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Chapter News

November Chapter presentation on Rev. F changes in J-STD-001 and IPC-A-610

Thanks to all who attended our last chapter meeting of the year at Hisco! Many have requested a copy of Frank Honyotski's presentation on the impact of the Rev F changes to IPC-J-STD-001 and IPC-A-610. Here's the link for the presentation:

Conflict Minerals presentation from June 12 meeting

Thanks to all who attended our last chapter meeting at Texas Land & Cattle on June 12 and to Debra Paxton, Global Conflict Minerals Program Manager for Schlumberger who did a great job of explaining the conflict minerals regulations and reporting requirements!

Here's the link to Debra's presentation:

2014 Expo & Tech Forum Presentations

Thanks to all the exhibitors, attendees and volunteers for making this year's show a great success! We hope you enjoyed seeing new technology, processes, services, the free lunch and congratulations to those of you who won the great door prizes.

Many have requested copies of our technical presentations, so we've linked them to this page:

Presentations from Houston SMTA Expo – 2014



Failure Investigation – Cause to Prevention

Nash Asrar


PCBA Design Guidelines and DFM Requirements

Glenn Miner

Benchmark Electronics

Voiding Control And Reliability Of Solder Joints With Backward Compatibility

Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee

Indium Corporation

Challenges Facing the High Temperature Electronics Industry in the Event of Restrictions on High-Pb Solders

Paul T. Vianco

Sandia National Laboratories

Albuquerque, NM

Be patient when waiting for Paul Vianco's presentation on "Challenges Facing the High Temperature Electronics Industry In the Event of Restrictions on High-Pb Solders", this is a 33 Meg file.

Chapter Calendar of Events
Date / Time Event Location Phone Contact/Email
November 20, 2014
November Chapter Meeting Hisco 281 769-4613   Don Mayse 

President : Navin Kalidas  (Texas Instruments (Retired))
Phone : 281-528-2938
Email : nc_kalidas@yahoo.com

Vice President : Mario Perez Dipasupil Jr.  (FairfieldNodal, Inc.)
Phone : 713-294-3757
Email : mdipasupilpm@yahoo.com

Secretary : Don Mayse  (Schlumberger)
Phone : 281-769-4613
Email : dmayse@slb.com

Treasurer : Glen A Herzog  (Fairfield Industries, Inc. (retired))
Phone : 281-851-5923
Email : glen.herzog@sbcglobal.net

VP Technical Programs (Appointed) : Mithali Shetty  (Schlumberger)
Phone : 281-285-3611
Email : MShetty@slb.com

Board Liaison : Matt Kelly (IBM Corporation)
Phone Contact : 905-316-5242
Email Address : mattk@ca.ibm.com