SMTA Board of Directors Election

Three positions on the SMTA Board of Directors will be filled for the term 2017 - 2020. The nominees are listed below.

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Rodrigo Cacho

Rodrigo Cacho
AIM Solder
Latin America Sales Manager
Chapter Affiliation: Mexico - Guadalajara
Membership: Individual

Rodrigo Cacho is the Latin America Sales Manager for AIM solder. With 10 years of experience in the electronics industry, he has provided assistance to customers in the adoption of the RoHS legislation. Cacho has excelled in a wide variety of roles including sales, business development and key account management. In his current role, Rodrigo is responsible for solidifying AIM’s presence in Latin America and supporting AIM customers within that region.

Why I want to be a Director of the SMTA?
As a manufacturer of materials for the electronics industry, I understand that our role is not just to deliver quality materials, but also quality technical information, expertise, new technologies and more. The SMTA provides an important forum to communicate that information. As the world and industry continue to evolve, sharing innovative technology with the electronics manufacturing community is essential. With nearly 10 years of experience in the industry, including a year as an SMTA Mexico Chapter officer, I have a deep understanding of the challenges facing the PCB assembly market today and into the future, as well as valuable insight into the significant information and services that SMTA provides to its members.

What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?

  • Bring technical information and the other numerous benefits that the SMTA provides to the global electronics industry. Share innovative technology with the electronics manufacturing community to meet the requirements of an evolving industry.
  • Promote and increase the presence of the SMTA in developing nations.
  • Work with local chapters to expand membership participation.

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    William Capen

    William Capen
    DRS Technologies
    Sr Manufacturing Engineer
    Chapter Affiliation: West Penn
    Membership: Individual

    DRS Technologies - Senior Manufacturing Engineer - SMT/Wave production.
    Benchmark Electronics - Senior Manufacturing Engineer - SMT/Wave production.
    Carleton Life Support - Manufacturing Engineer - SMT/Wave production.
    Rockwell Automation - Manufacturing Engineer - SMT/Wave production.
    J.W.Speaker - Manufacturing Engineering Technician - SMT/Wave production.
    Plexus Electronic Assembly - Manufacturing Engineering Technician - SMT/Wave production.

    Why I want to be a Director of the SMTA?
    SMTA has been a very important part of my career development. SMTA has given me the chance to learn from others, share my own professional experiences, and develop some amazing friendships with numerous industry leaders. I want to be an officer so that I can give back to the professional organization that allowed me to develop into the person I am. It’s my turn to give back and help others grow and develop in this amazing industry. As an officer I would be able to help different SMTA chapters focus on developing a strong educational system for our members and continue to encourage sharing of information which helps everyone in the work place.

    What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?

  • 1. Quality improvement of all electronic manufacturing through shared data and training. We as a industry needs to improve how we build products with proper quality tools and training for all levels of manufacturing folks.
  • 2. Training of basics of manufacturing for new people in this industry. The industry has a large amount of new people entering and we need to make sure people are successful in how they learn and grow the basics of the industry.
  • 3. Developing people to think outside the box when trying to solve technical issues. Many people when solving problems rely on their own tribal experiences to solve problems. SMTA needs to work with many different organizations to develop and teach stand engineering tools that will help improve the ability solve problems and reduce tribal knowledge.
  • 4. Improving the understanding of cleaning and the effects on conformal coating. Many companies clean and conformal coating but not too many people understand what happens if you don't clean correctly. Improve the training so people see the real world effects of cleaning and conformal coating.

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    Debbie Carboni

    Debbie Carboni
    KYZEN Corporation
    Global Product Line Manager
    Chapter Affiliation: Philadelphia
    Membership: Global Participating

    Over the last 20 years, Debbie Carboni's participation in the electronics industry has evolved into a passion and enthusiasm that inspires everyone around her. This energy and drive that comes naturally to Debbie allows her to continuously push herself, her team and the electronics industry forward. She also encompasses a diverse set of experiences that give her a deep knowledge of cleaning equipment and processes. Currently working on her 10th year at KYZEN, Debbie is dedicated to providing customers and partners with the highest quality customer support and service as well as making sure they receive the best technical solutions available.

    Debbie's devotion to the electronics industry includes a number of roles and voluntary positions in many of the industry's leading associations. Debbie is very active in the SMTA Philadelphia Chapter where she served as Chapter Secretary, Chapter Treasurer, Chapter Technical Advisor, Chapter Vice President, Chapter President, and various industry committees. She is currently serving on the SMTA Board of Directors as the Vice President of Expo. As Debbie travels throughout the world for her career, she enjoys visiting local chapter events as an attendee and is often asked to join as a panelist or guest speaker.

