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ZESTRON Introduces New PCB and Power Electronics Defluxing Agent

[Manassas, VA – January 18, 2017] - ZESTRON, the global leading provider of high precision cleaning products, services and training solutions in the electronics manufacturing and semiconductor industries, will be introducing  our latest PCB and power electronics defluxing agent, VIGON® PE 190A, at IPC APEX 2017.


“We are excited to feature VIGON® PE 190A at the expo.  This latest process solution removes flux residues from both PCBs and power electronics while providing excellent material compatibility,” said Sal Sparacino, Sales and Marketing Manager, ZESTRON.


VIGON® PE 190A, based on the MPC® Technology (Micro Phase Cleaning), is an aqueous-based, alkaline cleaning agent specifically developed for the use in spray-in-air equipment. It also removes oxidation and stains from copper surfaces while ensuring material compatibility in preparation for subsequent processes such as wire/adhesive bonding and molding.


For more information on VIGON® PE 190A, visit our booth #1941, at IPC APEX 2017. Our team stands ready to discuss our complete line of PCB and semiconductor defluxing agents and comprehensive solutions to your cleaning needs.


New SAWA Ultrasonic Squeegee Cleaner Presents New Solution for Lead-Free Pastes

 Seika Machinery, Inc., a leading provider of advanced machinery, materials and engineering services, is pleased to introduce the new SAWA SC-145GAE Ultrasonic Squeegee Cleaner. The system presents a new solution for lead-free solder pastes for squeegees as well as other tools such as scrapers, spatulas and misprinted PCBs.

The new SAWA Ultrasonic Squeegee Cleaner features easy operation, a synchronous ultrasonic effect, and is compatible with SAWA Fully Automatic. The X- and Y-axis of ultrasonic waves are synthesized in the 13 liter tank, working with the solvent to maximize cleaning ability. 
Operation is extremely easy: place objects that need cleaning in the tank, set the timer and just press start. If used with SAWA’s automatic stencil cleaners, there is no need to
purchase the generator. 
For more information about Seika’s complete product line, contact Michelle Ogihara at michelle@seikausa.com or visit www.seikausa.com.

ZESTRON Promotes Sal Sparacino to Sales and Marketing Manager

[Manassas, VA – January 10, 2017] - ZESTRON, the global leading provider of high precision cleaning products, services and training solutions in the electronics manufacturing and semiconductor industries, is pleased to announce Sal Sparacino has been appointed as Sales and Marketing Manager of ZESTRON Americas.
"Mr. Sparacino's solid experience in both technical sales and marketing are a compelling fit to strengthen ZESTRON's customer reach," says Todd Scheerer, Executive Vice President, ZESTRON Americas. "With his involvement in many facets of the electronics industry, Mr. Sparacino understands customer needs for technical support and cleaning performance in high reliability applications."
Mr. Sparacino was instrumental in the USA launch of ZESTRON Academy, the education pillar of ZESTRON through technical webinars, workshops and customized training programs. As an active leader of the industry, he serves as VP of Communications for the SMTA, as well as a member of the SMTAI Exhibitor Committee and Cleaning and Coating Program Committee for IPC. Mr. Sparacino earned a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology, B.A. from Rutgers University, and a Professional Engineering license in the State of New Jersey.  Prior to joining ZESTRON Americas, Sal had over 20 years of technical sales and marketing experience.

Interlatin Officially Launches the First Step Stencil in Mexico

Guadalajara, Mexico: International technology company Interlatin will officially launch the first step stencil in Mexico – the VIPER Step Stencil, on January 12th 2017 during an open house event in its headquarters, in Guadalajara, Mexico.
The improvement in the delivery time is the greatest benefit for the electronic manufacturing industry in Mexico. Normally, a step stencil is delivered to the customers in 3 to 4 weeks but now with VIPER, the customers will have to wait only 2 days for its delivery countrywide. It is estimated that the demand for step stencils in Mexico is from 1000 to 1500 stencils a year which represents a market with an approximate value of 1.5 million USD.
It is important to mention that the VIPER Step Stencil is environment friendly thanks to its Laser Weld production process which does not use any chemicals unlike the most step stencils manufacturers outside Mexico do.
For its customers’ best convenience, Interlatin will manufacture 2 types of VIPER Step Stencil: the VIPER and the VIPER-C. The VIPER-C is a normal VIPER step stencil on which the Cobra technology (IDtech – Intelligent Deposition Technology) is integrated. Cobra is NOT a nano stencil and improves the manufactures productivity thanks to the permanent treatment of its surface.
Once again, Interlatin proves to be the pioneer in Mexico by being the first company in Mexico to offer step stencils which represents an investment from Interlatin of 1 million USD.
VIPER Step Stencil offers direct support to highly specialized manufacturing which is in permanent growth in Mexico and the world.

