SMTA Certification Program

SMTA Certification The most respected sign of approval in the electronics assembly industry

Each SMTA Certification program is a three-day offering consisting of a 1.5-day workshop on topics in SMT Processes or Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. The program concludes on days two and three with an open and closed book examination (SMT Processes) and open book examination (Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.)

This is not an entry-level program. Basic algebra will be used in the workshop and examination. This challenging examination requires both written answers and calculations with the intent to enable the attendee to establish competitive credentials as "Certified" by the SMTA in SMT Processes or Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

Why You Should Participate

Technologies change at the speed of light, and competition and expectations are forever increasing. This comprehensive program will provide the course, study materials and examination allowing you to be recognized as an SMTA Certified Process or Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Engineer.

  • Enhance your stature in our industry
  • Increase marketing value for your company
  • Obtain proof of your knowledge and experience
  • The SMTA Certification program is unique, as it recognizes and certifies the entire SMT assembly process at an engineering level. The title earned by Certified SMT Process Engineers is CSMTPE or Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Engineer for Six Sigma.

    SMTA Certification

    Steps to Become a Certified Engineer

    1. Confirm that you meet the Prerequisites
    2. Choose a refresher course date and location
    3. Prepare for the exam If you signed up for the refresher course, you will be mailed a study guide
    4. Apply for re-certification Certification is valid for 5 years.

    Types of Certification

    SMT Processes

    Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

    Lean Six Sigma Online


    In-House Certification

    2019 Certification Dates & Locations

    SMT Processes - September 24-26, 2019 (Rosemont, IL)

    Co-located with SMTA International Conference
  • September 24- Course (8:30-5pm)
  • September 25- ½ day of course + exam
  • September 26- All day exam (8:30-5pm)

  • Instruction: English
    Test: English
    Instructor: Jim Hall, ITM Consulting

    SMT Processes - October 15-17, 2019 (Melbourne, FL)

    Held at Mack Technologies - 7505 Technology Drive, Melbourne, FL 32904.
  • October 15- Course (8:30-5pm)
  • October 16- ½ day of course + exam
  • October 17- All day exam (8:30-5pm)

  • Instruction: English
    Test: English
    Instructor: Jim Hall, ITM Consulting

    SMT Processes - October 21-23, 2019 (Guadalajara, Mexico)

    Held at Hotel Riu Plaza Guadalajara.
  • October 21- Course (8:30-5pm)
  • October 22- ½ day of course + exam
  • October 23- All day exam (8:30-5pm)

  • Instruction: English/Spanish
    Test: English
    Instructors: Ivan Castellanos, Indium Corporation

    2020 Certification Dates & Locations

    SMT Processes - June 16-18, 2020 (Neenah, Wisconsin)

    Hosted at Plexus Corporate Global Headquarters: 1 Plexus Way, Neenah, WI 54957
  • June 16- Course (8:30-5pm)
  • June 17- ½ day of course + exam
  • June 18- All day exam (8:30-5pm)

  • Instruction: English
    Test: English
    Instructor: Jim Hall, ITM Consulting

    Registration Fees

  • $1220 SMTA member / $1385 non-member includes test and study guide with workshop.
  • $75 SMTA member / $100 non-member includes just the study guide (no workshop and no test).


    Cancellations will be refunded (less a $75 processing fee) if received at least two weeks prior to the scheduled program. Study guides must be returned along with a written request before refund can be processed. Cancellations requested within two weeks of the scheduled program will not be refunded, but may be transferred to an alternate employee within the company. Registration fee may also be transferred to a future Certification offering. SMTA reserves the right to cancel any Certification offering with less than 10 registrants.

    Who Should Attend

    SMTA Certification is intended for manufacturing and process engineers. Additionally, production, design, test and quality engineering personnel, as well as SMT assembly managers who want to confirm their current competence at a fundamental level of overall process technology should also consider participating.

    Individual Benefits

  • Demonstrate and acquire proof of your knowledge, experience and competency.
  • Learn from face-to-face instruction by industry-recognized leaders and "top-tier" SMTA instructors.
  • Receive recognition in SMTA publications and at a yearly Recognition Ceremony.
  • Initiate opportunity for possible career advancement and benefits at performance reviews.
  • Opportunity for experienced practitioners to take a step back and comprehensively overview the entire assembly process (with no interuptions).
  • Employer and Industry Benefits

  • Encourages companies to stay competitive by ensuring highly qualified personnel.
  • Increases marketability by employing SMTA Certified Engineers.
  • Provides a means to assess the qualifications of engineers hired.

  • About the Examination Process

    The exams for either program are taken at the conclusion of the 1.5-day workshop. The SMTA will issue and mail the certificate within three weeks of the program to applicants who have passed the exam. View a sample question here.

    Study Guides Study guides are provided with course registration. However, if you prefer to order a copy before deciding to register for the course, study guides for SMT Processes and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt can be purchased through the SMTA Bookstore.

    Please note, SMTA certification is not a guarantee of an individual's performance or future success. Certification indicates that an individual has passed an examination designed to test the individual's comprehension of the minimum body of knowledge relative to the level tested. No other warranties or guarantees are expressed or implied.

