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After reviewing the information below, read about the great member benefits, and go to the membership application to join SMTA.

Global Membership
($1495 annually)
This covers you and employees at up to ten facilities anywhere in the world. It is non-site specific and intended for large companies with multiple locations.

Corporate Membership
($450 annually)
Covers you and others working at the same facility. Note that it is site specific so if you have facilities in different locations, it will only cover the one where you work. Participating memberships may be purchased individually by your site employees for individual access to certain benefits.

Participating Membership
($50 annually)
Employees at sites which already have a global or corporate membership are eligible for a participating membership. Persons holding participating memberships qualify for the full range of SMTA benefits.

Individual Membership
($75 annually)
This category is available to persons at company sites/locations which do not have a corporate membership. Persons holding individual memberships qualify for the full range of SMTA benefits.

Developing Nation Membership
($25 annually)
This category is available to persons located outside the US and Canada located in a Developing Nation. Qualifying Nations are listed at this page. Colleagues holding Developing Nation Memberships qualify for the full range of benefits. The membership will be managed electronically.

Associate Membership (Student/Retirees)
($20 annually)
Student/Retiree Memberships are for persons who are either:
1) currently enrolled in a full-time post-secondary education or training program or
2) fully retired and no longer in the industry. These members receive the full range of benefits.

If you require a bank transfer for International Membership payment, contact the SMTA Membership Coordinator for further instructions, bank and routing information.

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