendars and plan to attend what is expected to be the Rocky Mountain event of the year. The SMTA Rocky Mountain Chapter is now taking registration for their 2018 Expo. We are expecting a sold out event, connecting exhibitors, and bringing the latest technology to the Rocky Mountain region while presenting impactful and meaningful technical sessions for your continued professional growth.

Plan now to join us for free technical sessions, free lunch and the chance to network with leading suppliers to our industry! 

Mile High StadiumBackstage Tour of Mile High Stadium 
As a special treat, we will have a backstage tour of Mile High Stadium for 25 attendees. Registrations are limited so book early. Cost for the tour is $25 per person – a bargain for the opportunity to go behind the scenes of the Denver Broncos. Tour will run at 1:00pm. 


Parking Information
(you can park in either lot J or lot C)

Free Technical Program: 

Registration opens

9:00am – 9:45am 
Rob ChambersElectronics Going Sky-High
Rob Chambers, Lockheed Martin 

Human space exploration is growing in global interest and significance, with unprecedented interest in and excitement about expanding human presence beyond low Earth orbit to the moon and on to Mars. NASA’s Orion spacecraft is at the vanguard of this effort. Designed and built by Lockheed Martin in Denver, Orion represents the state of the art for high-reliability, high-availability, robust avionics and software architectures and components for long-duration deep space missions. Chambers will provide an overview of Orion, the avionics challenges unique to flying humans out to the final frontier, and the future of humanity’s scientific exploration of our solar system.

Expo Opens


11:15am – 12:00pm 
Greg VanceModeling an SMT Line to Improve Throughput
Greg Vance, Rockwell Automation 

One of the major challenges for an electronic assembly manufacturing engineer is determining how a SMT machine will impact throughput. Typically an SMT equipment supplier will ask for few (5-10) products to simulate the throughput capability of their machine. Unfortunately, if the engineer works in a high mix low volume environment he may need to know the impact of a new machine on a 1,000 or more products. Currently there are a lack of simulation tools to model this. This is confirmed in the IPC Technology Roadmap for Electronics Interconnections 2015 it states “In order to better deal with the demands for increased interconnection density and respond to market demands for better return on capital investment in assembly equipment, there is a need within the manufacturing industry for continued improvement in tools and software for modeling and simulation. Needs in this area include better methods of load balancing and improved machine utilization? The tools for determining the balance on assembly lines will need to be flexible to handle the mix of assembly types that manufacturers now face.”

Rockwell Automation partnered with Universal Instruments to develop a tool to model a large quantity of products and the impact of SMT line configurations. The information used for the modeling includes placement per panel information and machine components placed per hour capability. With these tools an electronic assembly plant can be modeled and analyzed to identify improvement opportunities and perform “what if” analysis to model impact of machine changes.


12:00pm - 1:00pm 
Join us for a complimentary lunch and networking on the Show Floor!

A Special Thank You To Our Lunch Sponsors:

Mentor GraphicsZDI

2:00pm - 2:45pm 
Will WebbDfX – Design For Excellence using EMS 4.0
William E. Webb, ASTER Technologies LLC 

Design for Excellence (DfX) can be used as part of an organization’s Continuous Improvement Programme to decrease product development time, product cost and manufacturing cycle time, while increasing product quality, reliability and ultimately the customer satisfaction. It will significantly decrease the overall cycle time from the design concept to customer delivery, which is a critical success factor. Design for Excellence makes it possible to implement a Lean Test approach that produces a lower cost product whilst maintaining the highest quality.


ASTER’s vision is articulated on two principles: 1) Using traceability and repair loop information in order to qualify the customer defect universe. The defects include design defects, manufacturing defects and functional defects. 2) Importing the defect opportunities and identifying the possible consequences of inadequate testability and test coverage on a new design.


3:00pm - 4:00pm 
Meet and Greet with the Best in the Business! Join us after the show for Networking and Celebration at the West Club at Sports Authority Field


A Special Thank You To Our Reception Sponsor:

Atek Systems

Current Exhibitor List:

A-Tek LLC 
Advanced Circuits 
Conductive Containers, Inc. 
Creative Electron, Inc. 
ERSA North America 
F&K Delvotec 
FCT Assembly 
GPD Global 
Indium Corporation 
InsulFab PCB Tooling 
Kimball Electronics 
KYZEN Corporation 
Mentor, a Siemens Business 
Nortec Humidity 
PACE Worldwide 
PalPilot International Corporation 
Panasonic Factory Solutions 
Photo Etch Technology 
Photo Stencil LLC, A Division of StenTech. 
Pillarhouse USA, Inc. 
Rehm Thermal Systems, LLC 
Samtec Microelectronics 
SEHO North America 
SlingShot Assembly 
Smart Splice LLC 
Speedprint Technology 
Technica, USA 
Technical Marketing Company 
TestEquity LLC 
Texmac/Takaya Inc. 
Universal Instruments 
Vileda Professional 
West Tech Automation 
Xcel Energy 
Zero Defects International/Viscom Inc. 

Companies in bold are SMTA corporate members

Chapter Calendar of Events

Date / Time Event Location Contact/Email
April 26, 2018
9:00 AM
Design for Test and Spectrum Analysis Mentor Graphics Training Center Patty Chonis 

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Phone : 408-890-8301

VP of Technical Programs : Jon Ashton  (Vergent Products)
Phone : 970-689-7068

VP of Membership : David Levine  (Texmac/Takaya Inc.)
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VP of Events (Appointed) : Daren Harline  (PalPilot International Corporation)
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Interim Secretary : Ian Linn  (Ball Aerospace)
Phone : 303-939-4659

VP of Marketing/Communications (Appointed) : Patty Chonis  (A-Tek LLC)
Phone : 970-532-5100

Board Liaison : William Capen (DRS Technologies)
Phone Contact : 814-534-8451

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