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2017 Carolinas Expo & Tech Conference


The 2017 Tech Conference is scheduled for 16 May 2017 in Greensboro.

Building on the success of the 2016 Expo, we secured the Holiday Inn Greensboro Airport at 6426 Burnt Poplar Rd, Greensboro, NC 27409.  This has historically been our BEST location with easy access from Charlotte and Raleigh areas.  

I urge you to support the SMTA as well as the entire southeast region by attending the 2017 installment of our Expo and Tech Forum.   

Don’t miss out on this great expo and technical forum – plan to attend!

Register today


Technical Program Agenda

09:30-09:45 SMTA Carolina’s Expo 17 Kick-off and Welcome – President

09:45-10:30 “Keynote: Accelerating the IoT Economy in NC”, T. Snyder, NC RIoT

11:00-11:45 “2D, 2.5D, and 3D X-Ray Inspection What’s a ‘D’?”, Dr. B. Cardoso, Creative Electron

12:00-13:00 Hosted Lunch

13:00-13:45 “IPC-1782 Standard for Traceability of Critical Items Based On Risk”, C. Shearon, AT&T

14:15-15:00 “What Can You Do In A Smart Factory?”, Z. Elliot, Mentor Graphics


TOPIC 1:  Accelerating the Internet of Things Economy in NC
Tom Snyder, Executive Director, NC RIoT

If the 3rd industrial revolution pumped electricity into every object, the Internet of Things (coined the fourth industrial revolution) will inject intelligence into every object.  The IoT market opportunity provides a rare chance for forward thinking industries, cities, states, and regions to stake a claim on this rapidly emerging market.

Here lies the problem this generation faces in the midst of a digital transformation: With such a massive overhaul of our systems on the horizon, how will businesses, towns, institutions and the workforce adapt?  How can IoT become a tool for all, instead of furthering the digital divide between urban and rural communities?  Who will serve as the connective tissue to bring multiple stakeholders together to capitalize on IoT’s possibilities efficiently and effectively?  How will organizations efficiently leverage the technology tipping points that enable this revolution?  RIoT strives to answer these questions. 


TOPIC 2:  2D, 2.5D, and 3D X-Ray Inspection What’s a “D”?
Dr. Bill Cardoso, President, Creative Electron

The use of x-ray inspection in the electronics industry has gained wide adoption, driven mainly by the development and use of bottom terminated components (BTC).  The use of BGA, for example, allowed the development of standards and guidelines that dictate the maximum void size in each ball.  In consequence, x-ray machine manufacturers developed solutions that address these requirements and became an integral part of the quality assurance function of modern electronic manufacturers.

However, as new x-ray technologies are introduced users are faced with a growing range of options.  Users need a solid technical background to understand these options and make an educated decision when acquiring x-ray inspection capabilities.  Unfortunately, x-ray companies are not always clear about each option.  As a result, users end up buying too much or too little.  In either situation, the user is left without the proper solution.

The goal of this presentation is to give the audience the tools needed to avoid making mistakes when acquiring x-ray inspection capabilities.  We will set the record straight and clearly define critical concepts in x-ray inspection.  The different x-ray modalities, 2D, 2.5D, and 3D x-ray inspection will be explained in details at the user level no math involved.  Most importantly, this presentation will cover when each modality must be utilized for a successful quality assurance program.  A rich set of images and videos will be used to illustrate the advantages and disadvantages of each x-ray inspection modality.


TOPIC 3:  IPC-1782 Standard for Traceability of Critical Items Based On Risk
Cameron Shearon, Lead Quality Engineer, AT&T

Traceability has grown from being a specialized need for certain safety critical segments of the industry, to being a recognized need for the industry as a whole, especially those companies who use remote EMS partners.  The perception of traceability data collection persists as it being a burden to manufacturing, then providing value only when the most rare and disastrous of events take place.  Different requirements for traceability have evolved in the industry, dictated mainly by OEM companies, which create confusion.  In addition, counterfeit materials are now being seen as being a growing epidemic in the industry, creating significant additional costs for inspection as well as rework and recall, with no way currently to successfully assign responsibility.

