SMTA Board of Directors Service Criteria

Completed applications are due by May 15 and must be submitted online.

After inviting nominations from the membership, the Nominating Committee selects two candidates for each position available for the slate of officers and directors (six to seven candidates needed). On alternate years two candidates are also nominated to run for SMTA president.

  • The Board is made up of twelve association members.
  • Individuals may also be nominated by petition (1% of membership sign a petition). Candidates having a personal interest in being nominated should contact the SMTA administrator or Nominating Committee chair.
  • The term of service is three years unless otherwise specified. The term for president is two years.
  • The Nominating Committee may nominate an individual for successive terms if appropriate.
  • Characteristics, Attributes, and Requirements of an Ideal Board Member
    Proven Performance - Leadership requires knowledge, talent, skill, and the ability to make a difference. In the association environment, that translates into a solid track record of proven performance in contributing to the success of programs, events, or projects.

    Such involvement includes the following:

  • Membership in the SMTA for a minimum of one year.
  • Employment at a company that serves our industry for a minimum of one year.
  • Leadership on a committee or at the chapter level, or participation in an SMTA program is beneficial, but not required.
  • Commitment
    Serving as an association leader requires a demonstrated commitment to the organization and its mission and goals. Preparing for discussion in advance of the meetings is necessary.

    Time To Serve
    The Board meets 2-3 times each year. Attendance is required, as well as company funding for meeting attendance. Continued participation and involvement in SMTA events is also required.

    Understanding of Team Work
    The ability to work as a part of a team requires good interpersonal and communication skills. The Board works not as individuals, but as team members.

    Sound Judgment and Integrity
    Decisions made at Board meetings are based on facts, discussion, research and consensus. Confidentiality might be required at certain times.

    Mentoring Skills
    An enthusiasm for the mission of the SMTA and the willingness to help in developing new leaders is necessary. Representing the organization to others in a positive and professional manner is an attribute that can only help SMTA continue to meets its obligations to members.

    Ability To Subordinate Special Interests
    Decisions may require subordinating special interests for the greater good of the association. Conflicts of interest should be identified and discussed as a part of any decision making process.

    Strategic Thinkers
    The ability to help look forward and to develop the plans to enable SMTA ensure success in the future. Although the SMTA Board is charged with policy development and the governance of the organization, there will be times when your special expertise can contribute to a specific issue or program, and you will be asked to provide your leadership skills to the concept or program at hand.

    How To Proceed

  • Review the Board job description and the conflict of interest policy.
  • Check the proposed Board meeting schedule to determine if your schedule would permit attendance.
  • Secure approval from your manager or company.
  • Complete the application form.

  • If nominated, you will be asked to provide for the ballot a photo portrait and a brief statement that highlights your perspective on the SMTA.

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