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SMTA Board of Directors Election

Four director positions will be filled for the term 2019 - 2022. The nominees are listed below.

Ballot closes at 5pm central time on July 26, 2019.
This is your opportunity to shape the direction of your organization.

All Candidates Are Approved By The Nominating Committee

  • BA (Magna Cum Laude), Economics, University of San Francisco, 1981
  • 22 years' in the printed circuit fabrication industry, 17 of them as production manager/VP of operations of Apogee Engineering, San Jose, California (1975-1997)
  • 12 years in the EMS industry, including 8 as Vice President (Operations) of CompServ, Fremont, CA (1997-2009)
  • 2009-present: President of Datest, a test engineering and failure analysis company in Fremont, Calfornia.
  • Member SMTA, IEEE, ASNT (American Society for Nondestructive Testing), IPC, and EIPC (Eurpean Institue of Printed Circuits),10 year member of SMTA (since 2009)

    SMTA Participation:

  • Corporate Member, Silicon Valley Chapter
  • 3 years as VP Technical Programs, Silicon Valley Chapter (2014-16)
  • 3 years as President, Silicon Valley Chapter (2017-present)
  • Member, Chapter Leadership Committee (2017-present)
  • Speaker at 2 Chapter Leadership Forums (Dallas 2016 and Atlanta 2018)
  • Reestablished Silicon Valley Chapter Expo in 2017 and 2018 after a 9 year hiatus.

    Why I want to be a Director of the SMTA?
    I can write, and in so doing, articulate the message of SMTA: Who we are, where we came from, and most important, where we're going. I am passionate about supporting manufacturing in the USA (if it makes sense economically), and will do everything I reasonably and ethically can do to promote our industry's contribution to American manufacturing. I am especially interested in doing my part to make manufacturing an attractive and worthy career path for new college graduates in STEM and other disciplines. I wish to do all I can to support the chapters and help them grow, based on my own experiences. I would like to make a contribution to help HQ always be more accessible and user-friendly in pursuit of the goals above. Although I believe strongly in strengthening America's manufacturing position generally, and our industry particularly, I also support cross-collaboration with our international colleagues. We in America have not cornered the market on wisdom, knowledge, or truth, when it comes to electronic packaging. We need to humbly accept that our overseas colleagues have much that is valuable to offer and to learn from.

    What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?
    1. Strengthen, and make more accessible, and user-friendly, the SMTA website, and all information systems at HQ, for the greater benefit of our chapters.
    2. Promote electronics manufacturing as a career to young engineers and other aspirants to a place in our industry.
    3. Advocate the career advancement of women in the electronic packaging industry.
    4. Humbly listen to the chapters as the first step in helping them grow, rather than dictating to them a set of rules for conduct. Find better ways for HQ to serve the chapters.

  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez - 1994 Certifications: Certified Engineering in Training Green Belt IPC-A-610 Certified SMT Process Engineer – SMTA. Working on the Electronic Industry since graduation in different projects and rolls. Worked on the development of new processes and equipments. Worked and coordinated the opening of the first Product Introduction Center for Flextronics in San Diego. PCBA Process Coordinator for the introduction of the Microsoft X-Box. Member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers SMTA member since 1996, Tampa Bay SMTA Vice President in 2010 and President from 2011 - 2012. Currently working as Product Application Manager at Yamaha Motor.

    SMTA Participation:
    I have participated as a member, panel speaker, Vice-President / President of the Tampa Bay Chapter, Certified SMTA Process Engineer, participated on multiple peer-review committees for online training courses (Component Placement, Wave Soldering, Stencil Printing, and Rework.) Co-Chair for the SMT Process Engineer Certification Committee.

    Why I want to be a Director of the SMTA?
    It is time for me to step up and help the Organization on a different level. There is a new generation of professionals that will benefit from my experiences in the Industry and working with different professional organizations.

    What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?

