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Surface Mount Technology Association
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SMTA History Timeline 1984-2009:

  • The birth of a new electronics association: the SMTA was formed by an enthusiastic group of industry colleagues and Linda West of Los Gatos, California. This new association was created for colleagues to share information on a breaking new circuit board assembly technology (SMT). The new process involved placing components directly on circuit boards, eliminating the need for through-hole placement and resulting in smaller boards.

  • Management awarded to JoAnn Stromberg
  • 730 members

  • 1st Surface Mount conference/trade show, Marlboro, MA
  • SMTA Bookstore opens

  • The Journal of SMT 1st issue published

  • Merged SMT Conference with SMART Conference (owned by EIA/IPC), launched SMI

  • 1st International Chapter established, Singapore
  • SMTA Academy launched

  • Huntsville, Utah and Heartland Chapters established
  • 2nd International Chapter established, Taiwan

  • 3rd International Affiliate established, Australia
  • Ball Grid Array Compendium published

  • Long Island Chapter established
  • 4th and 5th International Chapters, Israel and India

  • 1st joint association venture (with ISHM, now IMAPS), Pan Pacific Microelectronics Conference and Tabletop Exhibition, Hawaiian Islands
  • Houston Chapter established
  • SMTA Learning Institute premiered, Philadelphia

  • BGA Symposium launched jointly with IPC
  • Pittsburgh Chapter established
  • Charles Hutchins Educational Grant established

  • 1st Charles Hutchins Educational Grant Awarded
  • SMI dissolved
  • SMTA International launched

  • smta.org introduced

  • SMTAI moves from San Jose to Chicago
  • 6th International Chapter established, Juarez

  • Knowledge Base added to smta.org

  • Certification Program launched

  • 8th International Chapter established, Hong Kong
  • 1st International Certification Program (Juarez)
  • Lead-Free Compendium published
  • “How To” Lead-Free Workshop launched
  • Harsh Environments Workshop launched

  • Medical Electronics Conference launched
  • 2nd International Certification Program, Hong Kong
  • Six Sigma Green Belt Certification introduction
  • International Wafer Level Packaging Congress launched jointly with “Chip Scale Review”

  • Three conferences offered in China
  • RoHS Compliance workshops launched
  • RFID Mini-Con introduced at SMTAI

  • SMTA China office opened in Shenzhen
  • BGA/CSP Compendium release
  • SMTAI moved from Chicago to Orlando

  • SMTAI launched exhibition
  • 8th International Chapter established, Penang
  • Atlantic Canada Chapter established
  • 1st Certification Program in Mainland China
  • Technician Training Program in China
  • SMTA course at the Nordic event, IMAPS Europe

  • MentorNet partnership established
  • Counterfeit Electronics Conference launched Jointly with CALCE
  • Cleaning Challenges Conference launched jointly with IPC
  • Testability Guidelines publication revised
  • 3100 SMTA members