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January 15-22    SMTA Webtorial Design and Assembly Process Challenges for Bottom Terminations Components (BTCs) such as QFN, DFN and MLF in Tin-Lead & Lead Free World  
January 22-24    Pan Pacific Symposium 2013  
February 7    Webinar: Free for Members!Voiding Control and Reliability of Solder Joints with Backward Compatibility  
February 7    Carolinas Expo & Tech Forum  
February 12-26    SMTA Webtorial Soldering Reliability Issues for the 21st Century  
February 28    LA/Orange County Lean Six Sigma Chapter Tutorial Program  
March 7    Space Coast Assembly Best Practices Chapter Tutorial Program  
March 12    Dallas Expo & Tech Forum   
March 12    Oregon 3D Packaging Chapter Tutorial Program - Hillsboro, OR Location  
March 14-21    SMTA Webtorial DfM: Challenges & Opportunities  
March 14    Houston Expo & Tech Forum  
March 14    Oregon 3D Packaging Chapter Tutorial Program - Redmond, WA Location  
March 19-21    SMT Processes Certification (Philadelphia, PA)  
April 11-18    SMTA Webtorial Improving SMT Stencil Printing Yields  
April 11    Ohio Valley Failure Analysis Chapter Tutorial Program  
April 16    Huntsville Expo & Tech Forum   
April 18    Atlanta 17th Annual Expo   
Apr 30 - May 2    SMT Processes Certification (Lake Oswego, OR)  
May 7    Oregon (Seattle) Expo & Tech Forum  
May 8    Webinar: Mechanical Reliability: Updated Results from a Spherical Bend Test Program  
May 9    Oregon (Portland) Expo & Tech Forum  
May 14-17    International Conference on Soldering & Reliability 2013  
May 16-23    SMTA Webtorial Design for Reliability (DfR)   
May 16    Toronto SMTA Expo & Tech Forum  
May 21    Upper Midwest "Four P's of SMT" Chapter Tutorial Program  
May 23    Michigan Expo & Tech Forum  
June 4-6    SMT Processes Certification (Appleton, WI)  
June 11-25    SMTA Webtorial Top Pb-Free PCB Assembly Defects: Cause and Cure  
June 25-27    Symposium on Counterfeit Electronic Parts and Electronic Supply Chain  
June 25-26    Counterfeit Electronic Parts Symposium East Tabletop Exhibition  
June 27    Upper Midwest Expo & Tech Forum  
July 11    Ohio Valley Expo & Tech Forum   
July 17-24    SMTA Webtorial Package-on-Package (PoP) Assembly – Material, Process and Reliability   
August 4    Oregon Chapter 2013 Golf Tournament   
August 13    Free Webinar: Cleaning a No-Clean Flux and Related Reliability Issues  
Aug 29 - Sep 5    SMTA Webtorial Conformal Coating In The Factory   
September 13    West Penn "Intro to DfM" Chapter Tutorial Program  
September 17    Free Webinar: High Reliability and RoHS  
September 18-19    Wisconsin/Great Lakes Expo & Tech Forum - Wednesday, September 18th Cleaning and Reliability Workshop - Thursday, September 19th  
September 19-26    SMTA Webtorial Radiography Inspection as a tool for Quality Control and Assurance   
September 19    Intermountain Expo & Tech Forum  
September 19    SMTA Wisconsin / Great Lakes Chapters - Cleaning and Reliability Workshop   
October 13-17    SMTA International 2013  
October 15-17    SMT Processes Certification (SMTAI - Fort Worth, TX)  
October 15-16    SMTA International Electronics Exhibition  
October 24-31    SMTA Webtorial Reliability and Failure Analysis of Electronics  
October 30-31    Guadalajara Expo & Tech Forum  
November 5-7    International Wafer-Level Packaging Conference  
November 5    LA/Orange County Expo & Tech Forum  
November 7    Empire Expo & Tech Forum  
November 12-13    SMTA/ iNEMI Medical Electronics Symposium  
November 12-13    SMTA/iNEMI Medical Electronics Symposium Tabletop Exhibition  
November 19-21    SMTA Webtorial Troubleshooting Yield Problems in a Lead Free World  
November 19-21    Symposium on Counterfeit Electronic Parts (West)  
November 20    Arizona-Sonora SMTA Expo & Tech Forum   
December 10-17    SMTA Webtorial Reflow Soldering Process and Influence on Defects – An In-Depth Look   
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