  • Polish my leadership skills
  • Have more opportunities for Public Speaking
  • Share knowledge with other members of the Organization
  • Promote the technology
  • The opportunity to mentor others

  • Mike Konrad is an industry expert on the removal of contamination from circuit assemblies. Mike has been part of the electronic assembly cleaning industry for the past 34 years. Mike has designed several automated cleaning and cleanliness testing machines, has published scores of technical articles on the subject of cleaning and cleanliness assessment has been a member of Editorial Boards for several industry publications. Mike served on the US Navy's EMPF manufacturer's committee and is a featured speaker at industry events and technical workshops worldwide. Mike was honored with SMTA's Distinguished Speaker status in 2017. Mike is a frequent speaker at local SMTA chapters. Mike was a member of IPC's "Guidelines for Cleaning of Printed Boards and Assemblies" standard committee. Mike has served as a court-approved Expert Witness in civil litigation matters concerning post-reflow cleanliness assessment and contamination-related failure mechanisms. Mike is the founder of Aqueous Technologies, a manufacturer of automated cleaning and cleanliness testing systems designed for the electronic assembly industry and has served as its CEO/CTO since 1992. Mike also hosts and produces the Reliability Matters podcast.

    SMTA Participation:
    I have been a featured speaker at numerous SMTA chapter meetings and EXPOS. I have also produced the technical program for local SMTA events. I am a regular speaker at SMTAI and have sponsored and presented at the SMTA Harsh Environment Conference in Amsterdam.

    Why I want to be a Director of the SMTA?
    I believe in serving the industry I work in. I have passion for our industry and believe the local and national efforts of SMTA add value to our industry. I am a proponent of non-commercial education efforts. My goal is to work collaboratively with others in our industry to further the goals of both SMTA and the electronic assembly industry.

    What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?
    Increase SMTA's educational efforts to increase awareness of industry best practices and reliability. Increase communication of SMTA's purpose, mission, and programs. Promote both national and local SMTA events such as EXPOS, chapter meetings, conferences, and trade shows. Collaborate with others to design, produce, and promote SMTA training programs.

  • AOI/AXI Process Specialist for 5 years
  • Manufacturing & Quality Leader for 8 years
  • Responsible for new launches and serial production regarding Manufacturing
  • Close interaction with the Business Units in my Company
  • Part of Technology Network to support Worldwide locations
  • IPC A610E Certified
  • Black Belt Certified
  • Vice President (2016-2017) and President of Guadalajara Chapter (2018-2019)

    SMTA Participation:

  • President of Guadalajara Chapter 2018-2019
  • Part of the Team for the organization of:
    2016.- Monterrey Regional Show, Chihuahua Regional Show, Guadalajara Expo
    2017.- Ciudad Juarez Regional Show, Tijuana Regional Show , Guadalajara Expo
    2018.- Monterrey Regional Show, Tijuana Regional Show, Guadalajara Expo
    2019.- Chihuahua Regional Show, Tijuana Regional Show, Guadalajara Expo
  • Participation in SMTA Leadership Forums: a.- Dallas 2015 b.- Atlanta 2017

    Why I want to be a Director of the SMTA?
    I want to work with the same initiative, dedication and energy as with the Guadalajara Chapter, currently I am the President of the Guadalajara Chapter.

    What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?

  • Technical Programs - Increase the level of participation from users
  • Development/Creation of Regional Chapters - Promote the creation of regional chapters as we already did with Queretaro and Juarez Chapters - Full Support to Regional Teams
  • Increase the presence of SMTA Organization - motivate others to join SMTA
  • Keep the growth of the Electronic Industry in Mexico - Organize regional shows

  • RoHS Program Manager and Materials Reliability Program Manager for Keysight Technologies, with proven ability to develop solutions across functions, lead remote and global teams, and with a breadth of expertise in electronics assembly. Projects have included testing, training, supplier development, root cause analysis, design for reliability, development of policies and processes. Currently drive improvements in quality and reliability through internal projects and management of external engagements with industry consortia including AREA, CALCE (on industrial advisory board), iNEMI (on technical committee), HDP Users Group (on board of directors), IPC (6-10d test methods committee chair and member of the technical program committee).

    Community involvement in STEM:

  • President of Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) in Science and Mathematics, a non-profit corporation that encourages young women into STEM careers.
  • Change-maker in Community WISE (Women Investing in STEM Equity).
  • Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day at Keysight
  • Guest Lecturer/Presenter about STEM to schools
  • SMTA Participation:
    I have attended the SMTAi conference annually since 2008. I have participated in panels during the conference, twice in the Women's Leadership event and once to discuss surface finishes. Have joined the Lead-free Symposium committee and the Substrates committee. I make the 2+ hour drive to attend Silicon Valley Chapter SMTA meetings and expos whenever it is feasible.

