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SMTA Board of Directors Election

Four director positions will be filled for the term 2019 - 2022. The position of President for the term of 2019 - 2021 will also be filled. The nominees are listed below.

Ballot closes at 5pm central time on July 31, 2018.
This is your opportunity to shape the direction of your organization.

All Candidates Are Approved By The Nominating Committee

Jeff Kennedy Celestica Engage Lead & Director of Technology Industrial, Aerospace, Defense (IAD) Jeff directs Celestica’s advanced technology strategy and development initiatives, including the design and implementation of technology roadmaps for the Industrial and A&D sectors. This includes working with each of the company’s supply sites on process developments for identification and implementation of advanced technologies to support customer products ahead of market requirements. Jeff also engages with customers to develop solutions involving Engineering Services that provide value and return on engineering in the areas of ; Product Development, Assembly Services, Lab Analysis, and Test Development.

Jeff has more than 30 years' experience in system integration, process development, PWB fabrication, and packaging in the microelectronics industry. He has engineering and management experience working within mainframe computer industry, microcircuit wire bonding and flip chip, PWB fabrication and laminate packaging substrates, and the last 16 years in contract electronics assembly. Jeff is the current SMTA global organization President and leads the Board of Directors and is an active member of both IPC & IMAPS.

Jeff is the project engineer lead for 3 ReMap Canadian government-funded SACBi Alternate Alloy Research projects jointly executed with Honeywell, Curtiss-Wright, Rockwell-Collins, BAE Systems & the University of Toronto. In this role he provides project planning, process consultation, design concepts, white paper and presentations development, as well as coordination and guidance for the project assembly activities. Jeff also is project engineer for other customer related collaborative projects which are jointly executed. Jeff works with customers to define needs and secure funding for various needed R&D programs related to A&D sector future technology requirements.

Why I want to be a Director of the SMTA?
I want to continue to drive to completion the work the board and committees have selected. We have a great team in place and I am humbled to be their leader. The Board of Directors have defined our strategy and objectives and the activities needed to keep the SMTA successful. With work from the Board, Committees, and chapters we will continue to be a strong and vibrant group. Some of these include:
1. Recruitment of Students and Young Professionals to our association and build leadership skills with the support of our chapters.
2. Continue to develop our online 101 and next level training programs to help with training and education needs of our membership.
3. Drive our international growth – we have made great strides in Mexico, India, and Europe. We would like to see more local companies get engaged with sharing the knowledge and educating each other on the issues and finding solutions to the technical hurdles facing the industry in your region of the world. Continue to spread the message and charter of the SMTA and to continue to grow the membership base there. 3. Let’s keep the momentum going and expand to meet the association needs.
4. Complete our goals for a strong financial foundation for funding our growth initiatives and for continuity of the organization.
5. Continue to provide the high quality events, technical content and expositions that bring the association together to share the knowledge and find solutions to the industry needs.

What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?

  • My experience with the organization has been terrific. We want to keep the high energy level that will drive progress and position the organization for future success. This association is an exciting all-volunteer network and we will grow and prosper through everyone’s stewardship and hard work. I never cease to be impressed with the creativity, diligence, and hard work our Chapters and members contribute to this association every year.
  • I want to encourage more members to engage in leadership positions and am willing to help get them going and provide coaching as required to get them comfortable into those leadership roles. Our completion of the Bi-Annual Leadership Forum was a great success story for this year and we plan to hold the New Officer Training program in Minneapolis in the alternating years to help bring new leadership talent to the association.
  • The training, education, and conference programs that we have are a strong foundation to build on. We want to make sure we are supporting the local chapters as well as hosting larger international base programs. We want to continue to drive our International growth efforts and get more engagement and participation from those geographies as well.
  • We have done much to try and open the lines of communication between the Chapters and the Board of Directors. We put the Open Forum Webex in place as well as the 2x per year News Letter to keep all the leaders abreast of the developments of the association.

    All Candidates Are Approved By The Nominating Committee

    I started my first company at 17 in Brazil, and I sold it a few years later to move to the USA when I was invited to work for the US Department of Energy's Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab). I started Creative Electron in my garage after ten years with Fermilab. Creative Electron is now the largest US manufacturer of x-ray systems to the electronics industry. At Creative Electron, I lead the team of engineers that designs and manufactures x-ray systems that are shipped worldwide. I'm the recipient of the 2011 Outstanding Alumnus Award from IIT, and I'm part of the technical committees of SMTA International, SMTA Counterfeit Conference, and SMTA LED Conference, Components for Military and Space Electronics Conference, SPIE Photonics, and the IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium. I also collaborated in two books and have written over 150 technical publications. As for my education, I received an Associate's Degree in Electronics at 13 and then went on to achieve a BS, MS, and PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I also have an MBA from University of Chicago with emphasis in strategy and entrepreneurship.

