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25th Anniversary Tech Trivia:
The SMTAnews Live! will feature one trivia question each week until SMTAI. The questions will always be related to 2 themes: technology and the year the SMTA was founded, 1984. There will be a drawing after question 25 of the names that submitted correct answers. You only need to submit one correct answer to be in the drawing.

1. What British airline had its inaugural flight in 1984?
Answer: Virgin Atlantic Airways

2. How many servers made up the Internet in 1984?
Answer: 1,000

3. What Bell Labs employee stunned the world in 1984 with a new algorithm to solve linear programming problems?
Answer: Narendra Karmarkar

4. How big was the highest density memory chip in 1984?
Answer: One Megabyte.

5. What Internet term was coined in William Gibson's novel "Neuromancer"?
Answer: Cyberspace.

6. What historic accomplishment was made by Beverly Lynn Burns in the aviation industry?
Answer: Beverly Lynn Burns became the first female 747 captain.

7. What space vehicle made its maiden voyage?
Answer: The Space Shuttle Discovery.

8. The introduction of what computer model redefined the personal computer industry?
Answer: The Apple Macintosh.

9. What company introduced the first 3.5 inch floppy disk?
Answer: Sony.

10. What important PC operating system was released in 1984?
Answer: IBM released PC DOS version 3.0 and Apple released Mac OS System 1.0

11. Who founded a now-famous computer company under the name "PC's Limited" in 1984 out of a dorm room at the University of Texas?
Answer: Michael Dell

12. Who invented flash memory?
Answer: Fujio Masuoka and his team

13. Joe W. Kittinger made the first solo transatlantic balloon flight from Caribou, Maine to what city?
Answer: Cairo Montenotte, Italy

14. Who made the first untethered spacewalk in February of 1984?
Answer: Bruce McCandless II

15. What is the binary annotation for the number "25"?
Answer: 11001

16. What company led the development team of the missile that made the first hit-to-kill intercept of a ballistic missile target outside the earth's atmosphere as part of the US Army's Homing Overlay Experiment?
Answer: Lockheed Martin

17. This invention by BellSouth was the biggest improvement in telecommunications since voicemail, which was invented a decade earlier.
Answer: Caller ID

18. What was the name of the non-refrigerated microwaveable popcorn released in 1984? correction - not made by General Mills.
Answer: Act II

19. The first documented case of a robot killing a human in the US involved what kind of robot?
Answer: To be released next week.

20. 4 students wrote a Domain Name System (DNS) implementation in UNIX from what school in 1984?

21. What Bulletin Board System was originally founded as a non-commercial computer network in 1984 by Tom Jennings of San Francisco, California?
Answer: FidoNet

22. Who published the 1984 paper "Computer Viruses - Theory and Experiments"?
Answer: To be released next week.

23. What percentage of US households owned at least 1 computer in 1984?
Answer: 8%

24. On what game show did Michael Larson win $110,237 after memorizing the computer-generated patterns on the game board?
Answer: Press Your Luck

25. Sony v. Universal Studios (The Betamax Case) was ruled in favor of which party by the Supreme Court in 1984?
Answer: To be released next week.

Winner will be randomly selected from all responses and announced September 30th.

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