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Ambassador Program

Contact: Michelle Ogihara

What is an Ambassador?
SMTA Ambassadors are representatives of the SMTA who seek to grow membership. All Ambassadors should understand the mission statement of the SMTA and know the general membership categories and benefits offered.

SMTA Mission Statement
The Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA) is an international network of professionals who build skills, share practical experience and develop solutions in electronic assembly technologies, including microsystems, emerging technologies, and related business operations.

Expectations of Ambassadors
The Ambassador program has been implemented with the same spirit of volunteerism that the SMTA was first founded on and members should not expect remuneration or reimbursement for costs incurred on behalf of the program. The program is based upon "spreading the good word and providing good will" to all potential and future members of the SMTA globally.

Who Qualifies as Ambassador?
All chapter level officers, Board directors, SMTA staff, and members as long as each person is a member in good standing within the association. The program is open to all members through referral by a chapter officer and a member of the Board of Directors by email. Approval of new SMTA Ambassadors will be conducted by Membership Directors and BOD.

Ambassador Provisions
Provisions consist of membership packets that include benefits offered for each member category, membership application, a presentation CD, and soft copy information with templates for emails and letters that can be personalized by each Ambassador to promote membership into the SMTA. Includes training sessions on how to implement presentations at chapter meetings, company visits, other SMTA or industry-related events.

SMTA Ambassador Criteria

  • Do you have the opportunity to meet with industry colleagues? Are you in sales? Active in your community or local chapter?
  • Do you travel domestically or internationally? You would be an ideal candidate!
  • A strong belief in the SMTA mission and benefits
  • Commit to obtaining at least two individual memberships or one corporate membership per year.
  • SMTA Ambassador Club
    Yes, Ambassadors will have a Club! This Club offers Ambassadors moral support and acknowledgement that you have really contributed to the SMTA growth and well-being. That's really just about it but it sounds nice, doesn't it? Actually, we will meet annually at the SMTAI to exchange ideas and have some fun too.