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For electronics engineering and manufacturing professionals seeking to improve processes through best practices and real world solutions, SMTA offers exclusive access to local and global communities of experts as well as accumulated research and training materials from thousands of companies dedicated to advancing the electronics industry.

Members: Vote For Your New Directors

Ballot closes July 7, 2017

Vote for new board members Three positions on the SMTA Board of Directors will be filled for the term 2017-2020. This is your opportunity to determine the future direction of your organization. If you are a member, please take advantage of your privilege by voting before July 7, 2017.

Knowledge Is Power

See the list of most downloaded articles from the SMTA Knowledge Base

SMTA Knowledge Base - Knowledge is Power We compiled an "essential reading" list for electronics manufacturing engineers. This list of articles contains the most searched and downloaded articles from the SMTA Knowledge Base during the past 12 months. SMTA members have unlimited access to download these papers.

Low-Cost, Self-Paced, Online Training on Electronics Manufacturing Basics

SMTA Online Training If you hire new technicians or engineers coming from a different industry, you need some way to get them up to speed on the electronics assembly process. Traditional solutions involve hiring an expensive trainer or taking another team member off the floor to train them, reducing your productivity. Consider harnessing current technology like online training from SMTA, a low-cost training option that allows your team access to high-quality courses. They can complete these courses on their own time and at their own pace. Currently available courses include Stencil Printing, Component Placement, and Reflow Soldering. A new course on Wave Soldering will be added in early 2017.

5 Ways to Increase Your Technical Knowledge

The phrase "Knowledge is Power" certainly rings true for engineers and businesses. In our fast-paced world of information overload, it is critical to have the right information to make knowledgeable decisions and stay competitive. Here are five ways to get trusted information you can confidently use to make the right decisions in your work.

1. Search from thousands of published technical articles in the SMTA Knowledge Base

2. Attend our free quarterly webinars

3. Network with local professionals and hear quality technical presentations at your local chapter meeting

4. Browse the Book Store for new titles relevant to your work

5. Find contact information in our Member Directory of industry experts who can answer your questions in one conversation

Best of all, you can do each of these at no charge or at deeply discounted rates with an active SMTA Membership.

Printed Circuits Handbook, 7th Edition Released!

Contains various chapters penned by SMTA members

Printed Circuits Handbook, 7th Edition The Printed Circuits Handbook has served as the definitive source for coverage of every facet of printed circuit boards and assemblies for 50 years. The book is the cumulative effort with contributions by many SMTA members such as Happy Holden, Vern Solberg, Don Dupriest, Mike Carano, Jason Keeping, Laura Turbini, Gary Freedman, Reza Ghaffarian, Mudasir Ahmad, Joe Fjelstad, Marc Carter, and Jean-Paul Clech. The new edition of this essential guide provides time-saving tools for success in the area of printed circuit supply chain management, including an entire new section on the elements of design, supplier identification and qualification, process control, product acceptance processes, and quality and reliability specification and assurance.

Video Tutorials on Electronics Assembly Process Basics

Free for members!

free electronics assembly process tutorials Cisco Systems, Inc. was gracious enough to provide some training videos outlining the basic process steps used in electronics assembly including printing, paneling, placement, reflow, wave, and depanelization. These short tutorials are a great introduction for students and anyone who is new to the industry. Active SMTA members can view them for free!

Find Your Dream Job or Hire a New Employee in the SMTA Career Center

The SMTA Career Center can help engineers, operators, managers, technicians and executives find a job or fill a position in the electronics assembly industry. Go to the Job Listings page for a complete listing. Members post on-line for free!

Our Mission

The Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA) is an international network of professionals who build skills, share practical experience and develop solutions in electronic assembly technologies, including microsystems, emerging technologies, and related business operations.

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