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SMTA Board of Directors Election

Three director positions will be filled for the term 2020 - 2023. The position of President for the term of 2020 - 2022 will also be filled. The nominees are listed below.

The ballot closes at 5pm central time on July 1, 2020.
This is your opportunity to shape the direction of your organization.

All Candidates Are Approved By The Nominating Committee

Dr. Anselm holds a B. S. in Physics from SUNY Geneseo, a M. S. in Mechanical Engineering from Clarkson University and a Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering from Binghamton University. Prior to joining the faculty at RIT, Dr. Anselm was Director of the Universal Instruments AREA Consortium, where he managed a staff of engineers, scientists, faculty, and graduate students performing a range of industrial R&D programs for a client base of over 50 companies. These programs included research in assembly materials, processes, and reliability of electronic packaging. Before directing the Consortium, his experience included twelve years of electronics failure analysis and root cause analysis in the Universal Advanced Process Lab. Dr. Anselm served on the Board of Directors for the Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA) from 2013-2019. He continues to learn every day from his students at RIT and prides himself as being a lifelong learner.

Dr. Anselm's Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Binghamton University dissertation was titled, "(Cu,Ni)6Sn5 Intermetallic Formation Kinetics on Electroless Nickel (Ni) When Varying Copper (Cu) Concentration and Reflow Process.” His current second level electronics packaging research foci include; 1. Advanced Manufacturing for electronic miniaturization, 2. Low Temperature lead-free solder alloy process optimization and reliability, 3. Solder joint microstructural evolution in thermomechanical fatigue. He also supports Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) packaging and reliability studies funded through NYS and the DOD. Beyond this academic research, Dr. Anselm has also developed training courses for unemployed and under-employed veterans in the NYS Finger Lakes district. He has secured funding from New York’s Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) to provide veterans with training and certifications in electronics manufacturing. This work has resulted in gainful employment for many veterans in the local electronics manufacturing industry.,Martin has been a key contributor to the success of the SMTA since 2005. He has held Empire Chapter level leadership positions from 2005 to 2013 including two terms as Chapter President in which he launched the Empire Vendor show that significantly contributed to the chapter’s financial stability. As the long-time advisor to the RIT Student Chapter, Martin has been assisting his students to grow the organization and assist with chapter events. Martin received awards for speaker of distinction at SMTAI conferences and has taught many training sessions for the organization.

Martin was elected twice by our members to the SMTA Board of Directors in 2013 and 2016. Martin took over and led the committee that accelerated the development and released the SMTA’s on-line training program that now provides its members and the industry with an invaluable resource in understanding, competing and dealing with the assembly and material challenges of today’s complex electronics manufacturing industry.

Why I want to be President of the SMTA?
The SMTA is facing some considerable challenges in light of the COVID-19 crisis. I believe my organizational skills are critical to ensure that the SMTA stays strong through these difficult times. I want to continue my service and dedication to the SMTA beyond my two terms as a Board Member. The organization has given me many opportunities over the years and I want to continue to give back.

What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?
I believe my academic and industrial experience provides a unique perspective on growth and diversification of the organization. My goals are focused in three key areas:
1. Supporting the local chapters in their outreach to their regional companies and universities.
2. Growth of membership in all industrial electronics manufacturing sectors, in all geographies and across all demographics. SMTA needs to expand its reach across age groups, industries and global geographies.
3. Strengthening our training, education, and conference programs. I look forward to the opportunity to serve the SMTA in this very important role.

Tom Forsythe's experience in the electronics industry began in the early 80's as a Navy helicopter pilot and, of course, a daily operator of sophisticated avionics. This operational experience followed his graduation from the United States Naval Academy with bachelor’s degrees in both Applied Mathematics and Engineering. Tom subsequently earned a master’s degree in business administration from Boston University. More direct involvement, which continues today, began in the early 90's, when he joined KYZEN Corporation during its start-up phase. In the nearly 30 years since, Tom has been a member of the leadership team which grew KYZEN from a great idea to a multinational company with staff and operations throughout the world. That global experience included hands on roles in Sales, Marketing, Finance and Strategy in addition to his core competency of being a globally recognized subject matter expert in electronics cleaning. Tom is pleased to share his expertise and, therefore, is a frequent public speaker that participates in technical forums in North America, the EU, and East Asia - notably China – during his routine travels around the world. Tom is an active member as well as a past SMTA Board of Directors Member. Tom and his wife Mary Forsythe live near Nashville, TN where they both are involved in a variety of volunteer community organizations.