    SMTA Participation:
    The SMTA is unique. No other trade organization has such a passionate and dedicated membership in every local chapter. Our chapters are the life and blood of the SMTA. I know that because for the past 10 years I’ve been an officer - first with the LA/OC chapter and later with the San Diego chapter - serving as President and VP of Technical Programs. I’m also in the technical committee for the SMTA International (I've organized the Inspection track for the past 5 years), the LED conference, and the Counterfeit Symposium. Over these years, I've traveled the world speaking at over 50 SMTA chapter meetings, expos, and conferences. I've visited dozens of SMTA chapters, met the local members, shared ideas, and listened. The velocity of information at these meetings is incredible. There, you learn first-hand ideas that will show up on white papers or websites months later – if they ever will. SMTA provides us with an environment that allows us to freely share information, and with that, it gives us all an important community. A real community with real people we can call when looking for everything from a fix to your SMT process to your next new job.

    Why I want to be a Director of the SMTA?
    SMTA was founded in 1984, the same year Apple launched the original Macintosh. Our industry has evolved tremendously in the past 35 years, and so has SMTA. Like every 35-year old organization, the "solder" association now faces evolutionary identity challenges. What are the boundaries of our organization? As the SMT industry morphs with different domains, are we going to expand our scope, or further narrow it? For example, are we going to add to our domain topics related to machine learning, 3D printing, supply chain management? Or should we focus on solder paste chemistry, deposition, cleaning, and inspection? Although I don't have the answers to these questions, I know we need to ask these (and many more) to set the SMTA up for another 35 years of success. I'd be honored to serve on the board to figure out what questions we need to ask –and to help articulate a strategic plan with the SMTA membership.

    What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?

  • As members of the SMTA, we understand the incredible value of being part of this amazing organization. My goal is to continue to craft our marketing message so we can both attract younger members and grow our international presence. Some of my specific goals include:
  • Strategic planning: Define how to keep the SMTA as a relevant organization that will continue to deliver value to its membership. I plan to work with our members to define success for our organization – both short and long term. I'm a strong believer that you can’t manage what you don’t measure, so we need to determine how broad should our scope be and what are our key performance metrics.
  • Membership: We need to work on better articulating the value of the SMTA to a younger audience. We all understand the value of SMTA, however, we need targeted messaging to attract younger members. We also need to work on the international reach of the SMTA by learning with the local chapter what works in each territory. It's clear that what works in the USA doesn’t necessarily works in other countries. The success in Mexico, for example, is a good template on how important it is to cater to the needs of the local technical audience.

  • Richard has been with the Nokia Bell Labs facility in Murray Hill, NJ since the 2014 merger of Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent. Previously he worked at Alcatel-Lucent and Lucent Technologies locations in New Jersey. For the past 18 years he has been responsible for reliability and quality assessments of electronic assemblies. He manages the work in the Bell Labs Interconnection Failure Analysis Lab where he utilizes his expertise in materials characterization and metallurgy to perform root cause analyses and support advanced reliability risk assessments. He has been actively involved in transitioning products to Pb free assembly Recently and has focused on the reliability and metallurgical issues affecting the conversion to Pb-free manufacturing. He is an active participant in many industry collaborative programs including those from iNEMI, HDPUG, and the Universal AREA consortium. One of the most prolific of those consortia programs is the iNEMI Alloy Alternatives project, which has resulted in numerous presentations at SMTA International. Richard is a joint holder of 12 patents and has published more than 50 technical papers related to electronic assembly and reliability and 25 on other technical subjects. He is a graduate the University of Notre Dame and is an active member of SMTA, TMS, ASM International, the EPS of IEEE, and AWS. He also serves on the Board of Directors of iNEMI.