Traceability, as defined by the IPC-1782 standard, is the first such standard for the electronics assembly industry, and represents the opportunity to resolve all of these issues, creating a single flexible traceability specification that can be adopted for all company sizes and sectors across the industry.  The scope includes support for the most demanding instances for detail and data integrity such as those required by critical safety systems, all the way through to situations where only basic traceability, such as for simple generic consumer products, is required.

In this presentation, we will illustrate applications and examples of how traceability can be of continuous value and benefit to manufacturing itself, as well as being insurance against any serious market defect.  The effectiveness of traceability against counterfeit will also be shown.


TOPIC 4:  What Can You Do In A Smart Factory?
Zac Elliott, Technical Marketing Engineer, Mentor Graphics

We hear a lot about “Smart Factories”, but what makes a factory “Smart”?  Is it the technology, the structure, the management, or the production line operators?  And, there are more questions.  What does a Smart Factory look like?  Is it a lights-out operation with no one needed at all?  What are the components to make an existing factory into a “Smart” one, and where do I get them?  Is there an affordable “Smart” Solution for smaller companies?

Answering all of these questions is very important, as in a competitive market, opportunity has been seen to be fading away over the last few years, in favor of manufacturing in remote locations around the world.  Today however, the tables are turning, and for some have already turned.  With greater tax incentives for on-shored manufacturing on the horizon, improved automation, and robotics technology, there is a renewed feeling of optimism in the industry, but rewards only for those who embrace the latest industry expectations.

This presentation shows how the smart factory is closely related to on-shoring, and how the technologies bring access to the smart factory within reach of everyone, to existing factories today.

SAVE THE DATE for Hubbell Infosession on 19Jul2017

Our next infosession is confirmed for 19 July 2017
Location Hubbell Lighting at 704 Millennium Blvd, Greenville, SC 29607.
Time 5:30 registration opens with dinner at 6:00 and papers to follow.
Expect dinner, discussion, and great topics to learn about key topics in our industry.  More to come... 
Thank you to our location sponsor HUBBELL LIGHTING

SMTA Info-Session Registration

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Support your Chapter with a Donation

SMTA Carolinas Chapter welcomes donations and sponsorships from corporations or individuals.  You can submit your contribution via PayPal using the link below.  

Thanks from the SMTA Carolinas Chapter Board of Directors!  We appreciate you support!

FORE - Golf Tournament

:           September 14th
Tee-Time:  10:00 AM Shotgun Start
Course:   Mill Creek Golf Club
Address:   1700 St. Andrews Drive; Mebane, NC  27302
Cost:          $100 per player, $100 per foursome

Click here for sponsorship info:

Mill Creek Golf Club is situated 650 acres in Mebane, North Carolina.  The course has been carved out of land which seems to have been long-destined to become a gold course.  It was completed in 1995 and features Ultradwarf Bermuda greens, Bermuda fairways, tree-lined fairways and hilly terrain.  Water comes into play on several holes.  We look forward to you coming out to Mill Creek Golf Golf and playing soon.


§  Black Tees - Yardage: 7004, Rating: 73.6, Slope: 138, Par: 72

§  Blue Tees - Yardage: 6387, Rating: 70.7, Slope: 131, Par: 72

§  White Tees - Yardage: 5711, Rating: 67.6, Slope: 119, Par 72

§  Yellow Tees - Yardage: 4884, Rating: 68.6, Slope: 117, Par: 72

You can sign-up as a single player or a complete foursome.  To RSVP, please click here, or copy this address into your browser.  You can register using the PayPal link found below our event sponsor list.

We are also looking for companies or individuals to help sponsor the event with prizes.  You can donate using the same process as registering for the tournament or reach out to Eddie or Luis with prizes.

Please contact Bob Doetzer ( 
) or Luis Sastoque (  Thanks for supporting the SMTA Carolinas Chapter Golf Outing!  