Why I want to be President of the SMTA?
My decision to seek a leadership position at SMTA is based on my personal desire to give back to the organization that has been so good to me personally. Countless meetings, expositions, tabletops, technical sessions and SMTAi events over the years (and around the world) have helped me learn the technology of the day, learn to be a good colleague and team member as well as provide me the opportunity to learn even more by lending a hand to those new to the association or the industry. My time on the Board of Directors a few years ago began when the new, SMTA owned and operated SMTAi was launched ~ a wonderful example of the power of teamwork and selfless focus on task has developed our premier event to where it is today. I have been involved in the development and strategies for a number of the non-USA chapters as well as supporting the admin and logistics of nurturing those chapters from concept to success. I feel my long experience with SMTA as member, active participant and Board Member coupled with my relevant business experience as part of a team that has grown our business from start up to a genuine multinational corporation provides a solid base to further contribute to the success of SMTA in the years ahead.

Since 1985, the SMTA has remained true to its mission of providing a forum for our members to share practical experience and develop solutions for the ever-evolving world of electronics assembly and its many elements. No small task, these achievements were only possible due to the selfless contributions of both staff and volunteers to further these goals for the past 35 years. In our current era of both accelerating technology development and an ever-expanding global footprint of engineers (and their employers) pursuing those advances, SMTA efforts and successes are more critical than ever to our members, both individual and corporate. As I finish this application, the CV19 pandemic is in full bloom around the world. Our industry, our companies and SMTA have a great challenge developing and implementing the rules of the road for the world as we live with and eventually move on from CV19. This reality has caused me to reexamine and double down on my belief that my professional duties and experience are well suited to the challenges facing our association and industry in the next two years.

What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?

  • Surviving the pandemic and realigning SMTA for the post-pandemic world will affect every member of SMTA and every aspect of the association. It will be a massive team effort for all hands requiring global, commercial and technical expertise and coordination.
  • The Chapters are the heart and soul of SMTA, and the pandemic has hit us where it hurts by preventing gatherings. We are an association of innovators, and we need to evaluate and embrace the chapter innovations that have been developed in 2020 that can be scaled up as best practices for chapters around the world.
  • Our industry is genuinely integrated globally, and we need to live in that global environment as our members do. Great work by many hands has nurtured successful chapters outside the United States, and we must continue to establish new chapters around the world to support the far-flung operations where our members even now are working to change our tomorrows.
  • If the chapters are our heart and soul, then the technical programs are both our brain and central nervous systems. The vibrancy, currency and excellence of these programs is a critical “deliverable” and defining how to maintain and grow the impact and success of our technical programs in the presence of CV19 is a challenge we must meet.

    All Candidates Are Approved By The Nominating Committee

    MB Allen is a Manager for KIC's Applications & Sales in the. Formerly as Product Manager she coordinated the advancement of new products and features to accommodate customer needs as KIC added to its portfolio for the electronics industry. Her technical expertise, relationships with valued partners and customers, and many years of sales experience aid KIC in the future development, improvement and sales of the company's product offerings.

    MB has worked in the electronics industry for 32 years and been associated with KIC for 30 years with both national and international positions. She was one of the founding Presidents of the San Diego SMTA and currently is Vice President of the local chapter. She is a member of IPC, participant of two committee standards and has published industry technical papers. KIC, the company I work for, proudly participates in the majority of SMTA Expos around the country as an exhibitor. I have been a speaker at many of these events and have had excellent feedback on my presentation's technical content. I was one of the founding Presidents of the San Diego Chapter more than 30 years and we prospered with attendees at our meeting between 80->100. I also created a full color magazine that was distributed monthly that focused on technical content and was subsidized by the advertising which I was able to acquire. Currently I hold the position of Vice President at our local chapter. Last year we had our first Expo in many years, sold out table space. Unfortunately, we did not have a good turnout. One of my goals is to improve the attendance and participation of our local chapter, bring it back to life.

    Why I want to be a Director of the SMTA?
    Many years ago, when I became a member of the SMTA it was an organization that was a key to helping and supporting companies to learn, share and prosper. It was a foundation of people and information/knowledge that addressed current technology and problems but also looked to the future. This helped companies prepare properly to implement processes and tools with clarity and foresight. Assuring that those core goals continues is very important to me. I would like to be part of this organization because I believe that those should be the goals and I want to assist in accomplishing that. Being a part of the SMTA for more than 30 years I have met many people, participated in events around the world and have been privileged to speak at many forums. I have built a rapport with the members of the SMTA and local chapters and believe that I can be an asset to the team to continue to support the goals and activities. I especially enjoy sharing information, training and advancing technical knowledge.