    Debbie attended Northern Arizona University for business management and continues her education by attending various technical conferences yearly, including SMTA International, International Conference on Soldering and Reliability (ICSR) in Toronto, PanPac and many more. Debbie authors, co-authors and presents technical papers that focus on KYZEN’s cleaning process solutions research. Debbie understands the electronics industry, the value the SMTA chapters bring to her fellow members and recognizes the challenges that continue to drive our industry and association. Always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, Debbie is an invaluable resource that has "IT". "IT" being what is needed to be a Director of the SMTA.

    Why I want to be a Director of the SMTA?
    I want to continue my participation on the Board of Directors because I enjoy working together and sharing my experiences and ideas with the SMTA team. I understand that the SMTA is vital to the electronics industry because they nurture a network of individuals working together to resolve issues we face today and in the future. I would be honored to be part of an organization that brings together an extremely competitive industry to solve mutual problems and to be part of the team that helps the SMTA continue to provide a neutral platform for productive discussions. It's truly extraordinary that the SMTA remains remarkably collaborative as we help each other solve the problems and challenges of today and tomorrow.

    What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?

  • I will make a contribution on the Board of Directors by growing the participation of small and large chapters throughout the world at SMTA International. While each chapter has a great deal of autonomy, they all have one mission: the collaborative success through the sharing of ideas and experiences. This culture is on display at SMTA International where the brightest minds in the industry selflessly share their expertise and wisdom. We must expand the participation at SMTA International by involving, engaging and communicating with more chapters around the world. I want to help individuals see first-hand how sharing experiences equals learning, not to mention we have fun along the way. Engaged and thriving chapters are the life blood of our association.
  • I will continue to participate on the young professionals committee. We as an organization must engage more young professionals to not only become longtime members, but also contribute their ideas and knowledge. Our organization is about mentoring and developing individuals. This basic foundation is vital to young professionals and allows matching them with mentors, in a welcoming platform. We need our young professionals represented on these committees.
  • The true magic of SMTA is solving tomorrow's problems and delivering remarkable new products and devices that improve the lives of millions. It happens a few times a quarter in a few dozen locations around the world; members helping members. The Board should not only represent but be the living example of that as policy is set for the coming years. This makes me extremely excited and is why I would be honored to continue on the Board of Directors - to bring my passion for the chapter to each assignment that comes my way.

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    Eddie Kobeda

    Eddie Kobeda, Ph.D.
    Visionary Thinking Group
    Executive VP & CTO
    Chapter Affiliation: Carolinas
    Membership: Associate

    Dr. Kobeda received his Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina in 1988 where he studied silicon interfaces, and completed a postdoctoral position on thin films at the Microelectronics Center of North Carolina in 1989. After joining IBM, he held several key roles across research, development, and procurement over two decades, with a focus on areas related to scalable server technologies. In addition to hands-on development work in quality and reliability, integrated product development, and technology qualification, he led major business transformation projects and complex operations across multiple geographies. As the supply chain CTO for IBM and Lenovo, he improved technology qualification readiness, viz. interconnect solutions (PCB, PCBA, connectors), while also achieving industry leading time-to-market and operation efficiencies. He has received numerous internal and external awards for his work, including Innovation Enterprise Awards for ML Top 100 and RoHS compliance. He is an Honorary Technical Advisor to the Hong Kong Printed Circuit Association and has published 26 papers and 6 patents related to silicon technologies and business process.

    Why I want to be a Director of the SMTA?
    I would like to offer my skills/experience and executive leadership in the electronics industry to help the SMTA organization at a national level. As President of local chapter I see firsthand the benefits in maintaining a strong engineering network, and more importantly to me personally, remaining current with respect to latest advances in technology. As a thought leader I would like to apply myself to strategic initiatives on behalf of SMTA.

    What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?

  • Technical review of technologies relevant to SMTA, including packaging and interconnect technologies.
  • Executive resource to organization for planning and strategic development (charter, etc.), University relations.
  • Chapter development (increasing awareness of national org resources) and improving local contributions.
  • Conference leadership (viz. chair or committee leader).

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    Kathleen Nargi-Toth

    Kathleen Nargi-Toth
    NCAB Group USA, Inc.
    Vice President Technology
    Chapter Affiliation: Connecticut
    Membership: Global Participating

  • Lean, Six Sigma Black Belt Certification. December 2011. Cookson Electronic Materials Group.
  • Founding member of the Electronics Industry Center of Excellence established at Naval Surface Warfare Center – Crane IN, to support the military advancement in the electronics industry.
  • Served on the Editorial Review Board of Printed Circuit Design and Manufacture Magazine 2000 through 2006, stepped in to editor-in-chief roll for three years, acted as Technical Editor, Printed Circuit Fabrication, supporting the publication’s fab focus through 2011.
  • Nominated to the National Academies Board on Manufacturing and Engineering Design in 2004.
  • Elected as an Atomic Giant recognizing the 10 most influential people in the global electronics industry in 2000.
  • Why I want to be a Director of the SMTA?