Thanks to all our sponsors for supporting this event

Title Sponsor - $900 SOLD OUT
Corporate Sponsors - $600 - 7 Sold , 11 Left
Group Sponsorship - $400
Hole Sponsorship - $300
Donation Opportunities: $250 each
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ALL Proceeds support SMTA Programs 



SMTA Carolinas Changes

Fellow SMTA Members,

I would like to update you all on several important changes that have occurred recently for SMTA Carolinas. Two of our chapter officers, Larry Pymento and Cef Gonzalez, are taking on new responsibilities in their careers and are thus moving on to new challenges. They will both be missed, having led our initiatives for technical programs and membership, respectively. However, with these changes comes opportunity, and I am excited to announce several new board members. Bob Doetzer of Circuit Technology will join us as VP of Technical Programs and will be responsible for ensuring we continue to offer our membership strong technical content at future meetings. Jennifer Mace of Kimball Electronics will also join us as VP of Membership, and will lead in addition to our growth initiatives an increased focus on social media. Please join me in welcoming these individuals to the Carolinas leadership team, and as always, send us your ideas on how we can better serve you. A full list of chapter officers is available on Thank you all for your consideration.

Eddie Kobeda, Ph.D.
SMTA Carolinas President

Welcome 2017

Dear SMTA Members and Potential Members,
Thank you for the outstanding support in 2016!  
I wanted to update you on several important upcoming events in 2017.  

In just a few short weeks, we will be meeting at GMI in Mooresville to kick off the New Year with our first Info session.  Our Technical Program Director has arranged some great presentations on metrology advancements and stencil nanocoatings. In addition, our hosts will be providing a short factory tour.  

We are busy preparing for another great Expo & Technical Conference in May.  Once again, we will be at the Greensboro Airport Holiday Inn. Register early and save on your registration.  We have an outstanding speaker lineup guaranteed to clarify how the IoT revolution will change the PCBA world. If you haven’t been to our Expo recently I hope you will consider returning, we have made considerable progress this year.  In 2017, you can expect the annual golf outing and several additional info-sessions across the Carolinas. 

Your SMTA Carolinas Chapter is especially proud of the NC State University Student Chapter initiated in collaboration with Power America. Not only does this endeavor expose students to the industry, it provides our membership with a direct line to new, local talent!  As this student chapter matures, we will look for additional ways to integrate the students with future company and chapter events.

As we move through 2017, we hope to continue growing the Carolinas chapter, but we need your feedback and suggestions. Never hesitate to contact any of your chapter board members – we are here to ensure you are receiving the benefits you want from the organization. 

Thank you for your consideration and I hope to see you soon.  For additional information please contact any of our officers directly or go to

Eddie Kobeda, Ph.D. 
President, SMTA Carolinas Chapter

Successful Infosession & Tour at GMI in Mooresville

Thank you to GMI and our speakers for ANOTHER great infosession and networking dinner

TOPIC: New Inspection and Metrology Advancements: Characterizing PCB Components in a New Way

The digital age has helped engineers analyze and measure critical features in new ways. By integrating hardware with software, traditional inspection and measurement limitations can be overcome. This has helped scientists and engineers acquire better data to solve complex problems with increased credibility

* How an increased depth of field makes detecting counterfeit components easier
* New ways to measure volume of deposits or component thermal expansion
* How more data points in an area format vs. single point or lines improves measurement repeatability

Speaker Bio:  Jon Tedesco recently relocated to Charlotte, NC and has been working with Keyence Corporation for more than 5 years. In his current role, he helps customers solve applications in R&D, Quality Control or Failure Analysis. Prior to Keyence, Jon worked in technical support for a Fortune 500 IT Data Center Equipment Manufacturer and holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management from Clarkson University in NY.

TOPIC:  Nano coatings for stencils:  What can they do for you?

Nano Coatings have been introduced by various manufacturers, with the promise of addressing some of the challenges relative to solder paste printing. Stated benefits include:

* Reduced underside cleaning
* Reduced bridging
* Improved solder paste release
* Improvements in yield

With several Nano technologies already on the market and more likely to be introduced, how can the performance be quantified? How can an assembler approach ROI? What hidden benefits or negative impacts should be considered?  This paper will present a rigorous method for evaluating the performance and economic benefits of solder paste stencil Nano Coatings.  Criterion such as underside cleaning, bridging, solder paste deposit geometry, post-print cleaning, and abrasion resistance of the coating will all be considered.  Transfer efficiencies were studied across aperture sizes ranging using tin-lead, lead-free, water soluble, no-clean, and type 3, 4, and 5 solder pastes.  Solder paste print performance for each Nano coating was summarized with respect to all of these variables.  Performance of currently available coatings will be compared.  Standard industry rules for stencil aperture design are being challenged by nano coating, consequently, proposed guidelines for stencil design are recommended.