    What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?

  • Training. This is key goal of SMTA. Share information so companies can succeed and have available the tools in the industry.
  • Technical. I'd like to be sure that what is presented is non-commercial. Information must be current industry challenges, trends and solutions.
  • Chapters - My company participates in the majority of local Chapter Expos. I would like to be a support to those chapters to assure they continue to provide the technical information to the attendees.
  • Acknowledgement of leaders in our industry. Assuring that good speakers, industry professionals and leaders are rewarded and spreading the word to local chapters.

  • Peter Bigelow is President/CEO of IMI Incorporated in Haverhill, MA. IMI is an AS9100/ISO9001, and MIL certified, and ITAR registered fabricator of printed circuit boards and substrates focusing on RF/Microwave, Military, Telecommunications, and Industrial markets. Peter has over 35 years' experience in Sales, Marketing, Planning, Operations, and General Management with large and small manufacturing companies Including Burndy Connectors, International Paper, Rostra Holding, and Beaver Brook Circuits, where he was President and CEO.

    Peter currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Record Journal Publishing Company, and previously has served on the Board of Directors of Brookfield Engineering Laboratory, where he was also Acting COO, and for twelve years on the IPC Board of Directors. For over seventeen years Peter has written a monthly column for Printed Circuit Design & Fab and Circuits Assembly magazines.

    Peter holds a B.A Degree from Ohio Northern University. Since 2012 I have been a member and actively involved in the Massachusetts (Boston) Chapter, and since 2014 have held Chapter Leadership positions including Vice President Membership, Chapter Vice President, and am currently Chapter President. During this time, I have also worked with the Connecticut Chapter on our annual joint Expo and Technical seminar.

    Why I want to be a Director of the SMTA?
    I have been involved in the SMTA at the Chapter level and believe it does an outstanding job fostering knowledge and camaraderie. I would like to be a Director for several reasons including to assist with planning and development that could further expand membership and involvement from other areas of the connected supply chain and with non-technical programs on subjects such as best practices for hiring/retaining skilled staff and best practices in manufacturing, etc., that impact SMTA members in different job functions at the local and national level. And finally, to give back to the industry.

    What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?
    1. Greater Cross Industry Involvement – including from the design and fabrication community who impact and are impacted by electronics manufacturing and have a voice in our mutual success.
    2. Knowledge Transfer – in non-technical as well as technical areas. All members need to understand more about topics like how to mentor and foster new, young people entering the industry, and future trends in the industry that will impact how we do our jobs, etc.
    3. Collaborate – with fellow organizations, such as IEEE, IMAPS, Designers Council(s) at the local as well as regional/national level.
    4. Technology Utilization – how to harness platforms such as Zoom/WebEx, etc., to reach more members and/or expand participation in local and regional technical programs.

    Honeywell FM & T - Engineering Technical Specialist - Electronics Assembly
    DRS Technologies - Senior Manufacturing Engineer - SMT/Wave production.
    Benchmark Electronics - Senior Manufacturing Engineer - SMT/Wave production.
    Carleton Life Support - Manufacturing Engineer - SMT/Wave production.
    Rockwell Automation - Manufacturing Engineer - SMT/Wave production.
    J.W.Speaker - Manufacturing Engineering Technician - SMT/Wave production.
    Plexus Electronic Assembly - Manufacturing Engineering Technician - SMT/Wave production.
    Current involvement Board of Directors - SDC Committee, Training Committee, and SYP Committee
    President - West Penn SMTA Chapter
    President - Upper Midwest SMTA Chapter
    President - Wisconsin SMTA Chapter
    Vice President of Technical Programs - Wisconsin Chapter

    Why I want to be a Director of the SMTA?
    Over the last 29 years, I have had the pleasure of meeting some amazing and wonderful people through the SMTA. These people have enabled me to grow and mature both professionally and personally by sharing their technical knowledge. As my knowledge increased, I was able to give back and mentor those who just started or moving into areas of my expertise, largely through the SMTA community. Over the last three years, I have been given the opportunity to share with the board, and all SMTA chapters, my perspective and help drive today’s solutions to help today’s challenges. Being a Reelected Board of Director would give me the chance to continue to give back to the industry and help ensure our future SMTA community continues to meet the evolving needs of community at the ground level. The industry is changing so fast, and I want to give back to you and our association, when the need is so great!