    SMTA Participation:
    SMTA Participation (2015-2018): SMTA VP of Technical Programs SMTA International Technical Committee SMTA Journal Committee, SMTA Nominating Committee Speaker, Session Chair and Co-Chair at multiple SMTA International Conferences and local chapter meetings

    Why I want to be a Director of the SMTA?
    I have been an active member of SMTA for ten years, and a member of the Board of Directors for nearly 3 years, where I serve currently as VP of Technical Programs. I have attended SMTAI over the past ten years, published multiple papers at the conference, chaired several sessions, and participated in panel discussions. Through involvement in the Technical Committee and now as VP of Technical Programs, I have participated in the growth in size and scope of the technical program of our flagship International conference, and a restructuring of the International Conference on Electronics Enabling Technologies. I would like to continue my involvement to drive continued improvements in conference technical content, and other aspects of Association education programs including workshops, webinars, and webtorials. I feel I have the energy, motivation, technical background and experience to continue to add value to the SMTA Board. I can do this from the perspective of a major infrastructure equipment supplier that needs to ensure that its assemblies can be manufactured efficiently but will be reliable when deployed into a variety of global use environments.

    What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?

  • Increase formal interactions between SMTA and industry consortia groups to encourage focused, high quality publications in the SMTAI conference.
  • Broaden the scope of publications in the SMT Journal to emphasize more original works.
  • Improve access and content of relevant educational materials such as workshops, webinars, and webtorials.
  • Work to enhance the visibility and credibility of the Journal to attract more researchers to publish in the Journal.

  • I have worked my entire professional career in the electronics industry, beginning in purchasing after graduating from The University of Texas - Austin with a BBA in Business. After three years, I moved into a sales position and have worked in sales or sales management since 1982. I have participated in more professional training classes than I can remember and have worked closely with companies to provide the newest and most advanced manufacturing equipment available as our industry advanced from 100% through-hole technology to SMT, BGA, Flip-Chip and smaller. I have stayed current with many industry changes, and will continue to do so.

    SMTA Participation:
    I participated in local Expos for years before joining SMTA. In the last 8 years or so, I have held several officer positions, starting with Secretary and moving up to Vice President and President. I am currently Vice President of the Dallas Chapter. I have been very active in the planning of our local Expo. I have also been active in support of SMTA International and I have presented material at multiple Officer Forums. The SMTA has been an important part of my professional life, and will continue to be so.

    Why I want to be a Director of the SMTA?
    I have been active as a chapter officer in Dallas for almost 10 years. Through my career choice, education and training, I have been given the opportunity to help many people improve their company's manufacturing results. Along the same lines, one of the SMTA's stated goals is to to improve processes through best practices and real world solutions by working together. We can do much at the local level to encourage more people to be involved. It is important for those of us interested in the continued growth and strengthening of the SMTA to give our time and talent to achieve that progress. The SMTA already has a group of very talented folks on the board of directors. I would like to join them.

    What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?

  • Technical education: Deal with challenges in the assembly industry.
  • Administrative: Work with national office to continue good communication with chapters.
  • Administrative: Assist in building chapter participation.
  • Promotion: Assist in making SMTA International even better.

  • Tim Jensen is the product manager for Indium Corporation’s Engineered Solder Materials, the company’s most diverse product group. He is responsible for ensuring the product line best meets the needs of the customers. Tim joined Indium Corporation in 1997 and has held a number of positions, including senior technical support engineer, Pb-free programs manager, and, most recently, global product manager for PCB assembly materials. Tim has worked directly on hundreds of surface mount lines, and developed thousands of different products. Using that direct knowledge and expertise, he worked closely with Indium Corporation’s technical service, sales, and research and development teams to develop cutting edge products that address the unique challenges faced by the electronics assembly industry. Tim has authored numerous technical papers on solders and soldering technology and he also authors a blog, which can be found at Tim has a Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Clarkson University and has his MBA from Syracuse University. He lives in New Hartford, N.Y.

    SMTA Participation:

  • Member of SMTA Board of Directors
  • SMTA Strategic Development Committee
  • Technical Committee
  • Speaker, Instructor, Chair and Co-Chair at numerous SMTA Conferences
  • SMTA Webtorial Instructor
  • SMTA Certified Process Engineer
  • Co-Founder of SMTA Competition Committee (HA)

    Why I want to be a Director of the SMTA?
    I am just completing my first term on the SMTA Board of Directors. My goal has been, and will continue to be, to make sure that the SMTA organization is delivering the maximum value to its membership. This requires the SMTA to continually improve and evolve as the needs of the membership change. Having been involved with electronics manufacturing for 20 years, I believe I can provide insight from my experiences and my contacts that will allow the SMTA to continue to prosper for years to come. If the SMTA is successful, that means the organization is providing high level technical content, networking opportunities, and training that is clearly of value to its members.