    Industry-Recognized Instructors

    Jim Hall of ITM Consulting W. James Hall
  • SMTA Processes Certification Instructor
  • ITM Consulting Principal Consultant
  • Over 35 years experience in electronic assembly technology
  • Experience in developing Vapor Phase and Convection reflow soldering systems
  • Engineering expertise in process development and integration, fluid and thermodynamics and computer control systems.
  • Written and presented numerous technical paper and professional development workshops at SMTAI, APEX, and other industry venues
  • Co-creator of the SMTA Processes Certification program.

  • Ivan CastellanosIván Castellanos

  • SMTA Mexico and Brazil Processes Certification Instructor
  • Indium Corporation, Manager of Technical Services, Latin America CPE
  • Over 15 years in the electronics assembly and manufacturing industry
  • SMTA-Certified SMT Process Engineer
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Bilingual - Spanish and English
  • Hosted record-breaking 34-person dual-language Certification course in Honduras
  • Ron Lasky of Indium Corporation and Dartmouth College Dr. Ron Lasky
  • SMTA Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Instructor
  • Indium Corporation Senior Technologist and Dartmouth College Visiting Professor
  • Over 35 years in electronic and optoelectronic packaging.
  • Author of 5 books and numerous technical papers.
  • Holder of numerous patent disclosures.
  • Developer of several new concepts in SMT processing software.
  • 2003 SMTA Founder’s Award Winner.
  • Lean Six Sigma master black belt instructor.

  • SMTA Certification Committee

    Committee Chair
    Miguel Colomer, Yamaha Motor Corporation USA

    Committee Chair
    Felix Gutierrez Bueno, Ethicon EES

    Jasbir Bath, Bath Consultancy LLC

    Howard Feldmesser, JHU-APL

    W. James Hall, ITM Consulting

    Ronald Lasky, Indium Corporation

    Chintan Sanghani, Houston Sigma Technologies

    Bill Stadler, Ducommun, Inc.

    Charles Swanson, Libra Industries, Inc.

    Kevin Syverson, Silicon Forest Electronics, Inc.

    Carlos Tafoya, AIM Solder

    Phil Zarrow, ITM Consulting

    SMTA Certified Engineers

    Congratulations to the individuals who have achieved SMTA Certification. Their companies are also to be congratulated for their support of this program.
    Click here to view the complete list.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Do I really need to take the workshop to prepare me for the exam?
    A: We think so, and many past attendees of the program recommend the workshop, as well! For Processes most engineers have gaps in their knowledge and experience of the complete assembly process, the workshop provides comprehensive basic information to help fill these gaps.) Our instructors are consistently rated as "excellent" and we think the hours devoted to attending the workshop will be "time well spent".

    Q: Do the course and study guide cover everything that will be included in the exam?
    A: No, the exam tests your knowledge of the full SMT process. The course and materials provide specific information, but do not cover everything on the test. They will, however, provide assistance in taking and passing the exam.

    Q: How long is the exam?
    A: Processes: Open Book 2 hour limit, most students take about 1 hour. Closed book: 7 hour limit, most students take about 5 hours
    Green Belt: Entire exam is "take home" 7 day limit, most student complete the exam in approximately 8 hours.

    Q: What score must I receive to pass the exam?
    A: A score of 70% or higher is required to pass the exam (for Processes this is cumulative score on the 2 exams.)

    Q: For how many years is my certification valid?
    A: 5 years.

    Q: What is included in the registration fee?
    A: Instruction each day, study materials, refreshment breaks, exam, and certificate.

    Q: What is the official title I use once I pass SMTA Process Certification?
    A: Processes: Certified SMT Processes Engineer (CSMTPE)
    Lean Six Sigma: SMT Lean Sigma Green Belt Engineer

    Q: Can I use a laptop computer and/or calculator during the exam?
    A: Yes! For Process Certification you will need to bring a calculator to the course. You may also use spreadsheet software on a laptop computer to assist you with problem solving or dictionary for language issues. For Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, a laptop is required.


    "The SMTA Processes preparation course and exam challenges you while providing practical knowledge that can be applied to actual SMT issues and problems. I regularly use the concepts and calculations learned during the review such as line balancing, downtime, secondary side mounting and others to assist with decision-making. I highly recommend the Certification program to engineers working in the SMT industry."

    "I would like to thank SMTA for organizing the SMT Process Engineer Certification training in Penang, Malaysia. It is truly a valuable training and challenging test for us on the SMT technical aspect and at the same time having the industry recognition." Kong Hui Lee, Cisco Systems (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

    "The Certification program was very useful to me, and I could not wait to get back to work and start implementing everything I have learned.
    I would recommend this program to anyone interested."

    "Industry colleagues from other plants now have more respect for me and my company due to my certification."

    "My boss always makes certain to let visiting customers know that I am a SMTA Certified Process Engineer, and then they know they can trust our assembly processes, and our overall ability and knowledge in SMT."

    Services for Persons with Disabilities
    If special arrangements are required, please contact SMTA at 952-920-7682.

    Contact the SMTA Conference and Meeting Manager with any questions or for further information.

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    6600 City West Parkway, Suite 300
    Eden Prairie, MN 55344 USA

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