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Charles Hutchins Educational Grant

The SMTA is accepting applications for the 2016 Charles Hutchins Educational Grant. This $5000 grant, given in memory of Charles Hutchins, past president of the SMTA, educator, mentor, and distinguished industry colleague, was established in 1998 to encourage graduate students to pursue careers in the electronics industry, by developing closer ties between student research and the needs of the electronics industry.

The Hutchins grant, co-sponsored by SMTA and Circuits Assembly magazine, has been awarded annually since 1998 to a graduate-level student pursuing a degree and working on thesis research in electronic assembly, electronics packaging, or a related field. The grant is intended for the purchase of technical books and research materials, for participation in conferences related to electronics assembly and packaging, and for living expenses if necessary. $90,000 has been awarded to grant recipients since 1998!

The Application Deadline has passed. Next year's Application Form and Eligibility Requirements will be available early in 2017!
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2015 Grant Winner Announced

2015 Hutchins Grant recipient Hanju Oh from Georgia Institute of Technology
The 2015 recipient, Hanju Oh, a graduate student at Georgia Institute of Technology, has been selected by the SMTA Grant Committee for his project entitled "A Three-Dimensional Packaging Platform with Integrated Microfluidic Cooling."

In the Fall of 2016, Hanju will receive his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) from Georgia Institute of Technology. Hanju earned his Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea in 2010.

The award was presented at the SMTA Annual Meeting during the SMTA International Conference in Rosemont, IL, September 27 - October 1. The 2016 grant will be presented at SMTAI in Rosemont, IL, September 25 - 29, 2016.

Honorable Mention:

The following students are acknowledged for the hard work they put in on their projects as well as the application process.

Arun Baskaran, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
"Modeling Kirkendall Voiding in Multi-Component Interconnects"

Helmut Bevensee, University of Maryland
"Degradation of Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors in Humid Environments"

Andre Delhaise, University of Toronto
"The Strengthening Effects of Bismuth on Aged Lead-Free Solder Alloys"

Noel Jordan Jameson, University of Maryland
"Health Monitoring of Electromagnetic Coil Insulation"

Nga Man Jennifa Li, University of Maryland
"Effectiveness of HALT, HASS and ESS Tests for Electronic Systems"

Spyridon Pavlidis, Georgia Institute of Technology
"Low-Cost and Encapsulated Organic Packages for Heterogeneous Integration of Microwave Circuits and Systems"

Kathlene (Kate) Nicole Reeve, Purdue University
"Al-Modified Pb-Free Solder Alloy Development for High Reliability Microelectronics Applications"

Saeed Akbari Roknabadi, University of Toronto
"Fracture Load Prediction of Underfilled Solder Joints in BGA/PCB Assemblies"

Maria Penafrancia Roma, SUNY - Binghamton University
"Effects of Mechanical Deformation and Interdiffusion on Thermosonic Wire Bonding"

A.R. Nazmus Sakib, University of Texas at Arlington
"Thermo-Mechanical Board Level Reliability of Active and Passive Components on Non-Custom Printed Circuit Boards"

Thomas Sanders, Auburn University
"Component Level Reliability for High Temperature Power Computing with SAC305 and Alternative High Reliability Solders with Isothermal Aging"

Sivasubramanian Thirugnanasambandam, Auburn University
"Long Term Isothermal Correlation Aging Effects of 8 Different Doped Lead Free Solder Alloys on Thermo-Mechanical Reliability"

Evan Wernicki, University of Massachusetts Lowell
"Formulation of Nanosolder-Enabled Pastes and Their Associated Performance and Reliability"

Cong Zhao, Auburn University
"Aging Effect on Reliability of Lead-Free Solder with Variant Solder Doping"

