SMTA Technical Committee

Do you want to help ensure SMTA technical programs continue to offer the high quality technical information for which SMTA is known? Then you should join the SMTA Technical Committee. If you have comments, suggestions, or would like to join the committee, please contact JoAnn Stromberg ( or Patti Coles (

SMTA is currently looking for active technical committee roles in our Sub-Committees, Counterfeit and Medical Symposiums. Please contact Patti Coles if interested. Get great exposure for you and your company!

Files from the 2012 Mid-Year Meeting:
Slides (pdf)
Minutes (pdf)
Audio (wmv)

Mission Statement

The SMTA Technical Committee is a network of professionals who help the organization build skills, share practical experience and develop solutions by assisting the organization in bringing educational opportunities to its members and industry professionals.

The time commitment for participation in the SMTA Technical Committee is minimal. We meet yearly at the SMTA International Conference and then again in the spring through a webinar. During these meetings, you will have the opportunity to actively participate in a discussion on the direction of our educational opportunities. You will also hear from the SMTA educational department throughout the year on specific issues relating to our programming.

Many of the SMTA Technical Committee members also participate on a Subcommittee for one of our educational offerings throughout the year (ICSR. IWLPC, SMTAI, Medical, Counterfeit, etc.). Please take a look at our calendar of education events to see if you would be interested in a specific conference. Then contact Patti Hvidhyld for more information.

Committee Purpose

  • To organize and conduct technical programs as approved by the SMTA Board of Directors
  • To continuously improve the quality of the technical programs of the SMTA
  • To insure an adequate supply of high-quality papers for SMTA conferences
  • To identify emerging technologies in order to recommend and implement technical programs (including conferences and publications) reflective of and responsive to industry needs

  • Membership Requirements

  • A member in good standing of the SMTA
  • Demonstrated technical competency in area of expertise corresponding to the subcommittee you serve on
  • Established network of industry peers
  • Desire to improve the caliber and quality of professional and technical information exchanged within the SMTA and the industry
  • When possible, the ability to solicit and review 2-3 abstracts on an annual basis which could be used for an SMTA conference
  • Ability to work effectively in a team environment

  • Member Responsibilities
    1. Assist SMTA headquarters with educational programming schedule by suggesting important topics and potential speakers
    2. Participate in two meetings yearly (optional based on members' availability) - one webinar in spring; one meeting at SMTA International Conference
    3. Assist SMTA education department throughout year on questions related to educational programming (speaker searches, topic selection, event promotion, etc...)
    4. Help recruit speakers and instructors for upcoming conferences.

    SMTA Sub-Committees

    SMTA International

    Raiyomand Aspandiar, Intel Corporation
    Daniel Baldwin, Engent, Inc.
    Donald Banks, St. Jude Medical
    Lars Boettcher, Fraunhofer IZM Berlin
    Mike Buetow, CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY Magazine
    Srinivas Chada, Henkel Electronic Materials LLC
    Marie Cole, IBM Corporation
    John Evans, Auburn University
    Trevor Galbraith, Global SMT & Packaging
    Reza Ghaffarian, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    Steve Greathouse, Plexus Corp.
    Denis Jean, Plexus Corp.
    Matt Kelly, IBM Corporation
    Jeff Kennedy, Celestica Inc.
    Pradeep Lall, Auburn University
    Andrew Mawer, Freescale Semiconductor
    Heather McCormick, Celestica Inc.
    Robert Rowland, RadiSys Corporation
    Randy Schueller, DfR Solutions
    Paul Vianco, Sandia National Laboratories
    Bob Willis,
    Charles Woychik, Tessera, Inc.

    Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium

    Bill Bader, iNEMI
    Tom Chung, Ph.D., CTC
    Bernard Courtois, Ph.D., CMP
    Joseph Fjelstad, Verdant Electronics
    Yu-Jung Huang, Ph.D., I-Shou University
    Eddie Kobeda, IBM Corporation
    Wei Koh, PacRim Technologies
    Ricky Lee, HKUST-Center for Advanced Microsystems Packaging
    Charles Lin, Ph.D., Bridge Semiconductor
    Teng Hoon Ng, Celestica (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
    Tetsuro Nishimura, Nihon Superior Company Ltd.
    Kyung Paik, Ph.D., KAIST
    Michael Pecht, Ph.D., University of Maryland
    Peter Pooh, Ph.D.
    Horatio Quinones, Ph.D., Hilara
    Alan Rae, Ph.D., NanoMaterials Innovation Center
    Vern Solberg, STC Madison / Invensas Corporation
    Keith Sweatman, Nihon Superior Company Ltd.
    Rao Tummala, Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology
    Henry Utsunomiya, Interconnection Technologies, Inc.
    M. Juergen Wolf, Fraunhofer Institute
    Shunong Zhang, Beihang University