    Why I want to be a Director of the SMTA?
    I am impressed with SMTA's initiatives and technical programs and I want to support and drive these. SMTA has a valuable and unique value proposition and I look forward to contributing toward their goals. As Keysight Technologies’ program manager for RoHS and materials reliability, I am our liaison with several manufacturing and reliability organizations. I drive our participation in multiple projects. SMTA’s technical programs and professional development courses are excellent opportunities to learn and share information vital to our industry. I’ve been in the electronics industry for longer than I want to admit (!) and have a broad range of interests in electronic assembly include solders, laminates, surface finishes, failure detection methods, corrosion prevention, root cause analysis. I have a passion for encouraging young people to pursue engineering, and increasing the participation of girls and women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers. Coming from a small town with no engineering role models, I was inspired through an engineering event during high school and believe in paying back for that experience. I would like an opportunity to raise visibility of our industry, bring more diversity into the organization, enhance the sharing of technical advances and contribute to SMTA.

    What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?

  • Addressing new and emerging technologies: The SMTAi conference and local conferences are excellent venues to share research. These are an opportunity to increase collaboration toward solutions.
  • Technical program: I would like to participate in making this excellent program even better, and bring more of the topics to the chapters.
  • Attracting students and young professionals: I have a passion for encouraging young people to pursue engineering, and increasing the participation of girls and women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers.
  • Educating members: I have experience with pulling experts together to generate digestible summaries of a variety of topics. I am interested in improving visibility to information from SMTA’s extensive library of material.

  • Sal Sparacino is the Sales and Marketing Manager at ZESTRON Americas with responsibility for sales of ZESTRON products and services throughout the Americas. He is an active member of the SMTA and IPC as well as an active participant of and ongoing iNEMI project. He has served on the SMTAI Exhibitor Committee and the Cleaning and Coating Program Committee since 2010. He is currently a member of the SMTA Board of Directors and serving his third year as the VP of Communications. Mr. Sparacino earned a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Stevens Institute of Technology and Masters of Business Administration from Rutgers University. Additionally, he earned his Professional Engineering license in the State of New Jersey. He joined ZESTRON Americas in 2010.

    SMTA Participation:
    Chair of MarCom committee
    Exhibitor Committee
    Tech Committee and Speaker for Cleaning Conference

    Why I want to be a Director of the SMTA?
    I was elected to my first term on the Board of Directors in 2016 and now I am running for my second term. As the current VP of Communications, my three year term has flown by. I have worked very closely with the SMTA staff as well as other dedicated electronics industry professionals advancing the goals of the organization.

    As an engineer and business professional, I have 39 years of international industrial experience including nine years associated directly within the electronics industry with ZESTRON Americas. Through the years, I have been involved with many facets of industrial manufacturing from process design as a new engineer, application and product development to application sales and marketing. I appreciate the needs of new engineers and understand their thirst for sound technical support and advice. During my time at ZESTRON, as well as my time on the Board, I have come to recognize the value that the SMTA can bring to young professionals as well as new to the industry and seasoned professionals alike. The technical professionalism within our industry has amazed me for through the SMTA, members collaborate to develop industry standards, solve common technical problems, and share best practices for the greater good regardless of their competitive position. I want to continue to encourage this cooperation thereby, increasing the value of the regional chapters and the SMTA International expo. As technology is advancing at an ever increasing rate, it is more critical than ever to value engineer products to the highest quality standards for international competitiveness. The SMTA is dedicated to the advancement of the electronics industry through member education and interaction. In my role as a member of the Board of Directors with the SMTA, I will continue to promote the ideals of the SMTA and contribute to its mission.

    What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?

  • Industry’s Technological Advancements – Promote sharing advancements through the SMTA community globally.
  • Improve Training Opportunities for new process and quality engineers to keep pace with the ever evolving electronics industry.
  • Grow the SMTA Organization – Provide awareness of the SMTA value proposition to foster the growth of the organization globally.
  • SMTA International – Grow the participation in technical conference attendance specifically with engineers new to the industry.