Past Recipients

2014 Hutchins Grant recipient Christine Taylor from Georgia Tech
Christine Taylor, Georgia Tech
Paper: "Nano- and Micro-scale Strain Sensors for Measuring Stress Evolution in Microelectronic Packages"
Where is she now? Continuing her graduate studies
2013 Hutchins Grant recipient Andrew Daya from Rochester Institute of Technology
Andrew Daya, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
Paper: "Package on Package: A Comprehensive Study of the Profile Requirements, Alloy Combinations, Location Influence, and Reliability Performance"
Where is he now? eDFM Engineer, Schlumberger
2012 Hutchins Grant recipient Xian Qin from Georgia Institute of Technology
Xian Qin, Georgia Institute of Technology
Paper: "Highly Reliable Low CTE Interposer to Printed Wiring Board SMT Interconnections"
Where is she now? Continuing her graduate studies
2011 Hutchins Grant recipient Pylin Sarobol from Purdue University
Pylin Sarobol, Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN)
Paper: "Growth Mechanisms for the Formation of Tin Whiskers"
Where is she now? R&D Scientist and Engineer, Sandia National Laboratories
2010 Hutchins Grant recipient Jonathon Tucker from Purdue University
Jonathon Tucker, Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN)
Paper: "Effects of Alloy Composition and Low Current Density Electromigration on Deformation Behavior of Pb-Free Solders"
Where is he now? Reliability Engineer, Microsoft
2009 Hutchins Grant recipient Zhaozhi (George) Li, from Auburn University
Zhaozhi Li (George), Auburn University (Auburn, AL)
Paper: "Design, Processing and Reliability Characterizations of 3D Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging Technology"
Where is he now? Senior Process Technology Development Engineer, Intel ATTD
2008 Hutchins Grant recipient Lei Nie, from the University of Maryland
Lei Nie, Ph.D., CALCE @ University of Maryland (College Park, MD)
Paper: "Reliability of Reballed and Reworked Plastic Ball Grid Arrays in SnPb and SAC Assembly Process"
Where is she now? Hardware Reliability Engineer, Lab126
Gayatri Cuddalorepatta
Gayatri Cuddalorepatta, University of Maryland (College Park, MD)
Paper: "Cyclic Plasticity vs. Cyclic Creep Fatigue of SnAgCu (SAC) Solder: A Micromechanics Approach"
Where is she now? Continuing her graduate studies
Sungchul Joo
Sungchul Joo, Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, GA)
Paper: "Rapid Prototyping of Micro-Systems Packaging by Data-Driven Chip-First Approach Using Nano-Particle Metal"
Where is he now? Research Scientist, Cree, Inc.
Leila Jannesari Ladani
Leila Janessari Ladani, Ph.D., University of Maryland (College Park, MD)
Paper: "Effect of Voids Caused By Manufacturing Variation on the Thermo-mechanical Durability of Sn3.8Ag0.7Cu Solders"
Where is she now? Professor, University of Alabama
Brian McAdams
Brian McAdams, Ph.D., Lehigh University (Bethlehem, PA)
Paper: "Sub-critical Initiation of Delaminations at the Underfill/ Passivation Interface in Flip-chip Assemblies"
Where is he now? Manager Global Products, W.L. Gore
Andrew Perkins
Andrew Perkins, Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, GA)
Paper: "Investigating the Combination of High and Low Cycle Fatigue on Solder Joints"
Where is he now? R&D Process Engineer, Aptina Imaging
Arun Gowda
Arun Gowda, Ph.D., Binghamton University (Binghamton, NY)
Paper: "High I/O Area Array Devices and Stacked CSPs-Issues in Assembly and Reliability"
Where is he now? Electronics Packaging & Miniaturization Lab Manager, GE Global Research
Renzhe Zhao
Renzhe Zhao, Ph.D., Auburn University (Auburn, AL)
Paper: "Wafer Applied Reworkable Fluxing Underfill for Direct Chip Attach"
Where is he now? Chief Technologist, Huawei Technologies Co.
Jennifer Venton
Jennifer Venton Muncy, Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, GA)
Paper: "Flip Chip on Flex for Low Cost Electronic Packaging"
Where is she now? Technology Development Manager, IBM Semiconductor Research and Technology Center
Anita Sargent
Anita Sargent, Binghamton University (Binghamton, NY)
Paper: "The Mechanism of Electroless Gold Plating Using Dimethylamineborane Baths for Electronic Packaging Applications"
Where is she now? OB/GYN Resident, Yale Medical Center
Daniel Lewis
Daniel Lewis, Ph.D., Lehigh University (Bethlehem, PA)
Paper: "Solidification of Ternary Alloys"
Where is he now? Professor, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

R. Wayne Johnson, Ph.D., Chair, Tennessee Tech University
Scott J. Anson, Ph.D., P. Eng., LeTourneau University
Tom Borkes, The Jefferson Project
Marie S. Cole, IBM Corporation
Andrew Daya, Schlumberger
Li Jiang, Texas Instruments, Inc.
Jason Keeping, P. Eng., Celestica Inc. (Canada)
Robert Kinyanjui, Ph.D., John Deere Electronic Solutions
Steven Lustig, The Coca Cola Company
Luu T. Nguyen, Ph.D., Texas Instruments Inc.
Andrew Perkins, Ph.D., Aptina Imaging
(2003 Hutchins Grant Recipient)