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Chapter News


November 20, 2013
Annual Expo & Tech Forum
"Intricacies of LED Placement"
Presented by Larry Groves (Samsung C&T Automation)
"Curve Tracing Detects Counterfeit Components"
Presented by Chris O'Connor (Robson Technologies)
"Flying Probe Testing Adds New Capabilities"
Presented by Paul Bennett (Acculogic)
"Challenges of QFN, PoP and 01005 Component Rework:"
Presented by Robert Avila (Finetech USA)

October 8, 2013
Chapter Lunch Meeting
"Stability in an Unstable World"
Presented by Jim Walker (Gartner Inc.)

June 19, 2013
Chapter Lunch Meeting
"Stencil Design" and "Design for Manufacturing"
Presented by Joel Neer (Photo Design of AZ) and Adan Ortiz (QuikTek Assembly)

February 27, 2013
Chapter Lunch Meeting
"Custom IC Design for Implantable Medical Device Miniaturization"
Presented by Andrew Kelly (Cactus Semiconductor, Inc.)

December 4, 2012
Annual Expo & Tech Forum
"High Quality Vapor Phase Reflow Soldering"
Presented by Tom Dunn (Phase 4, Inc.)
"High Speed Digital"
Presented by Dean Hattula (Rogers Corp.)
"Opportunities in the MEMS Market"
Presented by Tony Massimini (Semico Research)
"Emerging IC Packaging Technologies"
Presented by Ahmer Syed (Amkor Technology)

October 31, 2012
Chapter Lunch Meeting
"Plasma-Deposited Nanomaterials for Electronics Manufacturing"
Presented by Greg Thomas (Semblant, Inc.)

August 15, 2012
Chapter Lunch Meeting
"Cleaning in the World of No Clean"
Presented by Mike Konrad (Aqueous Technologies)

April 24, 2012
Chapter Lunch Meeting
"Micro Rework"
Presented by Al Cabral (VJ Electronix)

December 7, 2011
Annual Expo & Tech Forum
"Thermal Analysis of Printed Circuit Board Assembly"
Presented by Clinton Smith (P.A.D.T. Inc.)
"Solder in the Age of 3D Semiconductor Assembly"
Presented by Andy Mackie, Ph.D. (Indium Corp.)
"Advanced Packaging for Mobile and Growth Products"
Presented by Steve Anderson (STATS ChipPAC)
"Challenges in Flexible Electronics Technology"
Presented by Doug Loy, Ph.D. (ASU Flexible Display Center)

August 31, 2011
Chapter Lunch Meeting
"Design for Flying Probe Testing"
Presented by Paul Bennett (Acculogic)

May 25, 2011
Chapter Dinner Meeting - Tucson
"CAM files to PCBs"
Presented by Mark Thompson (Prototron Circuits)

May 25, 2011
Chapter Lunch Meeting - Tempe
"PCB Impedance Control"
Presented by Mark Thompson (Prototron Circuits)

March 30, 2011
Chapter Lunch Meeting
"Package-on-Package SMT Assembly"
Presented by Larry Groves (Samsung Assembly Technology)

December 1, 2010
Annual Expo & Tech Forum
"Semiconductor Demand 2011 - Where is it going from here?"
Keynote presented by Jim Feldhan (Semico Research)
Downloadable presentations:
Semiconductor Demand Forecast - J.Feldhan
Laminate Fan-out Embedded Die Technologies - G.Stout
PCBA Mfg Quality Metrics - U.Bidurudontam

August 30, 2010
Joint Chapter Lunch Meeting with IPC / GPDC
"RFI / EMI Shielding"
Presented by Phil Strong (Orbel Corp.)

May 26, 2010
Chapter Lunch Meeting
"High Quality Vapor Phase Reflow Soldering - The Advanced Soft Solder Technology"
Presented by Jochen Lipp (IBL-Lottechnik GmbH)

February 4, 2010
Joint Chapter Lunch Meeting with IMAPS
"Analyzing the Recovery"
Presented by Bill McClean (IC Insights)

August 26, 2009
Annual Expo & Tech Forum
"New and Emerging Trends in Electronics"
Keynote presented by Dr. Dan Baldwin (Engent)

June 17, 2009
Chapter Lunch Meeting
"Assessing the Global Impact of RoHs/WEEE on Printed Wiring Board Assemblies"
Presented by Marissa Oskarsen (E-TECH Sales) and Peter Jenner (Weller)

May 20, 2009
Chapter Lunch Meeting
"Designing with Embedded Resistor Components"
Presented by Dave Burgess (Ticer Technologies)

April 22, 2009
Chapter Lunch Meeting
"Development of a 3W, 30GHz Satellite Transceiver for Commercial Applications"
Presented by David Laidig (U.S. Monolithics)

Chapter Calendar of Events
Date / Time Event Location Phone Contact/Email
May 21, 2014
11:30 am
May Technical Meeting Fiesta Inn 480-736-1970   Nick Leonardi
November 19, 2014
Vendor-Expo - Arizona 2014 Marriott Phoenix Tempe at The Buttes 602-431-2387  Emmy Ross 

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Our Chapter Leaders

President : Nicholas A Leonardi  (YINCAE Advanced Materials, LLC)
Phone : 480-334-7455
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Secretary : Gary Gotchy  (Quik Tek Assembly)
Phone : 480-430-1426
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Treasurer : Thomas A. Dunn  (Phase 4, Inc.)
Phone : 480-966-2018
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Board Liaison : Michelle Ogihara (Seika Machinery, Inc.)
Phone Contact : 310-540-7310
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