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Twenty-five-year Members

James E Ciocca, Lockheed Martin - Akron
Dick Cardillo, Kimchuk, Inc.
William Hart, Thales Communications Inc.

Twenty-year Members

Richard A. Campo, West-Tech Materials
Doug Barrett, Score Atlanta
Judson Hamilton Shutts, QuicklyFast

Michael Andrus, Tektronix, Inc.
Tom Fujikawa, Malcomtech International

Fifteen-year Members

Dave Murphy, W. J. Murphy Associates, Inc.
Dave Watson, Watson-Ops

Carsten Salewski, Viscom Inc.
Larry Kay, P. Kay Metal, Inc.
Willie Henderson, BlackBerry

Ten-year Members

Dick Wong, LeeMAH Electronics
Christopher H. Taylor, Airborne Research
Geoff Zacour, SMT Industrial Supply Inc.
Nagy S. Bayoumi, Ersa North America
Roger Joseph Stierman Ph.D., RJ Stierman Consultant, LLC
Sreekanth Ramakrishnan, IBM Corporation
Scott Lefebvre, AJA
Blair Travis Wheaton, Rutter Inc.
Brian Holm Ph.D., Grundfos A/S
Phil Hill, HILL TECH Associates

Thorsten Teutsch Ph.D., Pac Tech USA
Saeid Mohmedi, M.I.S. Electronics Inc.

Five-year Members

Awni Qasaimeh, Tennessee Tech University
Ali Ansari, Harris Broadcast
Soon Tit Lai, MAGS Sdn Bhd
Scott McKee, 4 Star Electronics
Tariq Tashtoush, Binghamton University
Terry L. Welsher Ph.D., Dangelmayer Associates
Nicholas Mescia, SMTNICK Associates, LLC

Michael Dennis, Houstech, Inc.

Member News

DfR Solutions appointed Dock Brown to its Senior Technical team. Dock will support clients across the electronics industry with a specific focus in the aerospace, avionics, and medical device markets. Dock Brown brings his more than 30 years of electronics reliability experience to clients of DfR Solutions. Prior to joining DfR Solutions, he spent nearly 20 years at Medtronic where he most recently concentrated on the transition to RoHS materials and processes of harsh environment Class III medical devices. He was also responsible for supplier assessment and approval, on-going supplier audits, failure analysis, corrective actions, MRB, sampling, and ultimately full accountability for quality and reliability of COTS and custom parts and assemblies from a worldwide supplier base. Earlier in his career, Mr. Brown also spent time at Sundstrand Data Control where he led the implementation of the Boeing AQS program and with Olin Aerospace/Rocket Research. Mr. Brown is a Certified Reliability Engineer. He is based in the Seattle area and will be supporting DfR Solutions customers in the Pacific Northwest.

Dr. Jennie S. Hwang is appointed to the Chair for the Board on Assessment of U.S. Army Research Laboratories (ARL) – Materials, Department of Defense. The primary focus of the Panel is to assess the operational efficiency including planning, facilities, equipment, human resources and the merits of the technological programs relative to the state-of-art and emerging technologies worldwide. The panel is also charged to assess the degree to which programs achieve the stated objectives and desired impact. The overall goal is to help achieve ARL's mission to continue introducing the new and advanced technologies, which can assist the operations of the nation’s primary land force by preparing its warfighters to conduct full spectrum operations around the world to preserve the peace and security of the nation.