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Chapter News

May 6 Revival Meeting Was a Success

 The SMTA Arizona/Sonora Chapter is BACK! 

Thank you to everyone who helped make our revival meeting a hit!


SMTA Arizona/Sonora "Revival" Meeting:

"The Deadly Sins of SMT"

Phil Zarrow, ITM Consulting    


Wednesday, May 6, 2015 at 4:00 p.m.

DoubleTree by Hilton Phoenix - Tempe


May 6 Meeting

May 6 Meeting

Phil Zarrow at the May 6 meeting

This outstanding professional development program was made possible with support from SMTA Arizona/Sonora Chapter.



"The Deadly Sins of SMT Assembly"



Everyone has heard of the "7 Deadly Sins" that will, supposedly, lead one to Hell.  There are also the "Deadly Sins" of SMT - there are more than just 7 - and they can make your assembly process a "hell on earth".


During the course of ITM's assembly process audits and troubleshooting work, we tend to see trends in the types of errors and problems.  In other words, a lot of people are making the same mistakes.  The resulting process problems wreak havoc with an impact on assembly yields ranging from 5 to 20%.  In addition to this direct cost, there is also additional financial impact with regard to time spent reworking and repairing, the on corrective action by QC, Engineering and Management, and, of course, "do-over". 


This workshop identifies the "deadly sins" of SMT assembly, both for Pb-free and "leaded" processes.  Besides the symptoms and consequences of each type of error, root-cause, rectification and prevention techniques will be presented.  Best Practices will be discussed for each of the key process steps. The workshop will, thus, provide the participant with an understanding of how to identify and correct the most common SMT assembly problems.  It will include identification of vendor and source problems including components and materials as well as design related problems.   



 Areas of General Process  "Sins"

  • Utilization of Process Feedback Data
  • Design for Manufacturability and Assembly 
  • In-Process Inspection and AOI
  • MSD
  • Procedures and Documentation
  • Stencil Printing
    • Stencil Design
      • Stencil Cleaning
  • Component Placement and Feeders
  • Reflow Soldering
    • Parameters and Nitrogen
  • Wave Soldering
  • Inefficiency
    • Unbalanced lines
    • Excessive Downtime 



This presentation is intended for Manufacturing, Process, Design, Test and Quality Engineering personnel as well as Management who are involved in the production of surface mount or mixed technology assemblies  




Phil Zarrow

Phil Zarrow has been involved with PCB fabrication and assembly for more than thirty-five years. His expertise includes the manufacture of equipment for circuit board fabrication and assembly of through-hole and surface mount technologies. In addition to his background in automated assembly and cleaning, Mr. Zarrow is recognized for his expertise in surface mount reflow soldering technology and in the design  and implementation of SMT placement equipment and reflow soldering systems. Having held key technical and management positions with Vitronics Corporation, Excellon-Micronetics and Universal Instruments Corporation, he has extensive hands-on experience with set-up and troubleshooting through-hole and SMT processes throughout the world. During his tenure as Director of Technology Development for GSS/Array Technology, he was responsible for specifying and setting up medium- and high-speed assembly lines, as well as investigating and implementing emerging and leading-edge technologies, equipment and processes.

Since forming ITM in 1993, Phil Zarrow has helped numerous clients in such areas as

  • SMT Implementation and Assembly facility set-up
  • SMT Assembly and Soldering Process Failure Analysis
  • EMS/Supplier Process and Quality Assessment Audits
  • Counterfeit Component Avoidance and Interception Programs
  • Manufacturing yield improvement
  • Equipment Evaluation and Selection
  • No-clean and lead-free solder paste evaluation and process implementation
  • SMT Manufacturing Process Audits and process improvement
  • On-site training for all levels of personnel 
  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM) specification development
  • Reflow of Through-hole feasibility, development and implementation 
  • Implementation of new component packages including QFN, BGA, CSP and Flip-Chip 
  • SMT process equipment benchmark testing and evaluation
  • SMT product development
  • Lead-free Process Implementation and Optimization
  • Technical evaluations related to business acquisitions and mergers
  • Technical assistance in legal disputes


Mr. Zarrow is a popular speaker and workshop instructor.  He has chaired and instructed at numerous seminars and conferences in North America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. He has  published many technical papers and magazine articles as well as contributed a number of chapters to industry books. He is co-author of the book, "SMT Glossary- Terms and Definitions".  Mr. Zarrow holds two US Patents concerning PCB fabrication and assembly processes and audit methodologies.


Phil is a member of IPC, SME, IMAPS, a co-founder of ITM Incorporated, and is a past national level officer and national director of the Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA). He was also Chairman of the Reflow Committee for SMEMA. He was the recipient of the SMTA's Member of Distinction Award (1995) and Founders' Award (2000).  Mr. Zarrow has served on the Editorial Advisory Board for Circuits Assembly Magazine and won awards for his writings "On the Forefront"and "Better Manufacturing"columns.  He is currently producer and co-host of IPC Update's  "Boardtalk" audio program.

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November 19, 2014
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