  • John Vaughan has held senior management roles his entire thirty-five year career across multiple disciplines in the electronics industry, including; circuit board process engineering and operations, at the OEM level directing CM outsource strategies, and at the tier one CM level as a Director in supply chain management, operations and business development. A subject matter expert (SME) in the military and aerospace markets, John is responsible for defining market strategies and managing the sales execution process across all sectors. Additionally, John is a member of the IPC Executive Committee (IMPACT) and meets annually with lawmakers on Capitol Hill and within the Executive Branch to present and inform on issues relative to the electronics industry. He also sits on the Trusted Source Task Force and the NDIA Supply Chain Resiliency Task Force. John is a frequent contributor to industry publications and as a committee chair at international events such as SMTAI and APEX.

    Why I want to be a Director of the SMTA?
    I have enjoyed a lifetime of challenges and successes in the electronics business. More importantly, I have developed lifelong friendships and relationships. As each of us look back and reflect upon our careers, it is not the big sale we remember or the process break-through we helped develop that we remember most fondly - it's the memory of that person, often long gone - that was instrumental to the development of our careers. As an industry, we are at a crossroads now where the demand for engineering and technical talent far outstrips the availability. SMTA, through our many educational and training opportunities across the electronics spectrum, is uniquely positioned to be part of the solution. Together, we can engage with corporate leaders in our industry, other professional societies, the educational system and government to help train up an entire generation of certified workers to support the electronics industry.

    What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?

  • I have organized STEM initiatives such as our company’s MFG Day event where we consistently draw 100+ trade school and junior college students and feel it is paramount to the engage our youth for the success of our industry and of our country. I would be proud to assume a leadership role in this area.
  • Increasing the participation of the smaller tier CM's (and OEM's) would be a primary goal. The lack of financial support and bandwidth constraints at smaller companies precludes participation in many instances. In most cases, these are the very same people who could benefit most from SMTA participation.
  • A voice in Washington. As a lifelong resident of the DC area and having been active in the political realm for many years, I have access to lawmakers that influence policy.
  • Greater level of participation by the military primes. I am a student of the DOD business arena and spend most of my time working closely with the military engineering community.

  • Technical and resourceful Engineer with over 30 years of operations and product development experience. Self-motivated, self-reliant and team-oriented with the ability to overcome barriers to meet schedule and technical requirements. Proficient to find viable, cost-effective solutions to manufacturing, operations and technology challenges. Extensive knowledge of surface mount manufacturing technology, which includes a broad awareness of advanced package design and highly reliable assembly methods. Competence with cross functional Engineering support including electrical, mechanical, optical disciplines. Prominent analytical and problem solving skill sets with an understanding of laboratory analysis, process and procedures. Excellent communication and presentation skills in order to fully train and motivate Engineering teams on various projects. New York Institute of Technology Bachelor of Technology; Electrical Engineering Technology Associate of Applied Science; Electrical Technology. SUNY Advisory Board Member, MFG Eng. and ME, Initiated Long Island Formation Chapter 1993 / 1994 time frame.

    SMTA Participation:
    25 years of alternating Chapter Leadership roles, President / Treasurer Have been actively been involved in organizing SMTA meetings, have presented at many Chapter meeting on current technologies. Have taken lead in creating a profitable and well attended Table top show, have coached other Chapters on how to get over the fear and hurdles of organizing a technical forum. Have carefully managed chapter funding. Have chaired and co-Chaired SMTAI sessions.

    Why I want to be a Director of the SMTA?
    As a chapter officer for over 25 years I feel the Technical and Leadership knowledge and skills I have acquired can be useful supporting other Chapters of the SMTA. My serving the association clearly demonstrates commitment to the SMTA organization and its mission, goals and objectives.

    What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?

  • Education! Further develop Technicians and entry level engineers
  • Create "Professional" interest in the SMTA
  • Engage with community colleges or technical schools to further develop Manufacturing Engineering as a career path...perhaps involve equipment manufacturers
  • Develop "Skill" based courses for manufacturing / assembly level employees

  • Remember, this is your opportunity to determine the future direction of your organization. Please take advantage of your voting privilege by submitting your ballot on-line. Ballots will be accepted until July 26, 2019.

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