  • I have served the electronics industry for over 30 years, through the IPC and other standards organizations as well as professionally.
  • In my position I have the time to serve and the position to bring more people to serve and participate. My support and education within the NCAB organization contributed to our participation at the global level within SMTA. We are committed as an organization to serve.
  • I am a team leader, my success is only a reflection of the success of my team. In my current role I am the technical mentor for an extraordinary team of 12 engineering and quality professionals. Through weekly technical exchanges together we develop best practices within the industry and look forward to the opportunity to share our experience with others.
  • I am a Six-Sigma Black Belt, personally and professionally my decisions are all made based on research that leads to facts and then discussion to reach consensus. I can not only make sure there is sound judgement used to come to a decision but I can also act on the decision with the urgency needed.
  • Mentoring skills are my personal and professional directive. I am the technical mentor for our organization. I am always looking to develop new leaders for our organization and within the electronics industry. As a long standing technical leader and mentor for technical teams, IPC-600 and IPC-6012 trainer, I understand the value of mentoring and training new personnel and empowering everyone with a continuous stream of knowledge.
  • I am the least political / special interest person you will ever meet. I am a big picture person, the benefit should always serve the greater good. Any exchange should be knowledge / technology based, not specific to a company or proprietary technology. Educational discourse should be applicable to all.
  • I have worked with SMTA throughout my career. My focus towards the organization began in earnest in 2006 while working for UP Media Group. I learned a lot about that strategic direction of SMTA during my tenure there. Today my job today is strategic direction for the global operation of NCAB. I serve as CTO and COO of the NA operation. I believe that my technical and operations guidance will be a great benefit for SMTA. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to give back to our industry through the SMTA.

    What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?

  • Improve the global knowledge base
    *provide bench marking and best practices guidance
    *provide training
    *provide in depth mentor-ship programs
    *be at the forefront of electronic capture of knowledge
    *Be the Source! Know all sub-sources and how they apply and effect our constituents such as IPC and ISO Medical/Aero/Auto, etc.
    *Be the authoritative resource to bring these differing specifications and regulations all together for our members
  • Practice and educate on continuous improvement
  • Be a champion for CSR and Sustainability initiatives in each state that we are represented
  • Be the most recognized resource for information and guidance for our industry

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    Julie Silk

    Julie Silk
    Keysight Technologies
    Environmental Compliance Program Manager
    Chapter Affiliation: Silicon Valley
    Membership: Global User

    Julie Silk is a Program Manager for Keysight Technologies, driving the conversion to EU RoHS compliance for their products and development of compliance systems and processes. She manages the materials reliability program, with projects that evaluate the reliability of new solder alloys, the effect of gold in lead-free solder joints, pad crater susceptibility and corrosion, among other topics. She has authored or co-authored technical papers and has presented at several conferences. Throughout her career, she has had responsibilities in printed circuit assembly manufacturing, design, quality, reliability and supplier development. She manages engagement in external reliability and manufacturing consortia, including the global membership in SMTA -- with the goal to improve reliability. She also is dedicated to encouraging young women to enter engineering fields. Julie has won Best Paper at IPC APEX, an award for Women in Business from the North Bay Business Journal and received other community recognition.

    Why I want to be a Director of the SMTA?
    I would like to contribute to the SMTA organization, which does an excellent job of education, promotion of the electronics industry and an opportunity to meet other professionals. I have learned a lot at the conferences, and enjoyed sharing the work done through consortia, collaborations or in my company. I am president of a small non-profit, and would like to participate in the operation of a larger organization. I am experienced in leading multi-geography teams and feel this will also be valuable to SMTA.

    What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?
    I am interested in contributing to the organization in any way needed. The technical program at the international conference is of particular interest to me, and I hope to help with this. I have attended regularly for several years, and presented posters and papers. I would like to contribute to efforts to increase the participation of young engineers. I am interested in projects to increase diversity of the membership.

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    David Trail

    David Trail
    Horizon Sales
    Chapter Affiliation: Michigan
    Membership: Individual

    I entered this Industry approximately 40 years ago, with the first 14 years of that time in the EMS/Contract Manufacturing side and the last 26 years as the owner of the Midwest's leading source for materials, equipment and supplies for the SMT Industry. During this time I have been fortunate enough to travel worldwide and have gained experience in the SMT Industry from a global perspective. I believe that I can now bring that multifaceted experience, enthusiasm and knowledge to the SMTA organization and its members. As a business owner I have a strong work ethic and am driven toward success. It would be my intention to bring those qualities to the SMTA as well and to strive for excellence in all that we offer.