Beam On Technology Releases New Web Application for Calculating Stencil Printability

Beam On Logo.png [Santa Clara, CA – December 22, 2016] – BEAM ON TECHNOLOGY just unveiled a new web application that provides quick and easy calculations for predicting paste release and solder volume. The new web application is featured on Beam On Technology’s website.

The Online Area Ratio Calculator is the only web app made specifically for solder paste stencil printing and now features more shapes than the mobile app. Simply input the dimensions of a specific aperture after the shape is selected and then select the foil thickness. Instantly, an algorithm displays the area ratio, with easy to understand color identifiers that infer solder paste transfer efficiency.

Beam On Technology’s Area Ratio Calculator also provides supplemental data such as aspect ratio, solder paste volume in cubic mils, as well as suggested solder paste powder type. This web application features more shape selections, with even more aperture shapes to come, making it the more powerful version of the popular mobile app.

The Online Area Ratio Calculator is now available through Beam On Technology’s website and works on all major web browsers.

The mobile version of the Area Ratio Calculator app by Beam On Technology is still free to download and available through the Apple Store or Google Play.

### Beam On Technology Corporation was established in October 1992, founded by manufacturing engineers with extensive knowledge and expertise in the assembly process. Our founding mission was to provide integrated service products to the SMT assembly industry engineered for ease of use that both increase yields and reduce defects. This continues to be our goal.


Area Ratio Calculator Screen Shot.PNG

Ellsworth Adhesives Authorized Henkel Distributor of Aerospace Products in Canada

STONEY CREEK, ONTARIO – December, 2016 – Ellsworth Adhesives announces it is now an authorized distributor of Henkel’s surface treatments and structural adhesive products for the Aerospace industry in Canada, with an authorized warehouse located in Stoney Creek, ON Canada. Henkel is an industry leading manufacturer of adhesives, sealants, coatings, and specialty materials, offering a complete line of certified products in the Aerospace industry.
Henkel develops structural adhesives, metal surface treatments and composites that serve the aircraft OEM and MRO industries. As a world market leader in these industries for over 50 years, Henkel products offer economic and performance benefits. Under the LOCTITE® and BONDERITE® brands, Henkel’s innovative aerospace product line includes paste and film adhesives, primers, specialty resins, syntactic films, sealers, cleaners, conversion coatings and more.
“Ellsworth Adhesives welcomes the opportunity to utilize our highly technical and experienced Engineering Sales Representatives to help Aerospace customers find the right solution using Henkel products throughout Canada,” commented Jay Richardson, Director of Sales - North America. “This new distribution agreement allows us to better serve the growing needs of new and existing Ellsworth Adhesives customers in this specialized industry.”
Roger Lee, Vice President General Manager – North America, stated, “The strong global partnership between Henkel and Ellsworth Adhesives is a testament to our commitment to offer quality materials and services to our customers. Ellsworth Adhesives and Henkel have built a long, successful business partnership and look forward to expanding on the distributor relationship to now include Aerospace opportunities in Canada.”
Ellsworth Adhesives Canada joins the Ellsworth Adhesives headquarters in Germantown, Wisconsin having already been an authorized distributor of Henkel products for Aerospace since 2013, and branch location in Irvine, California since 2015. All locations are authorized to BMS Spec Approvals: BMS 5-42, BMS 5-90, BMS 5-101, BMS 5-129, BMS 5-154.
Ellsworth Adhesives is ISO 9001:2008 and AS9120A certified in the United States, Canada, and Europe at facilities located in Germantown, WI USA; Irvine, CA USA; Carrollton, TX USA; Stoney Creek, ON Canada; and East Kilbride, Glasgow UK. To learn more about the Henkel line of aerospace products, http://www.ellsworthadhesives.ca/henkel-aerospace.
About Ellsworth Adhesives
Ellsworth Adhesives is a distributor of adhesive products and equipment and a value-added supplier of adhesives, sealants, coatings, encapsulants, tapes, releases, and lubricants from leading international manufacturers. Ellsworth Adhesives offers the most comprehensive level of technical expertise available. Ellsworth Adhesives Ellsworth Adhesives’ Engineering Sales Representatives have years of hands-on engineering skills and experience who assist with material and equipment selection, product testing, and process requirements and excel in designing, managing, customizing manufacturing projects and varying industrial applications.
Ellsworth Adhesives operates sales offices and warehouses in the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, and Thailand. Ellsworth Adhesives can be contacted directly at 1-800-888-0698 or by visiting www.ellsworth.com.
About Henkel
Henkel operates globally with a well-balanced and diversified portfolio. The company holds leading positions with its three business units in both industrial and consumer businesses thanks to strong brands, innovations, and technologies. Henkel Adhesive Technologies is the global leader in the adhesives market – across all industry segments worldwide. In its Laundry & Home Care and Beauty Care businesses, Henkel holds leading positions in many markets and categories around the world. Founded in 1876, Henkel looks back on more than 140 years of success. In 2015, Henkel reported sales of 18.1 billion euros (20.1 billion US dollars), adjusted operating profit of 2.9 billion euros (3.2 billion US dollars). Its three top brands, Persil (detergent), Schwarzkopf (hair care) and Loctite (adhesive) generated more than 6 billion euros (around 6.6 billion US dollars) in combined sales. Henkel employs around 50,000 people globally – a passionate and highly diverse team, united by a strong company culture, a common purpose to create sustainable value, and shared values. As a recognized leader in sustainability, Henkel holds top positions in many international indices and rankings. Henkel’s preferred shares are listed in the German stock index DAX. For more information, please visit www.henkel.com