Speaker Bio:  Tony Lentz has worked in the electronics industry since 1994.  He worked as a process engineer at a circuit board manufacturer for 5 years.  Since 1999, Tony has worked for FCT Companies as a laboratory manager, facility manager, and most recently a field application engineer.  Since 2013, Tony has focused on field application and R&D for FCT Assembly solder and stencil products.  Tony has extensive experience doing research and development, quality control, and technical service with products used to manufacture and assemble printed circuit boards.  He has published and presented many papers at industry events.  Tony holds B.S. and M.B.S. degrees in Chemistry.

Carolinas Celebration

In honor of our outstanding membership and the extraordinary support of PowerAmerica and Panasonic this 2016, your SMTA Carolinas Board of Directors was pleased to host a 2016 Celebration and 2017 Kick-off in the RTP Area.
SMTA Carolinas Honored Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America for its Outstanding Support in 2016
Panasonic Factory Solutions Award Presenation

SMTA Carolinas honored PowerAmerica for its outstanding support in 2016
PowerAmerica team proudly displaying its award

Successful Infosession at CREE

What    Dinner, Discussion, and Learning with over 20 industry professionals and students
Where  Cree, Inc. 4600 Silicon Drive, Building 16, Durham, North Carolina 27703 
When   Thursday, 08 Dec 2016 at 5:30

LED Component Trends for the Lighting Market
Presenter: Tom Place, CREE – MS Mechanical Engineering from NC State, he has worked at Cree for 5 years after a stint in municipal water treatment technology out of grad school. He then spent time as an engineer focused on custom samples and improving current spreading in LED chip design prior to becoming the CREE Department Manager for Package & Test R&D. Last year, he transitioned to Applications Engineering and managed the CREE Technology Center labs. Over the past 10 years, he has been playing with LEDs on a personal level, so working now with end customers on how best to use CREE LEDs is a natural fit. Well before he worked at CREE, he bought his first single high-power Cree LED, an MC-E EasyWhite for $28 from an Australian distributor to make a bike light – it is still on his desk!
Topic: Reliability of Level 1 and Level 2 Packaging in Solid-State Lighting Devices
Presenter: Lynn Davis, PhD, RTI International – Dr. J. Lynn Davis is an RTI Fellow concentrating on energy efficient lighting technologies and he currently serves as the Principal Investigator (PI) on two projects funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. One project is developing reliability models and accelerated life test methods for the optical and electrical aspects of Solid-State Lighting (SSL) devices, and the other is developing low-cost high efficiency color tunable light sources for educational markets. Before joining RTI, Dr. Davis spent 12 years in a variety of technical and managerial roles at Motorola, Inc., including materials engineer supporting radio and cell phone manufacturing lines; technical advisor to Motorola Ventures (investing arm of Motorola); research manager for both advanced manufacturing technologies and energy technology.  Dr. Davis also served as the chairman of the Energy Systems Group Patent Committee. He is the recipient of more than 50 U.S. patents and has published more than 50 peer reviewed articles.

Thanks to our event sponsor CREE

Successful Infosession at Hubbell

Topic               Focus on LED Assembly
Location          701 Millennium Blvd, Greenville, South Carolina 29607

“Fill the Void" by Tony Lentz, FCT Assembly

Voids in solder joints are a concern for many electronic manufacturers. Minimization of voiding is beneficial for the life and function of the circuit board; yet, many things cause voids. Regardless of the cause, there are ways to minimize voiding. For example, changes to the reflow profile can help reduce voiding, but the changes need to fit the solder paste. A test was designed to validate methods of minimizing voiding and a set of recommendations were made. This was all done in an effort to help the reader to “Fill the Void”.  

"Optimize the Reflow Profile to Minimize Voiding" by Marybeth Allen, K.I.C. 
Void reduction is a significant concern and controversial topics in electronics assembly. Voiding impacts electrical, thermal, and mechanical performance. There are many variables such as substrates, components, solder paste, acceptable void levels, and of course the reflow profile. This discussion will focus on the optimization of the reflow profile as one the solutions for the reduction of voiding.

Thanks to our location sponsor - Hubbell Lighting!