    Why I want to be a Director of the SMTA?
    I would like to be a Director to help the organization to continue and to expand and grow its global reach. With my background I can provide valuable insight to trends, technologies and guidance to the future of the SMTA. As a provider of SMT Equipment and processes I feel that I have an excellent perspective on the future directions of the Industry. In my 40+ years in the Industry I have had the opportunity to see many different process and technologies. I believe that I can use this experience to help the organization steer toward meaningful goals. As a local Chapter officer for more than 15 years I have seen firsthand the benefits of the SMTA and its influence on the local industry and its educational value. This is an exciting time for our Industry and I would be honored to participate in the leadership of the SMTA.

    What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?

  • I would like to help increase the awareness and benefits offered by the SMTA.
  • I would like to see the SMTA put added emphasis on recruiting more Millennials to enter our Industry and the SMTA organization.
  • I would like to add programs and educational experiences that would add excitement and create enthusiasm for the SMTA organization. I'd like to see the SMTA generate interest and a 'high energy buzz' in our group.
  • I would look forward to the opportunity to give back to the organization all that it has provided to me and even more.

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    Gregory Vance

    Gregory Vance
    Rockwell Automation
    Sr. Project Engineer
    Chapter Affiliation: Ohio Valley
    Membership: Participating

    Gregory Vance is a Sr. Project Engineer on Rockwell Automation’s Printed Circuit Board Assembly Advance Manufacturing Engineering Team focusing on manufacturing and business process improvements. He has worked at Rockwell Automation for 24 years in various roles supporting Electronic Assembly and as a Lean Six Sigma Project Manager. Greg holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Akron and is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

    Why I want to be a Director of the SMTA?
    To collaborate with others to learn, share and grow the SMTA.

    What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?

  • 1. Certification Committee to promote data based decision making and process control.
  • 2. To promote operational excellence.
  • 3. Increasing involvement in the SMTA through collaboration with colleges.
  • 4. Learn more about what it takes to make SMTA successful and contribute where needed.

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    John Vaughan

    John Vaughan
    Zentech Manufacturing, Inc.
    VP Sales and Marketing
    Chapter Affiliation: Capital (DC)
    Membership: Corporate User

    John Vaughan has held senior management roles his entire thirty year career across multiple disciplines in the electronics industry, including; circuit board process engineering and operations, at the OEM level directing CM outsource strategies, and at the tier one CM level as a Director in supply chain management, operations and business development. A subject matter expert (SME) in the military and aerospace markets, John is responsible for defining market strategies and managing the sales execution process across all sectors. Additionally, John is a member of the IPC Executive Committee (IMPACT) and meets annually with lawmakers on Capitol Hill and within the Executive Branch to present and inform on issues relative to the electronics industry. John is a frequent contributor to industry publications and as a committee chair at international events such as SMTAI and APEX.

    Why I want to be a Director of the SMTA?
    Survey says: the most popular response to this question is to give back! That is absolutely true in my case, too. I have enjoyed a lifetime of challenges and successes in the electronics business. More importantly, I have developed lifelong friendships and relationships. As each of us look back and reflect upon our careers, it is not the big sale we remember or the process break-through we helped develop that we remember most fondly - it's the memory of that person, often long gone - that was instrumental to the development of our careers. The person that took us under their wing and spent time with us to help us develop a career path - and develop the everyday routines and a commitment to constant learning that paved the way for our success. I want to be that person for someone in our industry.

    What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?

  • I have organized STEM initiatives such as our company’s MFG Day event where we consistently draw 100+ trade school and junior college students and feel it is paramount to the engage our youth for the success of our industry and of our country. I would be proud to assume a leadership role in this area.
  • Increasing the participation of the smaller tier CM's (and OEM's) would be a primary goal. The lack of financial support and bandwidth constraints at smaller companies precludes participation in many instances. In most cases, these are the very same people who could benefit most from SMTA participation.
  • A voice in Washington. As a lifelong resident of the DC area and having been active in the political realm for many years, I have access to lawmakers that influence policy.
  • Greater level of participation by the military primes. I am a student of the DOD business arena and spend most of my time working closely with the military engineering community.

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    Remember, this is your opportunity to determine the future direction of your organization. Please take advantage of your voting privilege by submitting your ballot on-line. Ballots will be accepted until July 7, 2017.

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