VisiConsult certified for Excellence in Innovation

Lennart Schulenburg has received the innovation award for VisiConsult
The company VisiConsult is growing rapidly and gets more and more positive feedback from the whole economic branch. The family company from Northern Germany is especially proud of having received the “Excellence in Innovation” award from the German American Chamber of Commerce (GACC). This award honors the innovative approach of the XRHCount system for the electronic industry. The XRHCount is an X-ray system, that counts components on reels in less than 10 seconds and revolutionizes the warehouse process by decreasing the cycle time a lot.
Lennart Schulenburg, president of VisiConsult X-ray Solutions Americas Corp., received the award in person during the annual GACC Gala in the Intercontinental Magnificent Mile, which took place on 28th October 2016 in Chicago. A few days earlier VisiConsult participated in the annual ASNT conference (24th – 28th October 2016) in Long Beach to strengthen its ambitions in the US. As an exhibitor VisiConsult received many potential customers, partners and distributors and had a variety of interesting talks. Again, the show was a huge success and the whole company is looking forward to an interesting year 2017 with increasing activity in America.
This year VisiConsult will participate as a showcase-exhibitor in the HanseBelt Future Congress 2016, which takes place on 12th December in Lübeck, Germany. The main topics of the economic congress are digitization and Industry 4.0. The congress is a great opportunity for companies from between Northern Germany and Copenhagen to get in touch with each other and build up a network. For the next year VisiConsult already planned a lot of activities. Of course, the company will again participate in the most important industry shows, like the IPC APEX EXPO, the ASNT conference and many more. New innovative ideas as well as the latest technology will be presented.
The specialist for customized X-ray inspection solutions and automation
VisiConsult is a family owned company located in Northern Germany and the leading specialist for customized X-ray inspection systems. To ensure the renown premium quality all products are developed and produced locally in Germany as turnkey solutions. This leads to cutting edge technology and a high flexibility. Being active in several fields like Non Destructive Testing (NDT), public Security and the electronics manufacturing industries VisiConsult offers a sophisticated product portfolio.
The company philosophy is to solve the customer's inspection problems with tailored solutions combined with a premium post-installation service and support. More than 25 years of expertise in Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR) and image enhancement for a broad variety of industries combined with experienced engineers result in solutions that set new industry standards. VisiConsult is always looking forward to new challenges and is proud to be known as a reliable partner with sustainable products. Through an international network of trained representatives all around the world a reliable first-line sales and service network is spanning the globe.
VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH
Brandenbrooker Weg 2-4
D-23617 Stockelsdorf, Germany
Phone: 0049 (451) 290 286-0
Fax: 0049 (451) 290 286-22
E-Mail: info@visiconsult.de
Internet: www.visiconsult.de

