Past Award Recipients

Founder's Award
2012 Founder's Award recipient Vern Solberg
 2012:  Vern Solberg, STC Madison
 2011:  Dr. Laura Turbini, Research in Motion
 2010:  Rod Howell, Libra Industries
 2009:  Ken Gilleo, ET-Trends LLC
 2008:  Dr. Paul Vianco, Sandia National Laboratories
 2007:  Jeff Kennedy, Celestica Inc.
 2006:  Rich Freiberger, ZF Array Technology
 2005:  Greg Evans, Indium Corporation of America
 2004:  Sammy Yi, Flextronics
 2003:  Dr. Ron Lasky, Dartmouth University / Indium Corporation
 2002:  Tom Borkes, The Jefferson Project
 2001:  Dr. Jennie Hwang, H-Technologies Group
 2000:  Phil Zarrow, ITM
 1999:  Rob Rowland, RadiSys Corporation
 1998:  Norb Socolowski, Alpha Metals
 1997:  Dr. Charles Hutchins (posthumously)
 1996:  Jim Blankenhorn, SMT Plus
 1995:  Vern Solberg, Tessera
 1994:  Mike Brisky (posthumously)

Excellence in Leadership Award
Excellence in Leadership Recipient Jack Reinke
 2012:  Frances Stewart, UP Media Group
Jack Reinke, Kyzen Corporation
 2011:  Eileen Hibbler, Stanley Supply & Services
 2010:  Scott Buttars, Intel Corporation
 2009:  Kathy Palumbo, Production Analysis & Learning Services LLC
 2008:  Dale Lee, Plexus Corp.
 2007:  Michelle Ogihara, Seika Machinery, Inc.
 2006:  Tom O'Connor, T & M Sales
 2005:  Michael Jansen, Lucent Technologies
Gary Tanel, Allegiance Capital Corporation
 2004:  Randy Cherry, Tellabs
 2003:  Jim Kuehn, Tyco Electronics Automation Group
  Jeff Kennedy, Celestica Inc.
 2002:  Rich Freiberger, ZF Array Technology
  Dr. Shen Li Fu, I-Shou University
 2001:  Ron Boyce, Tektronix (retired)
  Glenda Pinckney, Group Technologies
  Ed Hale, AMT
 2000:  Dick Russell, Micromeritics
 1999:  Barry Goukler, Metal Etching Technology
 1998:  Riki Brown, Golden West
 1997:  Tom Borkes, The Jefferson Project
 1996:  Bruce Inpyn, Pitney-Bowes
 1995:  Chuck Richardson, Intergraph
 1994:  Martin Barton, Preferred Designs
 1994:  John Biancini
  Charles Hutchins, C. Hutchins and Associates
  Gene Wolfe, Texas Instruments
  Mike Zurn, Phoenix International

International Leadership Award
2011 International Leadership Award recipient Bill Barthel
 2011:  Bill Barthel, Plexus Corp.
 2010:  Abby Tsoi, Kasion Automation
 2009:  Michael Wong, Emerson
 2008:  Bob Willis,
 2007:  Richard Short, Indium Corporation of America
 2006:  Dr. Charles E. Bauer, TechLead Corporation
 2004:  Abby Tsoi, Kasion Automation

Member of Technical Distinction Award
Member of Technical Distinction Recipient Chrys Shea
Member of Technical Distinction Recipient Dr. Polina Snugovsky
 2012:  Chrys Shea, Shea Engineering Services
Dr. Polina Snugovsky, Celestica Inc.
 2011:  Dr. Srinivas Chada, Power-One Renewable Energy Solutions
 2010:  Rob Rowland, RadiSys Corporation
 2009:  Raiyo Aspandiar, Intel Corporation
 2008:  Dr. Bev Christian, Research In Motion
David Hillman, Rockwell Collins
 2007:  Andrew Mawer, Freescale Semiconductor
Dr. Krishnaswami Srihari, Binghamton University
 2006:  Kim Hyland, Flextronics
 2005:  Ron Daniels, Circuitnet and ITM Consulting (Posthumously)
 2004:  Jeff Forster, Universal Instruments
 2003:  Lisa Hamburg, UPMedia Group
  Dr. Jean-Paul Clech, EPSI
 2002:  Dr. Ning Cheng Lee, Indium Corporation
  Marie Cole, IBM Corporation
 2001:  Gerry Adams, Dade Behring
  Dr. Reza Ghaffarian, JPL
 2000:  Dave Gibson, Solectron Corporation
  Paul Truit, RBB Systems
 1999:  Mike Buseman, MSL
 1998:  Ray Prasad, Prasad Consultancy
 1997:  Jack Crawford, IPC
 1996:  Ralph Woodgate, Woodcorp
  Steve Benson, MSL
  Don Keller, KDF Company
 1995:  Phil Zarrow, ITM
 1994:  Mitch Killmon (posthumously)

SMTA+ Corporate Award
2012 SMTA+ Corporate Award recipient Kyzen Corporation
 2012:  Kyzen Corporation
 2011:  Research in Motion
 2010:  Indium Corporation
 2009:  Cisco Systems
 2008:  Circuits Assembly Magazine
 2007:  Celestica Inc.
 2006:  Flextronics
 2005:  ITM Consulting
 2004:  Kester
 2003:  3M Corporation
 2002:  Solectron Corporation
 2001:  Agilent Technologies
 2000:  Celestica Inc.
 1999:  Zevatech Corporation
 1998:  Indium Corporation of America
 1997:  Circuits Assembly Magazine
 1996:  Enthone-OMI
 1995:  Unisys Corporation, Midwest Operations

Chapter of the Year Award recognizes an SMTA chapter that has shown exemplary commitment to our objective... "Sharing the Knowledge." The overall rating of each chapter is measured in the following areas: membership growth, regular meeting scheduling, timely reporting and communication, creative and informative technical programming, special projects, contributions and volunteer service on SMTA committees. (This award is not based on a nomination.)

Chapter of the Year Award
 2012:  Oregon Chapter
 2011:  Dallas Chapter
 2010:  LA/Orange Chapter
 2009:  LA/Orange, Oregon, Space Coast, and Penang Chapters
 2008:  Oregon Chapter
 2007:  LA/Orange Chapter
 2006:  Portland Chapter
 2005:  Portland Chapter
 2004:  Portland Chapter
 2003:  LA/Orange Chapter
 2002:  Portland Chapter
 2001:  LA/Orange Chapter
 2000:  Atlanta Chapter
 1999:  LA/Orange Chapter
 1998:  LA/Orange and Atlanta Chapters
 1997:  Upper Midwest Chapter