    What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?

  • Develop and implement techniques in which the SMTA can leverage data analytics to better understand what aspects of the organization is of most value to the membership. This will allow the organization to intelligently apply its limited resources to those activities that the membership values.
  • Find innovative ways to deliver high quality technical content to the membership. People's resources are more limited than ever and they need to get information in a wider variety of ways.
  • Find ways to get younger members actively involved in the organization by better understanding what they value from an organization like the SMTA. The future of the SMTA relies on the involvement from the youth.
  • Continue to expand into regions where there is a strong need for electronics manufacturing education and leverage the strengths of the SMTA.

  • Robert has worked in the electronics manufacturing industry for over 18 years. Along with his leadership credentials in both technical and technology management, he has excellent working knowledge of printed circuit board (PCB) assembly and electronic module packaging. Over the past six years, Robert has been working at John Deere Electronic Solutions (JDES) as a Staff Product Engineer at the new product introduction (NPI) center in Fargo, ND where he is a subject matter expert & technical advisor in electronic component design, assembly and ruggedization for off-highway automotive applications. Robert is also a member of the technical committee of the automotive electronics council (AEC). The AEC technical committee establishes standards for reliable, high quality electronic components for use in harsh automotive environment without additional component-level qualification testing. Robert has also served as a member of the industrial technical advisory board of the center for advanced vehicle and extreme environments electronics (CAVE3) at Auburn University in Alabama. Previously, Robert worked for Sanmina Corporation for seven years as a senior technical staff member and manager at the technology development center in Huntsville, AL. From 2004-2008 he served as the project chair for an industry consortium (INEMI) project with membership comprising diverse electronic industry companies, including major OEM and tier one EMS companies. The project’s work provided the electronic industry with a giant step forward in the understanding and implementation of lead-free electronics, particularly in the manufacturing and reliability of backward (lead-free in tin-lead) assemblies. Robert is also a member of the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS), International Microelectronics and Assembly Packaging Society (IMAPS) and Materials Research Society (MRS). Robert has a Ph.D. in Materials Science obtained from the State University of New York in Binghamton (SUNY-Binghamton), NY.,Robert has been a member of the SMTA since 2002 and is currently an active member of the SMTA International Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). As a member of TAC, Robert has provided leadership to the Harsh Environments (HE) Symposium and helped organize the HE symposia from 2014 to date.

    SMTA Participation:
    Treasurer, SMTA-BOD (2015-2018) Member, SMTA International Conference Technical Committee Track Director, Harsh Environments (HE) Symposium Member, Medical Electronics Technical Committee Member, Hutchins Grant Committee Member, Stromberg Scholarship Committee Member, Training Committee, Speaker, Session Chair and Co-Chair at numerous SMTAI Conferences

    Why I want to be a Director of the SMTA?
    To give back to MY association! I joined the SMTA as a Student-Member in 2002 and in the same year, I had the opportunity to publish at the SMTA International Conference. Since then, I have continued to actively participate in SMTA’s activities including contributing to the technical knowledge base, serving as a member in various committees such as the Hutchins Grant Committee, the SMTA Medical Electronics Symposium Technical Committee and the Development of SMT training modules. I have also Chaired/Co-Chaired sessions at several SMTA International Conferences. In the last five years, I served as a member of the technical advisory committee (TAC) of the SMTA International conference where I had the opportunity to provide leadership to the harsh environments (HE) symposium. My participation in the Association has provided a lot of professional benefits to me including numerous networking opportunities and many technical forums for exchange of new knowledge and ideas. Therefore, after receiving so much from the association, I would want to get an opportunity to serve MY association and help drive its growth trajectory. I feel that I have the requisite energy and drive needed to serve on the SMTA Board-of-directors in its continued efforts of growing the association.

    What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?

  • Enhance published technical knowledge base of SMT and other board assembly technologies for electronics in harsh environments
  • Grow SMTA presence beyond the current regions and in particular in the new emerging technology regions such as Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Increase SMTA Membership within local chapters
  • Promote local SMTA chapters and provide mentorship to student chapters

  • Have been involved in the capital equipment Industry on the back end automation applications. Serving the EMS Industries Globally and also on the Automotive, Medical and Industrial Electronics Industries. Extensive knowledge of Printed Circuit Boards and assembly and also the equipments. Have been involved in the Industry conducting various technical events, exhibiting in expos and serving the Industries.

