Tech Sessions

The objective of a technical session is to bring new scientific and technical developments to light. Emphasis is placed on original, previously unpublished work.

Tuesday, November 29

7:30 AM
Session 1: Opening Sessions
8:15 AM
Opening Remarks
Diganta Das, Ph.D., CALCE, University of Maryland
8:30 AM
Keynote Address 1: Applications and Emerging Directions
Makarand H. (Dr. Chips) Chipalkatti, Ph.D., Dr. Chips Consulting LLC
9:30 AM
Session 2: LED Materials and Packaging
10:00 AM
Ultra-Thin Coatings to Mitigate Damage of LEDs and Associated Printed Circuit Boards Due to Environmental Exposure
Greg Marszalek, 3M
10:30 AM
Impact of Interconnects for LEDs on Flexible Substrates
Amit Patel, Alpha Assembly Solutions
11:00 AM
LED Reliability Issues Associated to Surface Mount Classification & Assembly Processes
Steven R. Martell, Sonoscan Inc.
11:30 AM
LED Applications Beyond Lighting
Girish Wable, Jabil
12:00 PM
Session 3: Business Applications of LEDs
1:00 PM
Circular Economy Business models for LED Lighting – Business Case
Nikos Papaoinnou, VP Corecentric Solutions
1:45 PM
Circular Economy Business models for LED Lighting – RoI Modeling
Makarand H. (Dr. Chips) Chipalkatti, Ph.D., Dr. Chips Consulting LLC
2:30 PM
Session 4: LED Packaging
3:00 PM
LED Manufacturing Improvement Via Statistical Process Control
Bill Cardoso, Creative Electron
3:30 PM
High Temperature Characterization of High Reliability Creep Resistant Interconnects for Outdoor Lighting Applications
Gyan Dutt, Alpha Assembly Solutions
4:00 PM
Flip Chip LED Assembly by Solder Paste Jet Printing
Jeff Leal, Mycronic
4:30 PM
Package Level LED Failure Mechanisms
Diganta Das, University of Maryland

Wednesday, November 30

7:30 AM
Registration and Breakfast
Session 5: LED Failure Mechanisms
8:00 AM
Keynote Address 2:
LED: Revolution in Light and Displays
Gary Feather, NanoLumens
8:45 AM
LED Corrosion Failure Mechanisms & Identification
Tonja Jorenby, Daktronics
9:15 AM
Color Shift Analysis and Modeling of High Power PC-LED under High Temperature and High Humidity
Hao Zhang, Auburn University
9:45 AM
Session 6: Variations and Reliability
10:15 AM
UV LEDs, Beasts of a Different Color
Martine Simard-Normandin, Ph.D., MuAnalysis
10:45 AM
Manage the Complexity of LED Binning
Jay Gorajia, Mentor Graphics
11:15 AM
Thermal, Optical, and Electrical Performance of LED Die Attach
Nicholas Herrick, Alpha Assembly Solutions
11:45 AM
Panel Discussion: Managing Quality of LEDs and Assemblies with LEDs
Invited Panel
Moderator: Diganta Das
12:30 PM
Session 7: Processing
1:30 PM
LED Reliability Assessments as a Function of Clean and Not Cleaned Packages
Mike Bixenman, KYZEN Corporation
2:00 PM
Voiding Control at Preform Soldering
Ning-Cheng Lee, Indium Corporation
2:30 PM
Closing Comment
Diganta Das, Ph.D., CALCE, University of Maryland
3:00 PM
Conference Conclusion
4:00 PM
5:30 PM
Return to Hotel

Thursday, December 1

8:00 AM
Workshop Registration
8:30 AM-
5:00 PM
Workshop: Light Emitting Diode (LED) Failure Mechanisms, Reliability, and Qualification
Diganta Das, Ph.D., CALCE, UMD

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