Additional thanks to our event sponsors

Image result for panasonic factory solutions       .       Image result for sager electronics

Chapter Update & Officer Elections


Hello Current and Future SMTA Members,

I wanted to take a few moments to update you on several important topics as we enter the fall and approach the end of 2016. I hope many of you have had a chance to participate in one of our technical sessions hosted by the Carolinas Chapter, or utilized the resources on our SMTA web site provided by our national organization. Remember there continues to be excellent offerings with respect to webinars, papers, etc. from leading industry experts which will enhance your career and provide a great balance of business and technical acumen.

We have several important events coming up soon, including a golf outing this Thursday, Sept. 15, a joint SMTA – Student Chapter meeting at Juki in RTP, NC, on Thursday Sept. 22, and of course SMTAi is right around the corner the week of Sept. 26 in the Chicago area. We are also planning for an additional Info Session Dec. 8 at Cree in Durham, NC. Please mark your calendars and consider joining us for any or all of these events. There is still plenty of time to sign up.

Another important issue I want to highlight are the annual elections which are just around the corner (typically completed in Oct./Nov. time frame). I would like to encourage everyone to consider how they might participate further in SMTA, or perhaps nominate a colleague who could bring their unique and valuable leadership experience to the organization. We all realize the many challenges this can invite but are excited about the possibilities, especially the creative ideas we would expect from new faces. Of course, your role could simply be in the form of a collaboration on a small project or it could be a very big new role that benefits our members and the chapter objectives more widely. I hope you will give this further thought and let any of our current officers know if you have any questions.

For the many of you that are already members let me thank you sincerely for your continued support. If you are not currently a member I strongly encourage you to consider joining the Carolinas Chapter, and prior to that please allow one of our officers to share their own personal stories on the benefits of participating. Thank you very much for your consideration.

Eddie Kobeda, Ph.D.
President, SMTA Carolinas Chapter

SMTA Spring Blast Technical Info Session Presentations

Thanks to everyone who attended the 13Apr meeting.  With 56 attendees it was a tremendous success!

The presentations are now available for viewing

1) Defect Recognition and Failure Analysis with High Resolution X-Ray/3D Computer Tomography and 3D AOI, John Travis, Nordson 

(2) Critical PCBA Success Factors for EMS, Larry Pymento, SMTA Carolinas Chapter

Thanks to our event sponsors: GMI, Future Electronics, & Arrow Electronics

Image result for


T E C H N I C A L    P R E S E N T A T I O N S

The Alphabet Soup of IPC Specifications
Bob Doetzer, Circuit Technology

New and Emerging Technologies in Electronics
Daniel Baldwin, Engent

Three Dimensional Integration
Paul D. Franzon, NC State University

The Future of HDI Via Structures, Power Delivery, and Thermal Management in Next Generation Printed Circuits
Tom Buck, Viasystems
Process Considerations for Microchip Mounting
Shawn Robinson, Panasonic

IoT Device Teardowns
Bill Cardoso, Creative Electron

Wireless Research Center of North Carolina Developments
Larry Steffann, Wireless Research Center of North Carolina
Investigation into the Use of Nano-Coated Stencils to Improve Solder Paste Printing

Chapter Calendar of Events
Date / Time Event Location Phone Contact/Email
February 23, 2017
5:30 PM
Infosession at General Microcircuits, Inc. 1133 N Main St, Mooresville, NC 28115 919.624.2113   Eddie Kobeda
May 16, 2017
09:00 am
2017 Carolinas Expo & Tech Forum Holiday Inn Greensboro Airport - 6426 Burnt Poplar Rd, Greensboro, NC 27409 919.624.2113   Eddie Kobeda
May 16, 2017
Expo - Carolinas 2017 Holiday Inn Greensboro Airport 336-668-0421  Emily Stuckmayer 
July 19, 2017
Summer Info Session Hubbell Lighting - Greenville, SC 704-787-0293   Luis Sastoque

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Secretary : Brent A. Fischthal  (Panasonic)
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VP of Membership (Appointed) : Jennifer Lynn Mace  (Kimball Electronics)
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VP Technical Programs (Appointed) : Bob Doetzer  (Circuit Technology, Inc.)
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VP Special Events & Student Chapter (Appointed) : Nicholas Mescia  (Power America)
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Acting Treasurer : Luis M. Sastoque  (Team Manufacturing)
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Board Liaison : Eileen Hibbler (TEK Products)
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