    International Conference Soldering Reliability (ICSR)

    Laura Turbini, Research In Motion, Conference Chair
    Peter Arrowsmith, BOTE Engineering
    Bev Christian, Research In Motion
    Matt Kelly, IBM Corporation
    Tim Luke, Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials
    Polina Snugovsky, Celestica Inc.

    Counterfeit Electronic Parts Symposium

    Diganta Das, Ph.D., CALCE/University of Maryland, Conference Chair
    Bill Barthel, Plexus Corporation
    Gary Beckstedt, World Micro
    Mark Crawford, Department of Commerce
    Lisa Gardner, U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO)
    Robin Gray, National Electronic Distributors Association (NEDA)
    Sydney Pope, Office of the Secretary of Defense
    Tim Trainer, Global Intellectual Property Strategy Center, P.C.
    Phil Zulueta, Jet Propulsion Laboratories

    South East Asia Conference

    Conference Chair: Mei-Ming Khaw, Agilent
    Ning-Cheng Lee, Indium Corporation
    KL Lim, Plexus
    Lian-Huat Ng, Plexus
    Teng Hoon Ng, Celestica, Inc.
    Jonas Sjoberg, Flextronics
    AK Tan, Robert Bosch Sdn Bhd
    David Vetharudge, Listech Technology

    International Wafer Level Packaging Conference (IWLPC)

    Andrew Strandjord, PacTech USA, General Chair
    Luu Nguyen, National Semiconductor, Technical Chair

    Steve Greathouse, Plexus Corporation
    Richard Haas, Richard Haas Marcom Consulting
    Andy Mackie, Indium Corporation
    Alan Rae, TPF Enterprises LLC

    3D Integration
    Francoise von Trapp, 3DIncites, 3D Integration Chair
    Peter Ramm, Fraunhofer EMFT, 3D Integration Co-Chair
    Herb Reiter, eda 2 asic Consulting, Inc.
    Zhaozhi(George) Li, Intel ATTD

    Wafer-Level Packaging
    Beth Keser, Qualcomm, WLP Track Chair
    Ted Tessier, FlipChip International
    Ravi Chilukuri, Amkor Technology

    Russell Shumway, Amkor Technology, MEMS Chair
    Michelle Bourke, Kilbrydon, MEMS Co-Chair
    Nick Leonardi, Premier Semiconductor Services
    Ron Molnar, AZ Tech Direct
    Roger Grace, Small Times Magazine
    Maaike Taklo, SINTEF ICT
    Tom Clifford, TJB Associates

    High Performance Cleaning and Coating Conference 

    Mike Bixenman, Kyzen Corporation, Conference Chair
    David Adams, Rockwell-Collins
    Debbie Carboni, Kyzen Corporation
    Julie Fields, Technical Devices Company
    David Hillman, Rockwell Collins
    Barbara Kanegsberg, BFK Solutions LLC
    Jeff Kennedy, Celestica Inc.
    Bill Kenyon, Global Centre Consulting
    Steve Stach, Austin American Technology Corporation
    Bill Vuono, Raytheon
    Harald Wack, ZESTRON EU

    Medical Conference

    Ronald Molnar, PackageMate, Inc. General Chair
    Dale Lee, Plexus Corp, Techincal Chair
    Dock Brown, Medtronic
    Randy Crutchfield, Medtronic Microelectronics Center
    Robert Kinyanjui, Sanmina-SCI
    Rakesh Kumar, Specialty Coating Systems, Inc.
    Nicholas Leonardi, Premier Semiconductor Services
    Kexia Sun, Starkey Laboratories
    Donald Banks, St. Jude Medical


    Bill Barthel, Plexus Corp., Committee Chair
    Scott Penin, Paradigm Contract Mfg. LLC
    Tom Borkes, The Jefferson Project
    W. James Hall, ITM Consulting
    Ronald Lasky, PE, Indium Corporation / Dartmouth College
    Scott Penin, Paradigm Contract Manufacturing LLC
    Phil Zarrow, ITM Consulting