    What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?
    1. Quality improvement of all electronic manufacturing through shared data and training. We as a industry needs to improve how we build products with proper quality tools and training for all levels of manufacturing folks.
    2. Training of basics of manufacturing for new people in this industry. The industry has a large amount of new people entering and we need to make sure people are successful in how they learn and grow the basics of the industry.
    3. Developing people to think outside the box when trying to solve technical issues. Many people when solving problems rely on their own tribal experiences to solve problems. SMTA needs to work with many different organizations to develop and teach stand engineering tools that will help improve the ability solve problems and reduce tribal knowledge.
    4. Improving the understanding of cleaning and the effects on conformal coating. Many companies clean and conformal coating but not too many people understand what happens if you don't clean correctly. Improve the training so people see the real world effects of cleaning and conformal coating.

    Mike Konrad has been working in the electronic assembly industry for the past thirty-five years. In 1992, Mike founded Aqueous Technologies, a cleaning and cleanliness assessment equipment manufacturer where he remains its President / CEO. Mike is a past and current member of various technical committees and has contributed to the publication of industry standards. Mike served on the US Navy’s EMPF manufacturer’s committee and is a featured speaker at industry events and technical workshops worldwide. Mike is Vice President for Technical Programs for the Los Angeles/Orange County Chapter of SMTA. Mike was honored with Distinguished Speaker status from the SMTA in 2017. Mike has served as a court-approved Expert Witness in civil litigation matters concerning post-reflow cleanliness assessment and contamination-related failure mechanisms. Mike is the host of the Reliability Matters podcast. Mike currently serves on three Boards of Directors including a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization.,Mike has been a regular speaker at many SMTA events including SMTAI (where he earned Distinguished Speaker status), SMTA/IPC High Reliability Cleaning/Coating Conference, Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium, local SMTA Expos, and is currently Vice President for Technical Programs for the Los Angeles / Orange County SMTA chapter.

    Why I want to be a Director of the SMTA?
    I believe in participating in my industry. The SMTA provides so much support for the electronic assembly industry. Most of the support comes from volunteers. I have benefited from the various programs provided by the SMTA and would like to provide my support to continue SMTA's mission.

    What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?
    With many senior engineers retiring, there is a widening gap of experienced engineers / technicians and new entries to our industry. Experienced people are leaving our industry faster than new recruits are replacing them. This leaves a wide knowledge gap. I would like to see the SMTA lower the knowledge gap by:

  • Increase SMTA's digital (webinars and on-line courses) educational outreach with more in-depth non-commercial technical content.
  • Improve local SMTA chapter's access to qualified technical presenters.
  • Increase SMTA's ability to attract new, innovative speakers through active recruitment.
  • Work with members, staff, and the Board to add value to an SMTA membership.

  • Gregory Vance is a Sr. Project Engineer on Rockwell Automation’s Printed Circuit Board Assembly Advance Manufacturing Engineering Team focusing on manufacturing and business process improvements. He has worked at Rockwell Automation for 27 years in various roles supporting Electronic Assembly and as a Lean Six Sigma Project Manager. Recently he has been part of team creating Connected Enterprise tools to support Rockwell Automation Electronic Assembly Operations. Greg holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Akron and is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt. He serves on the SMTA Board of Directors as Secretary, VP of Membership and currently as Interim President. He is active within his local SMTA Ohio Valley Chapter and has been an SMTA member since 2001. Beyond the SMTA, I also serve on the board of directors of Southwest Cuyahoga Recreation Center as Financial Secretary, Fraternal Order of Police Associates Ohio Lodge #14 as Treasurer and as Charter Representative for Boy Scouts of America Pack 3407 and Troops 407 and 7407.

    Why I want to be a Director of the SMTA?
    To foster SMTA's mission to promote collaboration between electronic manufacturing professionals to increase our technical knowledge. This in turn will promote quality and profitability within our individual companies.

    What goals or area of interest would you like to pursue?
    1. Engagement in international and local SMTA events to expand individuals’ professional networks. Individuals leverage this network as a resource to gain insights and understanding to cultivate understanding and innovation to overcome electronic manufacturing challenges.
    2. Sharing of technical & leadership information both formally (i.e. white papers, topic presentations) and informally (i.e. roundtables, informal chats, and brainstorming).
    3. For SMTA to be a resource for technical information and training to promote learning and understanding within the electronic manufacturing industry.
    4. Financial health of the STMA and its chapters.

    Remember, this is your opportunity to determine the future direction of your organization. Please take advantage of your voting privilege by submitting your ballot on-line. Ballots will be accepted until July 1, 2020.

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