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Twenty-five-year Members

Alec J. Babiarz, Nordson ASYMTEK

Roberta Foster-Smith, Nordson ASYMTEK

Twenty-year Members

Bev Christian Ph.D., BlackBerry
Rob DiMatteo, BTU International

Fifteen-year Members

Brian Betti, Henkel Electronic Materials LLC
Chad Gerbig, HISCO, Inc.
Jim R. Currier, JRC & Associates, Inc.
Erik Stromberg, E-tronix
Jean Ethridge, Pepcor Industries

Ten-year Members

Nathan Matthew Hawk, John Deere Electronic Solutions, Inc.
David A. Larson, TEK Products
Brian J. Toleno Ph.D., Henkel Electronic Materials LLC
Michael Antinori, Analogic Corporation
Dave Philips, Daktronics Inc.

Brian Smith, DEK USA

Five-year Members

Frank Muscolino, Advanced Assembly Technologies
Kris Moen, Georgia Institute of Technology
Umut Tosun M.S. Ch. E., ZESTRON America
Larry Arne, Proteus Digital Health, Inc.
Sherry Stepp, Kyzen Corporation
Charlie Pitarys, Kyzen Corporation
Bob Hanzie, Libra Industries, Inc.

Dora Tuza, I Source Technical Services, Inc.
Robert A. Boguski, Datest Corporation
George Schudy, Innovative Circuits, Inc.

Member News

Dr. Jennie S. Hwang is appointed to the Laboratory Assessment Board of National Research Council and National Academies. The Board oversees the review and assessment of the scientific and technical programs at federal laboratories. Assessments are performed in consultation and in corporation with agency sponsors and tailored to address the missions, goals, and needs of a given agency. This includes principally those laboratories established by federal agencies at national laboratories and at government-owned, contractor operated facilities, but may include others as well. Currently, Dr. Hwang is also the Chair of the U.S. Army Laboratory Technical Assessment Board and the Chair for the Panel on the Assessment of U.S. Army Research Laboratories (ARL) - Materials, Department of Defense.