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Twenty-year Members

Ahne Oosterhof, Eastwood Consulting
James R. Champion, Mid-Continent Instruments
Ernest M. Woyma Jr., Spectrum Technology, Inc.
Bob Doetzer, Circuit Technology, Inc.

Bob Trinnes, Rockwell Automation
Theodore Daigneault, WinTronics, Inc.

Fifteen-year Members

Ali Shafiei, Nortech Systems, Inc.
Jennifer Day, CGI Federal
Richard S. Hansinger, REStronics Mid-Atlantic Group, Inc.
Robert W. Kotlowitz, Ph.D., Alcatel-Lucent
Barbara J. Freeman, BF Marketing, Inc.
Jeff Kukowski

Tony Meger, Ayrshire Electronics
Dan Kelsey, Scienscope International

Ten-year Members

Charles Richardson, iNEMI
Mizan Rahman, Dataforth Corporation
Yossi Halperin, ILTAM

Five-year Members

Subhasis Mukherjee Ph.D., University of Maryland
Jack Xu, GI Circuits, Inc.
Fernando Rueda, Kyzen Corporation
Thomas Bennett
Jian Miremadi, Hewlett Packard
Cheryl Tulkoff, DfR Solutions
David M. Scott, Plexus Corp.

Member News

Dr. Jennie S. Hwang is appointed to the Board of Army Science and Technology. Currently, she is also the Chairman of the Board on Assessment of U.S. Army Research Laboratories (ARL). The primary focus of the Board is to serve as a convening authority for independent discussion of major Army science and technology themes, strategies, and plans. The overall goal is to help achieve the Army’s mission by overcoming the technological challenges to the future Army’s Strategic Land Power Dominance.