Integran Announces Christian Koenen GmbH as Exclusive Distributor in Europe

December 2nd, 2016, Toronto,  Canada:  Integran Announces  Christian Koenen GmbH as Exclusive Distributor of Nanovate™ SMT Solder Stencil Foils in Europe

Integran (Canada) is pleased to announce that it has entered into an exclusivity agreement with Christian Koenen GmbH (Germany) to act as the exclusive distributor of Nanovate™ SMD Solder Stencil Foils in Europe. 

“Integran is very pleased to have entered into this partnership with Christian Koenen GmbH, known for their high tech capabilities in laser-cut SMD and Semicon Stencils,” says Gino Palumbo, CEO of Integran Technologies Inc. 

“We’ve seen some outstanding properties from Integran’s Nanovate™ materials, and they are certainly translating into stencil performance,” says Michael Zahn, industry veteran and Business Development Manager at Christian Koenen GmbH.  “We strive to deliver the highest quality product to our customers and we search the world for the best materials to do so,” he says, adding that “we recognize the need for innovation to spread across the industry, so we will be distributing Nanovate™ foils throughout Europe.” 

Christian Koenen GmbH – HighTech Stencils – is specialised in the manufacture of high-precision metal stencils for technical printing. The highest product quality is reflected in all processes.

In the fully air-conditioned manufacturing facilities, the company produces stencils for wafer, LTCC and SMD technology on eight state-of-the-art cutting lasers, including three LPKF MicroCut II. An extensive range of measuring and quality assurance technologies are available for product quality inspection. The company is ISO 9001-2000 certified.

Through technological innovations and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, the company has developed to the technologically leading stencil manufacturer within only a few years.

Christian Koenen GmbH also operates an in-house Application Center. It provides facilities for implementing process optimisations and printing tests based on customer parameters and materials. The achieved results are incorporated into the custom-designed stencils of the customers and represent the basis for stable and reproducible production processes

Integran Technologies Inc. is a leading international supplier of nanotechnology-enabled metallurgical products and services.  Operating under AS9100C/ISO9001 quality standards for the aerospace and defense sectors,  Integran is already a leading supplier of fine-grained electroformed hard nickel foils (www.nanovatefoils.com) to the North American market with a  reputation for high quality manufacturing and customer service with fast (2-3 business day) turnaround.  

Saki Incorporates its 3D AOI and SPI Systems into Fuji America's Smart Factory Line

Systems improve quality and reliability of PCBs

Fremont, CA - 01 December 2016 - Saki Corporation, an innovator in the field of automated optical inspection equipment, has partnered with Fuji America to incorporate its 3D automated optical inspection (AOI) and 3D solder paste inspection (SPI) systems into Fuji's Smart Factory SMT line at its Vernon Hills, IL facility. Saki's inspection and measurement systems will be used to ensure that the printed circuit boards produced at Fuji adhere to the highest standards of quality and reliability.

"Saki has been on the forefront of innovation for over 20 years, and their inspection systems have played a vital role in the assembly process," said Scott Wischoffer, marketing manager at Fuji America. "As the industry has moved towards the Smart Factory Model and Industry 4.0, our industry partner companies have collaborated to produce an efficient assembly process that will benefit our customers and their customers as well. We are proud to have Saki as part of this Fuji Smart Factory Family."
Saki's BF-3Di AOI system precisely inspects and measures the height of all devices on a printed circuit board and detects defects such as lifted leads, tombstones, reverses, and height variations at high speeds and cycle times. Saki's 3D BF-3Si SPI system is one of the world's fastest 2-projector solder paste inspection systems available. Its Phase Measurement Profilometry with Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) technology ensures high repeatability of inspection results.
Saki is part of Fuji Machine Manufacturing's Smart Factory with Nexim initiative that standardizes the communication protocol between Saki's SPI and AOI machines and Fuji's component placement machines to create a manufacturing line that extends beyond the boundaries of corporations. This significantly contributes to the production of high quality products and results in a more highly efficient process.
"Saki is pleased to have its AOI and SPI machines installed in the Fuji America Technical Center," said Satoshi Otake, general manager of SAKI America. "It gives us the opportunity to demonstrate the performance and accuracy of our equipment and how it works with Fuji's systems."
For more information contact Saki at +1.510.623.SAKI (7254), email sales.us@sakicorp.com, or visit our website at www.sakicorp.com.
About Saki Corporation
Since its inception in 1994, Saki has led the way in the development of automatic recognition through robotic vision technology, applying ground-breaking image processing tools to solve inspection problems associated with printed circuit board assembly. Saki Corporation has headquarters in Tokyo, Japan with offices and sales and support centers around the world. Saki has Quality Management System JIS Q 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2008 certifications.