    SMTA Participation:
    Dallas Chapter events (Luncheon meetings) SMTA India Chapter Technical events SMTA Alabama expo events. SMTA International Chicago Have been serving the SMTA India Chapter as the President since its Formation (I am one of the Formation Chairman of SMTA India Chapter) in Sept 2013 and making it almost now self-sustainable.

    Why I want to be a Director of the SMTA?
    1. Coordinate with India Chapter which I am currently serving to support them on a day today basis.
    2. Bring India Chapter to the International level by having more exposure to the new officers and mentoring them on a regular basis.
    3. Build a strategic team for International Chapters to get better exposure to them in this field.
    4. Support as much as possible.

    What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?

  • To support India Chapter
  • Grow India Chapter by bringing in more members
  • Build a International Team for International Chapter for better exposure.
  • To act as an Ambassador of SMTA

  • AOI/AXI Process Specialist for 5 years
  • Manufacturing & Quality Leader for 7 years
  • Responsible for new launches and serial production regarding Manufacturing
  • Close interaction with the Business Units in my Company
  • Part of Technology Network to support World wide locations
  • IPC A610E Certified
  • Black Belt Certified,- Vice Presidente of Guadalajara Chapter 2016-2017

    SMTA Participation:

  • President of Guadalajara Chapter 2018-2019
  • Part of the Team for the organization of: a.- Monterrey Regional Show (2016) b.- Chihuahua Regional Show (2016) c.- Guadalajara Show (2016) d.- Ciudad Juarez Regional Show (2017) e.- Tijuana Regional Show (2017) f.- Guadalajara Show (2017)
  • Participation in SMTA Leadership Forums: a.- Dallas 2015 b.- Atlanta 2017

    Why I want to be a Director of the SMTA?
    I want to translate the same initiative, dedication and energy as with the Guadalajara Chapter, currently I am the President of the Guadalajara Chapter.

    What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?

  • Technical Programs - Increase the level of participation from users
  • Development/Creation of Regional Chapters - Promote the creation of regional chapters as we already did with Queretaro Chapter - Full Support to Regional Teams
  • Increase the presence of SMTA Organization - motivate others to join SMTA
  • Keep the growth of the Electronic Industry in Mexico - Organize regional shows

  • Technical and resourceful Engineer with over 30 years of operations and product development experience. Self-motivated, self-reliant and team-oriented with the ability to overcome barriers to meet schedule and technical requirements. Proficient to find viable, cost-effective solutions to manufacturing, operations and technology challenges. Extensive knowledge of surface mount manufacturing technology, which includes a broad awareness of advanced package design and highly reliable assembly methods. Competence with cross functional Engineering support including electrical, mechanical, optical disciplines. Prominent analytical and problem solving skill sets with an understanding of laboratory analysis, process and procedures. Excellent communication and presentation skills in order to fully train and motivate Engineering teams on various projects. New York Institute of Technology Bachelor of Technology; Electrical Engineering Technology Associate of Applied Science; Electrical Technology. SUNY Advisory Board Member, MFG Eng. and ME, Initiated Long Island Formation Chapter 1993 / 1994 time frame.

    SMTA Participation:
    25 years of alternating Chapter Leadership roles, President / Treasurer Have been actively been involved in organizing SMTA meetings, have presented at many Chapter meeting on current technologies. Have taken lead in creating a profitable and well attended Table top show, have coached other Chapters on how to get over the fear and hurdles of organizing a technical forum. Have carefully managed chapter funding. Have chaired and co-Chaired SMTAI sessions.

    Why I want to be a Director of the SMTA?
    As a chapter officer for over 25 years I feel the Technical and Leadership knowledge and skills I have acquired can be useful supporting other Chapters of the SMTA My serving the association clearly demonstrates commitment to the SMTA organization and its mission, goals and objectives

    What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?

  • Education! Further develop Technicians and entry level engineers.
  • Create "Professional" interest in the SMTA
  • Engage with community college's or technical schools to further develop Manufacturing Engineering as a career path...perhaps involve equipment manufacturers
  • Develop "Skill" based courses for manufacturing / assembly level employees.

  • Remember, this is your opportunity to determine the future direction of your organization. Please take advantage of your voting privilege by submitting your ballot on-line. Ballots will be accepted until July 31, 2018.

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