Symposium on Counterfeit Parts and Materials

Technical Symposium and Expo: June 23-24, 2015
Workshops: June 25, 2015

Marriott Inn & Conference Center
College Park, MD
Technical Symposium: June 23-24, 2015
Expo: June 23-24, 2015
Workshops: June 25, 2015

University of Maryland, College Park, MD

SMTA and CALCE @ University of Maryland are pleased to announce the east coast venue for the Symposium on Counterfeit Parts and Materials. The program will be held June 23-25 at the Marriott Inn & Conference Center next to the University of Maryland. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from and share your insights with government, industry and academia who are addressing the counterfeit problem.

Changes in electronic supply chain had been fast and furious in the last decades and its impact on the practices of companies is still evolving. It is well understood that, the scourge of counterfeit electronic parts is related to the changes in supply chain but it is only one of the many impacts. This symposium will provide a forum to cover all aspects of changes in the electronic parts supply chain on how an organization performs part selection and management through whole life cycle of the parts.

Going beyond anecdotes and examples of counterfeit parts, this symposium focuses on the solutions that are available and are under development by all sectors of the industry.

Keynote: Functional Clones – The Most Dangerous NEW Counterfeit Threat Facing D&A Industry Manufacturing Today

Tom Sharpe, SMT Corporation
Tom Sharpe, SMT Corporation
Defense Industry OEMs are now facing a much more insidious counterfeit threat than at any time in the past. The existence of cloned electronic components bearing the markings of major component manufacturers in today's global supply chains has been recently clearly established within SMT Corporation's labs. The most worrisome aspect of these "made from scratch" fakes is their ability to easily pass visual package inspection AND electrical testing to the manufacturers data sheet. In his keynote presentation at the Symposium on Counterfeit Parts and Materials, Tom Sharpe, SMT Corporation, will share some good examples of this most concerning counterfeiter capability as well as some cutting-edge counterfeit mitigation processes to identify this dangerous material.

Session Topics Include:
  • Impact of supply chain changes on the component management practices: quality, reliability, manufacturability
  • Electronic parts distribution: current stage and evolution
  • Authentication techniques for securing electronic part supply chain
  • Federal procurement practices and its impact on electronic supply chain
  • Inspections tools and techniques for detecting counterfeit parts
  • New areas of counterfeit concerns: materials, energy storage
  • Industry and international working groups and standards on electronic part supply chain and counterfeit electronic parts

  • The symposium is organized by SMTA in conjunction with Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering (CALCE) at the University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA. This symposium will be valuable to quality and reliability manager, supply chain managers, brand protection specialists, inspectors, marketing and procurement policy makers, contracts and legal management, security specialists and government agencies. Our focus is to provide relevant information to the professionals that can be used for solving problems today while planning for a different business and technology environment in the future.

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