Kester Launches SF855-LR Soldering Flux

Kester_Logo_Black15.png Kester Launches SF855-LR Soldering Flux

ITASCA, IL — November 14, 2016 Contact: Michelle O’Brien, Marketing & Communications Specialist

Kester is proud to announce the launch of SF855-LR Soldering Flux, a low solid, low residue, no-clean non-rosin organic flux designed specifically for use in tabber and stringer equipment of Photovoltaic Assembly (PV) through soldering tabs to cell contacts. The extremely low solids content (1.6%) and nature of the activator system results in practically no residue left on the cell after soldering. SF855-LR has a wide operating window and temperature range, and can be used in SnPb, SnAgPb and Pb-free applications.

For additional information on this product including technical and safety data sheets, please visit: http://www.kester.com/products/product/sf855-lr-soldering-flux

For any questions, please contact: Lynnette Colby lcolby@kester.com


Kester is a global supplier of assembly materials for the Electronic Assembly and Semiconductor Packaging industries. Kester is focused on delivering innovative, robust and high-quality solutions to help our customers address their technological challenges. Kester’s current product portfolio includes soldering attachment materials such as solder paste, soldering chemicals, TSF (tacky solder flux) materials, and metal products such as bar, solid and flux-cored wire. Kester is an Illinois Tool Works (ITW) company. ITW is a Fortune 200 company that produces engineered fasteners and components, equipment and consumable systems, and specialty products. It employs approximately 49,000 people, and is based in Glenview, Illinois, with operations in 57 countries.


SF855-LR - 5 Gal Soldering Flux.jpg

Indium Corporation Welcomes Jingya Huang as Marketing Communications Assistant Manager

Huang is responsible for creating and managing promotional and branding activities that support the company’s worldwide sales and marketing programs. She manages Indium Corporation’s global trade show program, internal communications, social media, and the expansion of its web presence. 

Huang has several years of experience in advertising, marketing, and communications. In her last position, she focused on digital marketing for Chinese markets. Huang has also worked as an account planner at a full-service advertising agency, where she performed strategic planning, market research, project management, and sales support. Huang earned her bachelor’s degree in advertising from Sichuan University in Chengdu, China, and her master’s degree in advertising from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

Restronics Florida Named as New Sales Representative for ZESTRON Americas

[Manassas, VA – October 31st, 2016] - ZESTRON, the global leading provider of high precision cleaning products, services and training solutions in the electronics manufacturing and semiconductor industries, is pleased to announce that Restronics Florida is now representing its complete line of cleaning process solutions and services within Florida.


“Restronics Florida represents the industry’s top equipment manufacturers and suppliers,” says Todd Scheerer, Executive Vice President, ZESTRON Americas.  “Combined with ZESTRON’s team of experienced application engineers and cleaning expertise, Restronics Florida will broaden our sales coverage and improve our service and distribution support to our increasing customer base.”


Restronics Florida was opened over 15 years ago with the same mission as all Restronics offices, to serve the local electronics market with high quality, technical sales people who bring solutions and new products to their customer base.


To learn more about ZESTRON’s cleaning process solutions, services and learning opportunities through ZESTRON Academy, please visitwww.zestron.com.

DfR Solutions Expands Expert Reliability Team

Focus on solving complex customer challenges

Beltsville, MD – October 25, 2016 – DfR Solutions, a leader in quality, reliability, and durability (QRD) solutions for the electronics industry, today announced a new addition to its Senior Technical team.  Dr. Vidyu Challa will serve as the new DfR Solutions Technical Director.  In this role Dr. Challa is responsible for helping customers solve their product reliability challenges, acting as a senior engineering resource on proposal development, and assisting the VP of Operations in maintaining the quality of all DfR Solutions’ services.

