SMTA International Conference and Exhibition

SMTA - NPL Solder Paste and Solder Joint Automatic Inspection Experience

September 29-30, 2015
In the Exhibit Hall
Free to Attend!

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Thank you to our equipment and materials suppliers!
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This year's special feature area, supported by SMTA & NPL, will include live printing ultra-fine pitch deposits, 0201 and 01005 devices, inspection and measurement of different combinations of materials, plus some of the key in-process inspection steps to make a process perform correctly. It will also include AOI inspection of printed board assemblies for open joints, lifted leads, partial lifting of passives and other less common defects. A series of test boards have been specially created with known process defects to show our machines' capabilities.

AOI Experience

National Physical Laboratory (NPL) Defect Database Live

The feature will also include "NPL Defect Database Live," where you can get free process support on all of the printing and inspection defects. Send images of your defects before the show or bring boards for discussion with our team. Get free advice and consultancy all show long. Send your defect images to

AOI Experience

Pre-event Webinar: Solder Paste Inspection, Quality Control, Common Print and Reflow Problems - Causes & Cures

Tuesday 15th September
Prior to the show we will be holding a pre event webinar which will be free for engineers to attend. The webinar will cover Solder Paste Inspection, Quality Control, Common Print and Reflow Problems - Causes & Cures. The webinar will be held on Tuesday 15th September.

Register for the FREE Webinar here!

Call for Supplier Company Participation

Companies that we would like to get involved in the Experience:

  • PCB supplier
  • Stencil suppliers
  • Laser cut stencil machine supplier
  • Nano coating supplier for stencils
  • Stencil inspection AOI supplier
  • Solder paste suppliers
  • Stencil printer suppliers
  • Manual inspection supplier
  • Solder Paste Optical Inspection suppliers
  • Automatic Optical Inspection suppliers
  • Stencil cleaning supplier
  • Stencil cleaning materials
  • What Your Company Gets For Participating

    Your company name and logo will reach thousands as it will be featured in all promotional materials, during an informational webinar on September 7th, and during the show in the Experience area with presentations, demos, and video interviews. The Experience will have full press coverage and dedicated promotion from our selected media partner, Circuits Assembly magazine.

    What's the Cost and How Do I Sign Up?

    The cost to each partner exhibiting at SMTA International is $500. If you are not exhibiting at the show the cost is $1000. To sign up, contact Bob Willis at or download the registration form here.

    AOI Experience

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