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25th Anniversary Dinner Was an Event to Remember

Raise Your Glass for SMTA With highly intriguing presentations by Ken Gilleo and Dr. Ron Lasky as well as warm recognition and fond memories shared by many, the Anniversary Dinner held on Monday night, October 5, 2009 in San Diego, CA was truly an event to remember.
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2009 marked a very special occasion for the SMTA: 25 years of building skills, sharing practical experience and developing solutions in the industry. SMTA will mark this occasion by reflecting on the theme of past, present, and future.

Though the development of the industry has been a collaborative effort, especially thanks to the effort of organizations like the SMTA, we wanted to take this opportunity to inspire our current membership by recognizing luminary individuals, products, and companies that played important and innovative roles in 25 important events in SMTA history which helped bring the SMT industry from where it was in 1984 to the present.

A Message From The President
Dan Baldwin Looking back at the state of the industry in 1984 when the SMTA first got on its feet, the technology was relatively immature. There was uncertainty as to which direction processing should take to be “best in class.” That tone is not too dissimilar to today with the constant packaging and product innovations and material advances. We need to remember that the industry is always changing and that in order to be competitive, we must be agile and willing to change along with it.

To accommodate this movement, SMTA International will be jumping from East Coast to West Coast, this year being held in San Diego, CA. While we anticipate loyal attendees embracing the change of scenery, we will be offering a window of opportunity for new attendees who have not attended in the past due to travel time or budget constraints. San Diego will offer us the opportunity to expand our attendee base, and attract some new people to both the conference and the exhibition.

By now, everyone has surely felt the squeeze of the struggling economy. It is during hard times like these that process evaluation, education, and technical innovation is crucial for success. It is also when the value of SMTA membership is the richest because professional networking, job resources, technical exchange, and education are in greatest demand.

Thank you very much for being such a valued member of the SMTA. We wish you the very best in the New Year and look forward to collaborating with you at our various events celebrating 25 years of innovations and the people and companies that drive them.
Daniel F. Baldwin, Ph.D.
SMTA President
President and CEO, Engent, Inc.

SMTA 25th Anniversary Slideshow

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Download a Presentation about the History of SMT.

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