Dr. Challa brings with her a diverse, well-rounded background that includes engineering technology start-up experience, product development, R & D, and various roles in marketing and business development.  She has worked on technical areas that span the semiconductor and battery industries. Dr. Challa spent the past 5 years in the battery industry at FlexEl LLC, as part of a team working on biocompatible flexible batteries and developing custom battery solutions for IOT and smart medical devices. Her areas of focus were on developing printing and coating methods for battery electrodes. She also led material characterization and failure analysis efforts to diagnose product and process defects related to batteries.

Prior to her time at FlexEl, Dr. Challa worked previously as an applications engineer at Sonix (Danaher Corporation).  In that role she was focused on non-destructive inspection of electronic components, training customers and helping them develop acoustic inspection techniques for product testing.

Dr. Challa earned a PhD from CALCE Electronic Products and Systems Center at the University of Maryland, where her work was focused on the reliability of electronic components and connectors. She has an MS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Akron, Ohio and a BS, Chemical Engineering, from the Andhra University, in India.

Dr. Challa has published her work in journals such as IEEE Transaction on  Device and Materials Reliability, TMS Letters, and Langmuir. She has also presented at many industry conferences including IEEE ECTC, IMAPS, TMS, SMTA, ACS, AICHE.

“With her diverse experience, Dr. Challa is uniquely qualified to take on the Technical Director role,” stated Michael Howard, Vice President of Operations at DfR Solutions. Her in-depth knowledge of electronics reliability, and her proven ability to diagnose and solve complex engineering process and product challenges, align well with our core strengths here at DfR Solutions,” noted Howard.

Plexus Becomes Full Member of EICC

Plexus Corp. has been recognized as a Full Member by the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), the world's largest coalition of electronics companies that actively seek to improve the rights and well-being of those involved in the industry’s global supply chain.

Plexus joined the EICC as an Applicant Member in 2014. Over the past two years, the Company has made great strides to expand its social responsibility program by adopting the EICC’s Code of Conduct and enhancing internal practices. Plexus requires major suppliers to adopt the EICC Code of Conduct, furthering the positive impact the EICC has made throughout the electronics industry supply chain.

Todd Kelsey, President and Chief Executive Officer, commented, "I am proud of the work that Plexus team members have contributed over the past two years to achieve full EICC membership. Plexus' ability to provide industry-leading service to our customers is enhanced by this accomplishment. Our membership gives customers confidence that we are dedicated to ensuring ethical labor practices, improving employee health and safety and maintaining environmentally friendly practices, both within our organization and across the industry."

Vision Engineering Launches FREE Electronics Academy Webinar Series to help identity and rectify PCB

Vision Engineering Vision Engineering has teamed up with industry-expert Bob Willis to broadcast a free Electronics Academy Webinar Series aimed at identifying the issues affecting PCB/SMT assembly and the challenges of achieving Zero Defect Manufacture. The 3 part webinar is focused on improving quality and reducing costs through improving the inspection process.


The series begins on June 16th with Solder Joint Inspection & Process Defects. During this webinar participants will learn how to minimize inspection and process defects, identify common joint failures, causes, cures and corrective actions. Bob will explain the best ways to inspect solder joints on conventional and surface mount assemblies with reference to international standards (e.g. IPC 610 and IPC J-STD-001). On June 29th Counterfeit Component Inspection & Detection will be broadcasted. Production, quality and purchasing teams will learn how to inspect conventional and surface mount devices to identify counterfeit component and avoid expensive consequences. In this webinar Bob will illustrate the most common issues faced by these teams, how to test parts and demonstrate the importance of photographic documentation to provide reference standards for the future.

The 3 part series closes on July 21st with Conformal Coating Inspection & Coating Faults. The use of conformal coating is growing in popularity. Regardless of application method, either manual or automated inspection is required in most applications, carried out under normal or UV light, with reference to international standards. During this webinar, Bob will cover the inspection of coatings, setting up of inspection standards, as well as the common process defects and corrective actions Bob Willis is a globally-recognized expert in surface mount and area array technology, providing training and consultancy to electronics manufacturers worldwide for over 30 years. Bob regularly speaks at international events, providing expert knowledge to improve skills and knowledge for electronics production staff and engineers. For more information on the Electronics Academy Webinar or to register visit www.visioneng.com/electronicswebinar

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