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March 4    San Diego Chapter-Reliability and Failure Analysis   
March 10    Space Coast Advanced SMT Chapter Tutorial Program  
March 11    Tampa Bay Chapter Meeting   
March 12    Atlanta Chapter Meeting   
March 17    Puget Sound Advanced SMT Chapter Tutorial Program  
March 18-25    SMTA Webtorial: Process Optimization and Defect Elimination for PCB Assembly   
March 19    Free Webinar: Shining a Light on LED Technology   
March 19    Oregon Advanced SMT Chapter Tutorial Program  
March 24    Dallas Expo & Tech Forum  
March 26    Houston Expo & Tech Forum  
April 7    Intermountain (Boise) Expo & Tech Forum  
April 14-16    South East Asia Technical Training Conference on Electronics Assembly Technologies 2015  
April 15    Atlanta 19th Annual Expo  
April 15    Atlanta Chapter Expo   
April 21-28    SMTA Webtorial: Reballing BGAs for Rework 101  
April 28-30    SMT Processes Certification (Kokomo, IN)  
May 5    Michigan Expo & Tech Forum  
May 5    Oregon Expo & Tech Forum  
May 7    Puget Sound Expo & Tech Forum  
May 12    Wisconsin Expo & Tech Forum  
May 19-21    International Conference on Soldering & Reliability 2015  
May 19    Carolinas Expo & Tech Forum  
May 21    Toronto SMTA Expo & Tech Forum  
May 22-29    SMTA Webtorial: Solder Joint Voids – All You Should Know   
June 4    Huntsville Expo & Tech Forum  
June 11-18    SMTA Webtorial: PCB Fabrication Methodologies and Strategy for Embedding Passive and Active Components  
June 11    Atlanta Chapter Meeting   
June 18    Philadelphia Expo & Tech Forum  
June 23-25    Symposium on Counterfeit Parts and Materials   
June 25    Upper Midwest Expo & Tech Forum  
July 14-21    SMTA Webtorial: Assessment of Standards and Methods for Evaluation of Medical Electronic Device Reliability   
July 16    Ohio Expo & Tech Forum  
August 11-18    SMTA Webtorial: Solder Paste Printing and Inspection  
September 1    Capital Expo & Tech Forum  
September 16-17    Medical Electronics Sponsorship and Table Top Exhibit  
September 16-17    Medical Electronics Symposium 2015  
Sep 27 - Oct 1    SMTA International 2015  
Sep 29 - Oct 1    SMT Processes Certification (SMTA International - Rosemont, IL)  
September 29-30    SMTA International Electronics Exhibition  
October 13-15    International Wafer-Level Packaging Conference  
October 14-15    Guadalajara Expo & Tech Forum  
October 14    Long Island Expo & Tech Forum  
October 20    Austin (CTEA) Expo & Tech Forum  
October 20    Connecticut Expo & Tech Forum  
November 5    LA/Orange County Expo & Tech Forum  
November 12    Space Coast Expo & Tech Forum  
November 17-19    LED Assembly, Reliability & Testing Symposium  
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